26 Dr Seuss Activities For Preschoolers And Toddlers

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Dr. Seuss was a popular children’s book author. He was a renowned cartoonist who evoked kids’ imagination for generations. He gained popularity for his work during the 20th century, and kids enjoyed reading his books. Some of his most loved books are One Fish, Two Fish, and Hop-On Pop. Here are some of the most popular Dr. Seuss activities for preschool that your toddler may enjoy.

26 Dr. Seuss Activities For Preschoolers

The Cat In The Hat activities

1. Playdough invitation

This can be done during the Christmas season, using red and white clay. Ask the kids to make a hat with the red color and face of a man using the white clay. Then, join them together, as shown in the image above.

2. Dress-up

A fun fancy dress competition can excite the little ones. Make the kids dress up as “Things 1 and 2” from “The Cat In The Hat.”

3. Cat’s hat

You need a white disposable cup for this activity. Ask the children to slit vertical stripes along with the cup and color every alternate stripe red.

4. Match the hat

The hat matching activity can be related to matching colors, matching shapes, or matching patterns. It also improves the observation skills of children. For this activity, you can give two sets of images, one consisting of hats and their shadows in the other. Now, let your child match the hat with its respective shadow.

5. Treats

Teach the kids how to bake and let them mold the cookies in any shape they desire. The result of this activity will be wholesome and delicious.

6. Rhyming words

This is an easy activity for which you don’t need any material. You may begin by writing the word “CAT” on the board and ask the children to change the first letter of the word that is C. By replacing the letter with B; they will form the word “BAT.” with “S,” they get “SAT,” and so on.

7. Puppet show

Ideal for a group of kids or a classroom, this activity uses puppets. Let the kids learn the story of ‘The Cat In The Hat’ and play respective characters.

8. Hat designing

For this activity, you will need craft papers, a pair of scissors, and glue. Let your child wear their thinking hats and get creative to design a hat. They may also use sequins, glitter, or other decorative items to beautify the hat.

Lorax activities

9. Truffula tree

Give the kids a bunch of straws and cotton. Ask them to paint the straws in creative and colorful ways. Let them make small balls from cotton and dip them in various shades of paint. Stick the cotton balls on the straws. Tie all the straws together, and your colorful truffula tree is ready.

10. Truffula tree painting

For this activity, you need to make a truffula tree. Use some pompoms and straw to form a tree. You may dip it in paint to be used as a paintbrush or just dab it on the paper.

11. Mask

Make a Lorax face mask using a paper plate, craft paper, and glue. Using a pencil, draw a mask and cut it accurately. Let the toddlers paint the mask orange. You may also add googly eyes and a mouth to make it attractive.

12. Whisper phone

For this activity, you need two paper cups. Connect the bases of the cups with a thread. Now, ask two children to hold these cups at their ears. Let them stand at a distance and whisper to each other through their cups.

13. Truffula sensory bin

For this sensory bin activity, place a trufulla tree, ribbons, and a few other things in a bin. Blindfold the kid and ask them to place their hands inside the bin. Let them play and identify what they are touching.

14. Cupcake craft

The Dr. Seuss cupcakes are based on the story “Oh The Places You’ll Go.” You may assist your child with this activity and make some delicious cupcakes for everyone.

15. Match the truffula tree color

Make a trufulla tree using straws or ice cream sticks. Write numbers or letters on the branches and top of the tree. Let your child match the top with its bark.

16. Names on top of apples

You can use printable apple letters or make your own. Let your child name each apple with anything that they like.

17. Playdough apples

In this activity, let the kids mold some clay or play-dough into apples and exercise their motor skills.

18. Apple counting activity

The activity comes from the story “Ten Apples Up On Top.” Place some apples on the table or countertop and let your child count them. This helps them with their math and logical reasoning skills.

19. Fishing

Here’s yet another activity to enhance the child’s mathematical skills. Let your child pretend to play with this fishing activity and update how many fish were caught. The activity is inspired by the book “One Fish, Two Fish” by Dr. Seuss.

20. Painting

Let the children choose a favorite Seuss character to paint. The usual winner is that mischievous Cat, and it is fun seeing how their character interpretations turn out!

21. Fish math

Let the kids have fun sorting, graphing, and counting their goldfish during snack time. Children love to incorporate math into their snack time. So add this idea to your Dr. Seuss theme or your ideas for snack math for preschoolers.

22. Cup sorting

Use two red cups and cut a hole at the bottom, then paint a few white stripes to make it look like the hat from The Cat in the Hat; you may also use white tape. Give the child some white and red pom-poms to put white pom-poms in one cup and the red pom-poms in another.

23. Dr. Seuss stripes

Give the children paper cups to make the iconic Cat In The Hat white and red striped hats. This fun drawing activity will keep the children engrossed for a good amount of time.

24. Dr. Seuss birthday celebration

March 2 is celebrated as Dr. Seuss’ birthday. For this special day, you can organize Dr. Seuss’s activities. And, you can also have a dress code where every guest has to wear a striped outfit.

25. Socks fox puppet

For this activity, take a printout of the fox and place it inside a sock. This activity comes from the famous Fox In Socks by Dr. Seuss. Ask the children to narrate the story or organize a puppet show once they have their fox in the socks.

26. Foot painting

Ask the children to dip a toe or their entire feet in the paint. Let them stamp, walk, dance, or jump on the canvas. Voila! Your modern art is ready.

Dr. Seuss left behind memorable stories that children can explore by reading books and also through these activities. These Dr. Seuss activities for preschool are fun, informative, and aid in developing gross and fine motor skills.

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