'Does My Ex Miss Me After The Breakup?' 21 Telltale Signs

If you often ask yourself, ‘does my ex miss me?’ you are not alone. Breakups in a relationship may be heartbreaking and seem like the end of a happy world that you lived in once.

You might experience feelings of anger, pain, and hopelessness—these feelings are justifiable, as it is difficult to forget past happy memories. Also, when you are faced with an avalanche of negative feelings and emotions, you may sometimes be curious to know how your ex might be feeling after the breakup.

In this post, we apprise you of some suggestive signs that may confirm that your ex misses you too. Keep scrolling.

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Does My Ex Miss Me: 21 Telltale Signs

1. They regularly feature on your social media

Of late, your ex is a regular feature on your social media. They like and comment on your every post or photo. Sometimes they even slide into your DMs. It is very likely that your ex is stalking your social media because they miss you and are longing for your presence in their life. This is their way of keeping in touch.

2. They drunk text or dial you

This is one of the biggest signs that your ex misses you. Drinking lowers your inhibitions and gives you the courage to do the things you wouldn’t otherwise dare. If you are receiving late-night drunk texts or calls from your ex with them pining for you, they probably still have feelings for you.

3. They discuss you with your mutual friends

We usually check on the well-being of people we care about. If your ex has been enquiring about you with mutual friends, it is a big indicator that they are still interested in you. By discussing you with mutual friends, they are making their feelings of yearning obvious since they know their message will get across to you.

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Making jokes about missing you is a tactic your ex may use to hide their true feelings for you. They may want to tell you how much they miss you but are unsure of your reaction, so they joke about it.

4. They keep bumping into you

You keep bumping into them regularly

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Lately, your ex seems to always be around. You keep bumping into them regularly at the most unexpected places. Accidental meet-ups can happen once or twice, but it might not be coincidental if you have been regularly running into them. They may be visiting all your hang-out spots to catch a glimpse of you. They might try to sympathize to get you back.

5. They bring up past memories

Whenever you come across each other, your ex manages to insert some fond memories into the conversation. They leave out all the bad times and instead choose to highlight and reminisce your beautiful love life. While this can be just their way of having a pleasant conversation, it can also be a subtle sign of your ex missing you and remind you of all the wonderful memories you both had good together.

6. They keep finding reasons to connect with you

Your ex texts you out of the blue for some silly reason. They try to arrange a meet-up using a poor excuse such as borrowing something or giving back something. Generally, it is advisable to break all contacts with the ex if you want to move on. If your ex is behaving otherwise, they may still have feelings for you.

When your ex tries to connect with you, it can open a floodgate of memories and also impact you deeply. Kimberly Erskine, a social media manager, shares how her ex-boyfriend tried connecting with her on her LinkedIn account out of desperation. She says, “Casey tried to connect with me on LinkedIn on Wednesday. Casey, as in THE Casey. The one who I met on my 23rd birthday and fell hopelessly in love with. The one I had a crazy long-distance relationship with. The one I loved with every ounce of my being. The one that was here one day and gone the next (i).”

7. They enquire about your relationship status

A person who is trying to move on would never ask their ex about their current relationship status. It is normal to try to seek out this information from common friends or uncover it from social media. However, if your ex is directly enquiring about your relationship, this may be their way of reconciling with you.

8. They have immediately started a new relationship

It has only been a few days since your breakup, but your ex has already jumped into a new relationship and is flaunting it on social media. Starting something new without getting completely over the previous relationship could be a way of distracting themselves. It often indicates that the person is unable to cope with their emotions and it is also possible that they still have feelings for you.

protip_icon Point to consider
An alternate sign could be your ex informing you that they are still alone and not dating anyone else. They may be leaving the door open for you to return to their lives if you choose to.

9. They do special things for you

They send you gifts, Does my ex miss me

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Even though you two are not together, they do special things for you. If it is your birthday, they send you a gift or a card. They remember the days that are important for you and send their best wishes. Such sweet gestures may indicate that you still occupy their thoughts.

10. They ask you to meet up

When you want to get over someone, you try to completely disconnect with them. Meeting that person is a strict no-no. So, if your ex talks about meeting you, they might not be over you. They want to see you and gauge your emotions and understand how you feel about them.

11. They appear unhappy

If your ex is unable to get over you, the most obvious sign would be their overall demeanor. Has your ex been going around with an unhappy and lost look on their face? If you or some of your mutual friends have noticed that they seem crestfallen after the breakup and bemoan about it, they might be missing you. However, they may be worried about something else, so check other signs before jumping to any conclusions.

12. They add cryptic posts on social media

Your ex has been posting about heartbreak and lost love on social media with increasing frequency reminiscing the good old days. Their social media a posts could also hint at certain aspects of your relationship. Generally, people post about something they are experiencing or can relate to. Such posts from your ex can be a sign that they are pinning for you.

13. They make you a part of their social media

When you break up with someone, one of the first things you do is remove your lovey-dovey pictures from social media since they serve as a stark reminder of what could have been. If your ex is active on social media and has still kept pictures of you two together, they most likely miss you.

14. They get jealous

They feel jealous, Does my ex miss me

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Your ex doesn’t like it when you get close to people of the opposite gender. If you talk about any of your dates, they express their displeasure. A strong feeling like jealousy is evoked only when there are some residual feelings. A person who has moved on will be indifferent or happy seeing their ex with someone else.

15. They try to show you that they have changed

Exes who are desperate to get back with their previous partners sometimes use this technique. They try to convince their ex that they are truly remorseful of their actions and have changed their ways. By doing this, they want to make a place in your heart again.

16. They are prompt in their replies

An ex who misses you would cherish any kind of communication from you and respond eagerly. They wouldn’t want to keep you waiting. So, if your ex is instantly replying to the most trivial of your text messages even in the middle of a workday, in all probability, they might be missing you. Even they they talk nostalgically, it shows they are missing you.

17. They shower you with compliments

Does your ex shower you with compliments every time you meet? Have they been singing your praises to mutual friends? While it is not always the case, sometimes compliments and fondness are used to create a soft spot in the receiver’s heart. There is a chance that they are using compliments as a means to communicate their feelings, hoping to get back together.

18. They keep tabs on you

Whenever you talk with your ex, they seem to be up-to-date about your life. They know things about you that you haven’t told them or posted on social media. If this is the case, there is a huge chance that they are keeping tabs on you through a mutual friend. This friend could be getting closer to you to give information about you to your ex.

19. They are taking an interest in things you love

Your ex is suddenly doing things you loved but which were not their cup of tea. For instance, they hated romcoms, but suddenly you see them posting about watching such movies. Or you see them posting about songs you loved and food you enjoy. These posts are a strong indicator that they are missing you and are using these posts to attract your attention.

20. They include you in  talks of their future

They speak about things you should do together

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Does your ex talk wistfully about an imaginary scenario where you two end up together? Have they ever spoken about things you should do together in the near future, such as going on a trip or trying out a particular restaurant? If their vision of the future still includes you in some capacity (even hypothetically), it is clear that they have hopes that you will eventually get back together.

21. They directly tell you how they feel

Laying your feelings bare requires a lot of courage and confidence. Yet your ex chooses to do this probably because they want you back and regret losing you. However, before you decide anything, check your ex’s eye contact and body language to understand if they are honest. Some exes might just claim to miss you because they are lonely or want to have a fling with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will he ever realize what he lost?

If you have been a loving and caring partner to your ex and supported him through thick and thin, he will surely realize your worth one day. This may be more evident after you’ve moved on, and he may even contact you when he realizes your worth.

2. Will the no contact actually work to get my ex back?

The no-contact rule may work if you stick to it and don’t falter. Start the no contact period without giving them a fixed timeline and focus on yourself while occasionally updating on social media to stay on your ex’s mind. They may understand your worth and want to get back when they feel you have moved on.

3. What are some indications that my ex is struggling to move on from the relationship?

If they leave your number unblocked, post gloomy social media posts about feeling lonely, or haven’t returned your things, they are not ready to move on. Also, if your ex generally tries to maintain contact with you or flirts with you, they are still not over you.

4. What behaviors indicate my ex is still emotionally attached to me?

Frequently reaching out to you through calls, texts, or social media, displaying signs of jealousy, consistently turning to you for emotional support, and maintaining contact with your friends or family members after the breakup are some signs that may indicate that your ex is still emotionally attached to you.

5. How long after the breakup will my ex miss me?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to how long it will take for your ex to miss you after a breakup. The truth is, it varies and depends on different factors unique to your situation. It could be days, weeks, months, or your ex may not even miss you. Each relationship is different and the level of emotional connection you both have shared may decide what happens after the breakup. Even in difficult relationships, there are often good memories that linger. The breakup may leave a void in your life and push you through the stages of grief. So, your ex may miss you immediately after the breakup or take weeks or months before initiating the contact.

No matter how you two parted ways, if they show several signs, it may indicate that they still miss you. But before you plan to get back to your ex, pause and re-analyze the relationship issues that made you two drift apart in the first place. If you find your differences are reconcilable and your ex feels the same as you, go ahead and reunite. However, avoid making any decisions in haste or over-excitement. Remember, relationships flourish when feelings are mutual. So ask yourself – does my ex miss me and take a decision only when you are sure about their feelings.

Infographic: When Does Your Ex Miss You?

You might be doing all that is possible to get over your ex, but they keep trying to get in touch with you and miss you. So keep this infographic handy in your notes or your screenshots to know under what circumstances your ex might miss you.

reasons why your ex may miss you (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • When a couple separates, missing each other is a common emotional trail they go through.
  • If your ex likes or comments on every post of yours, enquires about you with mutual friends, and asks you to meet up, it suggests they miss you.
  • Consider reconciliation only for the right reasons and not merely cause your ex misses you.
does my ex miss me_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

If you’re wondering whether your ex is missing you, this video holds the answers. Dive in to decode those lingering emotions and find closure. Check out this video to uncover your ex’s true feelings!

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