25 Clear Signs He Wants A Relationship With You

25 Clear Signs He Wants A Relationship With You web

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He makes you laugh, he takes care of you, and he is your best friend in the world. You like him a lot and want to start a relationship. You have found the perfect man, your heart looks no further and wants to settle down.

If you have fallen for him, then the eagerness to know if he wants a relationship is real. You would be tempted to ask directly, but do not want to look desperate or clingy as that could scare him away. So, how can you know if the man is in it for the long haul?

Most men do not voice out their true feelings because they are either waiting for the right moment or shy. However, they might show and do certain things that suggest they are looking for a relationship with you.

Here are 25 such signs to help you guess if he wants a relationship.

25 Signs He Wants A Relationship

These signs are something you would notice early on in your friendship. However, if you do not see any signs, then try to talk to him before you get into unrequited love.

  1. He is never busy for you. A man who is serious about you would always be there for you. He could be busy with his work, but will prioritize you over everything else when you need him.
  1. He makes you laugh. You may always be happy and cheerful when you are with him. He would make sure you are laughing and smiling all the time. You can sense that he genuinely wants to see you happy.
  1. He tries to know you. If your man is interested in you, he would want to know the real you, and your likes and dislikes would interest him the most. He would ask you questions and would want to know your opinions.
  1. He respects you. A man looking for a long-term relationship would treat you as his equal. He would respect your opinion and would never force you into doing anything that goes against your views.
  1. He shows interest in your family. When a man wants a relationship with you, he would want to get close to your family. He may ask you to tell things about your family and also show interest in meeting them. He would also come forward to help you in looking after them.
  1. He is protective of you. If you find your man calling to find out if you have reached home safely, then he is genuinely interested in you. He may also be more alert while with you to ensure your safety.
  1. He wouldn’t mind splurging on you. He wouldn’t mind spending a little extra to make your fantasies come true when he wants a relationship with you. He may also give expensive gifts, which are exclusively for you.
  1. He would want everyone in his world to know you. If he feels “you are the one,” he wouldn’t hesitate to show you off to friends and family. In fact, he would make it a point to introduce you to everyone in his world, right from his parents, to his best friends, and even to his pets.
  1. He would not lust over you. Men who want a relationship with you will compliment you, but those compliments would be your thoughts, opinions, or personality. They rarely talk about your body.
  1. He doesn’t hide things from you. The basis for a strong relationship is mutual trust. If your man wants to be your life partner, then he would not hide things from you, and would be comfortable talking about the most vulnerable of topics with you.
  1. He would apologize. No matter how stubborn or hot-headed he might be, he would apologize to you, because he values your relationship more than his ego. He wouldn’t want to lose you over a silly fight.
  1. He encourages you. If he wants a relationship with you, then a man will help you to become a better person; he would correct you, encourage you, and genuinely help you to move ahead in life.
  1. He treats you special. When a guy is serious about you, he will treat you as someone special; he would go out of his way to make you comfortable and happy. If he is doing things that he normally doesn’t do for anyone, then it is a sign you are important to him.
  1. He would not flirt with other women. Another major sign that he wants a relationship with you is he would not flirt or show interest in other women. He would also cut contact with women who might be interested in him.
  1. He talks about his future with you. If your guy talks about his future and also includes you in it, then that is a sign he wants a long-term relationship. He would even ask your opinion while making major decisions, like buying a car or a house.
  1. He would try to impress your friends. A man who is interested in you would try to impress those that are important to you. He would want them to think good about him. He might also show interest in hanging out with them to get to know them better.
  1. He keeps his word. Do you find your man sticking to his words? Then you might be special to him. A man who wants a relationship with you would always fulfill his promises because he wants to earn your trust. Also, he would never make a promise that he cannot keep.
  1. He does not disappear. When a man wants a relationship with you, he would never make you feel unwanted by ghosting you. He would always inform you if he is getting late or when his phone is about to die. He would never want you to second guess his love for you.
  1. He lets you into his inner sanctum. You will know things about him, which no one else knew. From silly childhood stories to personal issues, he will share his most intimate details with you. He may also let his guard down and share feelings and fears with you. He would also want to share his favorite things with you. For example, if he lets you drive his limited edition sports car, then boy! He seriously likes you.
  1. Gives you freedom and space. In this relationship, you can be who you are. Your man would not restrict you or crowd you, and you need not think before sending a message or pretend to be something you are not. With him, life will be free of drama and stress.
  1. He makes excuses to spend time with you. When a man really likes you, you need not guilt-trip or beg him to spend time with you; he would do it out of his own interest. He would arrange date nights and take you to fancy restaurants for dinners. He would not lose any opportunity to spend quality time with you.
  1. He misses you. You are away for a month on a business trip, and when you meet him, you suddenly find him saying how much he missed you. This is a sign that a man is serious about you. He also may not have a clue until then, but when you were away, he might have missed and thought about you every second.
  1. He plans surprises. It could be a trip to Paris for your birthday or an expensive dress you had your eyes on, he would surprise you by doing things you like. He would also enquire about your bucket list and plan to fulfill all of them.
  1. He gets jealous. Does your man get jealous when you talk about your handsome neighbor or a funny friend? Then he might be serious about you. This jealousy would be cute and adorable and not possessive and overbearing.
  1. Deep down, you would know it. No matter how many signs he might be showing, the most trustworthy sign would be your gut feeling. If deep down, you strongly feel he wants a relationship with you, then most of the time, it would be true. So, always trust your instincts.

If you could see any of these signs, then it is most likely that your man likes you and might be looking for a long-term relationship with you. If he has not said it yet, then do not worry, maybe he is waiting for the right time or sorting out a few things before bringing you into his life.