Why You Shouldn't Make Everything Easy For Your Kids And What Happens If You Do

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How many times have you given in to your child’s tantrums just because it was the easiest thing to do? As parents, we try our best to discipline our kids the right way. But there are times when parenting gets too tough, or your child throws a tantrum in public, and the easiest way to resolve the issue is to give them what they want. Though it does resolve the issue at that moment, and your child calms down for a while, when continued, this momentary satisfaction can lead to other consequences that will affect them well into their adult life. Continue reading our post to know about the consequences that may arise when parents make everything easy for their kids.

Why Do Parents Do It?

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The need to fulfill every wish or demand of your kid’s usually stem from feelings of guilt and not being able to spend enough time with kids. When parents feel that they are unable to devote enough quality time with kids or they are not doing the best job as parents, this lack of insufficiency can cause guilt. This can cause parents to find desperate ways to make up for it instead of looking for a real solution.

Below we list down 6 consequences of making everything easy for your kids:

1. They May Develop Low Tolerance And Frustration

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If you’ve never denied any request or demand of your kids, they will grow up in an environment where they think they can always get what they want. Since they have never heard the word “no”, they will develop a very low tolerance for it. As kids grow up and become adults, there will be several instances where they will have to hear the word “no”, or deal with the frustration of not getting what they want. There will be times when people may not be willing to help them, and they might find such situations more difficult and challenging than others. They might not know how to navigate through such situations or deal with their feelings of frustration.

2. They May Be Unaware Of The Value Of Effort And Hard Work

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Imagine a life where you’re given everything you want with no questions asked. Whether it is money for a trip, a new game console, or any other stuff, when children always get stuff, they will not know the value of effort and work. They start to believe that all they have to do is open their mouth and say what they want, and they’ll get it. They will believe in the false hopes that life is that simple and won’t appreciate the effort that goes behind anything.

3. They May Develop Anxiety

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When your children grow up getting everything they want right that instant, they miss out on learning an important life skill — patience and waiting. As they become teenagers and adults, they are going to come across situations where they don’t instantly get what they want, which can make them feel anxious.

4. They May Frequently Throw Tantrums

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Dealing with a tantrum can be challenging for parents. Sometimes parents give in to their kid’s demands because they don’t want to cause a scene in a public place or are too tired to deal with the situation in a constructive way. But when a child always gets what he wants, he will end up wanting more. Because they know that every time they throw a tantrum, they will get their way. This behavior becomes ingrained in them, and when they grow older and don’t get what they want, their tantrums will only get bigger and worse.

5. They May Develop An Intolerant Personality

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When all their requests are fulfilled from a young age, kids grow up to be intolerant. Since they have never dealt with the frustration of being turned down, they wouldn’t know how to handle such situations. This can cause them to become inflexible and develop an intolerant personality as they become adults.

6. They May Not Grow Up To Be Independent

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Kids who grow up in a complacent environment where they are provided with all possibilities and never have to fend for themselves will struggle to lead an independent life as they grow older. They may not grow up to be self-sufficient if they never had to make an effort to get anything in life.

When parents make everything easy for their kids, they will lack several important skills as they grow up. They will struggle more when things don’t go their way, have low tolerance, and develop anxiety. While tantrums can be challenging, it is important for parents to take a stand and say “no” where it’s necessary.

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