8 Important And Safe Driving Tips For Teenage Drivers

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Is your teenager getting behind the wheel for the first time? Do you want to ensure that she drives safely? If you said yes, you should educate her few important teen driving safety measures.

Teens are often eager to get behind the wheel and drive fast. However, most teens are ignorant about driving safety measures, and they prefer driving on their terms. So it becomes pertinent to ensure your teen is aware and follows safe teen driving safety tips.

8 Important Teen Driving Safety Tips:

Here, we list some important teen driver safety measures that your teenager should take care of while driving.

1. Obey The Speed Limit:

Speeding causes many fatal road accidents. Speeding is highly dangerous, and teens are vulnerable to accidents, particularly on busy roads with a lot of traffic. Driving at safe speeds helps ensure your teen’s safety and prevents any speeding tickets (1).

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2. Avoid Drunk Driving:

Teens often enjoy drinking or having drugs and trying their hands at drunk driving. However, even small amount of alcohol can affect your teen’s focus and safe driving skills. The teen may endanger her life and others people present on the road when driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. So instruct your teenager to avoid drunk driving or driving under the influence of any drug (2)..

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3. Keep The Cell Phones Off:

Texting or talking on cell phones is another prominent reason for road accidents. Several studies reveal that using a cell phone when behind the wheels is equal to drunken driving since the teen is not fully attentive while driving. Texting while driving results in a loss of focus on the road for about 4.6 seconds, which is more than enough time for something to go wrong. So instruct your teen to keep her cell phone switched off while driving (3).

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4. Minimize Distractions:

Even though your teenager might feel tempted to play loud music or flip the radio dial while driving, it can prove hazardous. An inexperienced teen driver is bound to lose control of her car and can lead to a road accident. Your teen may not even notice an impending danger while driving. So tell your teen to focus on driving and avoid distractions (4).

5. Turn On The Headlights:

Turning on your headlights improves your visibility, help other drivers on the road to notice you in the dark, and prevent the risk of roadside hazards. So train your teen to turn on the headlights of her car in the early morning, early evening, and at night (5).

6. Wear The Seatbelt:

Wearing a seat belt makes your teen less prone to a head injury or harm due to a jerk. Make sure your teen wears the seatbelt whenever she is behind the wheel (6).

7. Limit The Number Of Teen Passengers:

Several studies on teenage driving reveal that a teen driver’s accident risk increases with each teenage passenger in one car. Many states in The US restrict the number of teens traveling in one car. So make sure a fewer teens are present in the car when your teen is driving (7).

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8. Practice Defensive Driving:

Last, but not the least, make sure your teen practices defensive driving. Train your teenager to be aware of traffic ahead, next to, and behind her. Tell the teen to keep all possible escape routes in mind while driving. Instruct your teenager to stay at least one car length behind the car running in her front of her at slower speeds. Educate the teen to maintain a larger buffer zone with faster speeds (8).

Did you teach your teen safe driving tips? Do you have any tips for fellow moms? Share your story with us. Leave a comment below.

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