Why Do We Dream About Being Pregnant?

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Dream analysis is a technique used to reveal underlying motivations and interpret the symbolic representations of dreams. If you have recurring dreams about being pregnant, you should patiently assess what’s occurring in your life or what your desires are.

Pregnancy means nurturing a new life inside you, and this may symbolize creation or a new beginning apart from the desire to have children. However, dreams can have interpretations completely different from what you presume. Keep reading this post as we have put together some meaningful interpretations of pregnancy dreams.

Pregnancy Dreams – What Does This Means?

Here is a compilation of five probable reasons for dreams about pregnancy:

1. Start Of Something New:

Women create new life hence dreaming of pregnancy could mean you are yearning to be creative in your waking life.

  • You probably want to do something artistic or exciting down the line.
  • This dream could also be about a new change or new idea, project or a goal in your personal life.
  • This aspect is in its growth and developmental stage.
  • It can be anything from wanting to start something new or just getting a makeover.

2. Stage Of Pregnancy:

It is important to take a look at what stage of pregnancy you were in your dream.

  • If the pregnancy was in its early stage, it could suggest that the particular aspect in your life has been a recent event or change.
  • If you have already given birth to your baby, then it could mean that the event has taken place.
  • If you have found neglecting your baby. For example, forgetting to feed him or her. Meaning something in your life needs your complete focus and you haven’t been giving it your undivided attention.

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3. Wishful Thinking:

Sometimes dreams like this may actually mean what it is.

  • Maybe your unconscious mind is telling you it’s time for you to have a baby, especially if you are married or in a stable and happy relationship.
  • If your mood in the dream was happy and content, then secretly you do want to get pregnant and start a new chapter in your life with your partner.
  • If in your waking life, you aren’t ready for a baby, but still dreaming about it, this may mean fear of added responsibilities in your life.

4. Dreams & Desires:

Pregnancy dreams have a high degree of complexity. It can be broken into many layers of interpretations.

  • Such dreams may speak of desires that have not yet been recognized or acknowledged in your waking life.
  • People who have given up on their dreams or actual goals in life often dream of pregnancies.
  • For example, someone who wanted to be a dancer, but took the conventional path and became an engineer, may be tormented with dreams of pregnancies until he or she realizes their true passion and acts upon it.

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Analyze Yourself What Your Dreams Of Being Pregnant Mean:

Here are a few questions that can help you analyze what your dreams of being pregnant mean:

  • Have you been thinking of quitting your job or a possible career change?
  • Are there any plans of acquiring a new residence maybe or new projects that you been contemplating over?
  • Has there been any new idea that you haven’t acted upon and passionately believed in it?
  • Any plans for a change in your lifestyle?
  • Are you thinking of having a baby or are already expecting a baby?

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Hope our analysis helped you understand the reason behind your recurring pregnancy dreams. Do share with us your interpretations as well by commenting below.

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