200+ Dumb And Stupid Questions To Ask Your Friends

Sometimes, all you need to have a good time is to ask some nonsensical questions to your friends. Thus, we tell you some dumb and stupid questions to ask your friends in this post. These questions guarantee hilarious responses and will help you start a funny conversation with your buddies anytime, anywhere.

When you are bored and having a dull day and want to make something happen, an informal and stimulating conversation can help you have a good time and make your day worthwhile. So, add some spice to your mundane conversations with these bizzare questions.

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200+ Dumb And Stupid Questions To Ask Your Friends

Annoy your best friends with these stupid and a little embarrassing questions and bring everyone a lot of fun to your conversation. Ask away these ditzy queries.

  1. What are the two things you can ask at a grocery store that will raise the eyebrows of the shopkeeper?
  1. If you have a superpower to replace water with something, then what will it be?
  1. If you can talk with any animal, which one would it be? Please don’t answer Donkey!
  1. If you could merge two countries, what would they be?
  1. How much fried chicken did Arnold eat to win Mr. Universe?
  1. What will be the worst selfie idea for Tinder?
  1. Who would you bite first if you were a mosquito?
  1. If you were real-life Jack Sparrow, whom would you take on your pirate ship?
  1. If you get Lady Gaga’s pet dog as a gift, what would you do next?
  1. Name something that you smell every day but fear to disclose in public?
  1. What if you were Donald Trump’s ex-lover?
  1. You won free tickets to the Tomorrow Land 2022 festival, and you can take three senior family members with you on all paid expense trips. Whom will you choose and why?
  1. If you were one among three identical brothers, what would you do?
If you were one among three identical brothers, what would you do?

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  1. What if you are left on a stranded island with a bottle of cola and Mentos?
  1. Somebody kidnaps you and tattoos all your body, and leaves you back home. What would be your reaction?
  1. What if you get a punishment to kneel outside your girlfriend’s house the whole day?
  1. If you could swap your name with a celebrity, who would that be?
  1. Your friends take you to Mount Everest and leave you there with a mountain dog. What will you do?
  1. If you were an inanimate object, what would you like to be?
  1. What would you do if you turned into a wolf every full moon night?
  1. How many elephants would it take to lift the Empire State Building?
  1. If you were a vegetable, what dish would you like to become?
  1. Do you think fish sweat?
  1. If you could be an oven or a refrigerator, what would you be?
  1. If you were a dinosaur, which country would you like to be in?
  1. Have you ever tasted the rainbow?
  1. How many strands of hair can you pull at once?
  1. If you could talk to a tree, which tree would it be and why?
  1. If you meet an alien, would you offer them food or water?
  1. How many footballs would it take to cover an Olympic-size pool?
  1. Would you like your eyes to resemble an apple or a banana?
  1. What would you do if you found out Jennifer Lawrence had a crush on you?
  1. If you were given wings, would you feel bad about being unable to swim?
  1. Would you rather have a pet crocodile or an anaconda?
  1. What would you do if Angelina Jolie adopted you?
  1. If you could talk to ghosts, what would you ask them?
  1. If you met Hulk, would you ask him to be your gym trainer?
  1. What is your favorite toothpaste flavor?
  1. If you were a villain in the Marvel universe, which superhero would you fight?
  1. Can you juggle plastic balls while reciting the alphabet backward?
  1. What is the weirdest food combination you have ever tried?
  1. Who would you take with you if you could go to the Moon?
  1. What was the most bizarre dream you have ever had?
  1. If you were a flavor of ice cream, what would it be, and why?

Stupid Questions To Ask Your Friends

Sometimes, it feels bored like hell at home, especially when your friends are away, and you can’t see them for fun chit-chat. The day seems bland and insipid. Roll some fun by sharing these quirky questions with your friends.

  1. How would you feel if Dan Bilzerian asked you to be his secretary?
  1. McDonald’s offers the latest BMW car to the person who finishes 100 McChicken burgers in an hour. Would you join the contest?
  1. Why do you sleep in the bedroom and not the kitchen?
  1. Have you ever played police siren in your car speaker to feel the ‘Need For Speed’ adrenalin rush?
  1. Red Bull is sponsoring someone who can live in the Amazon forest for a year? Are you up for the challenge?
  1. You receive a mail stating that you’ve won a jackpot prize of 1 million dollars. Will you give your credit card info in response?
  1. If you board a cab and find Tupac sitting inside, will you call Eminem or Dr. Dre?
  1. Why do people say goodbye when they again meet you the next day at the office?
  1. I will kiss you in public, how will you feel? Overwhelmed or underwhelmed?
  1. Share three instances where you misspelled text while typing and put yourself in an awkward situation.
  1. What would be the meaning of your name if it’s listed in the dictionary?
  1. If a puppy eats 1000 bags of Pedigree to grow into a dog, how much Pedigree will it take to raise 369 puppies?
  1. If NASA sends you to Mars with a monkey, what would be your reaction?
  1. What is the word that your heart wants to hear when you are with me?
  1. Amazon is sending free Nike sneakers to 100 people who would share the photos 100 times on Instagram? Name the list of people you are planning to send the offer messages to!
  1. What will you do if you find a money tree? Would you deposit the tree in the bank?
  1. Your great-grandfather left a will for his great-grandson to take over a beautiful palace in Scotland? Who would you take with you to Scotland?
  1. Will you be the butter to my toast?
  1. Why don’t you sleep with blankets in summer?
Why don’t you sleep with blankets in summer?

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  1. Cops are after you for stealing the Mayor’s vintage car? Did you really do it?
  1. Should I charge you like my smartphone when your battery gets low?
  1. Who do you think will win in a fight between a cucumber and a banana?
  1. If you could challenge a celebrity to an egg-throwing competition, who would it be, and why?
  1. Would you rather have a pet dog who climbs trees or a pet squirrel who can click selfies?
  1. What would you do if stuck in an elevator with Beyonce and your neighbor’s cat?
  1. Imagine that Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer, Conor McGregor, and LeBron James were studying in the same class, and you were their homeroom teacher. Who is most likely to eat in class?
  1. Would you rather have a pet parrot that only sings your favorite songs or a pet dragon who makes you laugh?
  1. What will happen if we direct a huge water pipe and spray water on the Sun?
  1. What would you say if you were allowed to stand atop the Statue of Liberty and scream a slogan?
  1. Liam Hemsworth wants to ask you out. What would you recommend for him to impress you?
  1. If your teeth grew feet, where would they go first?
  1. Taylor Swift said some of her songs are written for her exes. Which song was for you?
  1. Have you ever wished to be imprisoned just to experience what prisoners feel?
  1. What would you buy for me if you got a credit card with no spending limit?
  1. If you had to eat one food item throughout life, what would it be and why?
  1. Which spirit emoji represents you and why?
  1. If you ever get kidnapped, how much ransom do your kidnappers deserve?
  1. What would you do if you could be invisible for a day?
  1. If you were a sorting hat, which house would you put Ryan Gosling in?
  1. If you were asked to throw three items from your bag, what would those be?
  1. Netflix offers you a free lifetime subscription. Who would you call first to share this amazing news?
  1. You become an Instagram star overnight. Would you still talk to your siblings after finding fame?
  1. If Khabib Nurmagomedov challenges you to a fight, which country would you flee to? Don’t say Russia.
  1. If your parents say that you actually belong to a royal family, what royal nickname would you give yourself?

Dumb Questions To Ask Your Friends

Why be serious when friendship is about fun, care, and joy? Spread happiness amongst your best buddies with these odd and dumb questions. You never know. Maybe these foolish questions may bring some thought-provoking answers.

  1. What would be your nickname if your surname was ‘Juice’?
  1. Can toddlers remember their dreams?
  1. Why are berries not in rainbow color?
  1. Doesn’t your lipstick get spoiled when you eat grilled chicken drumsticks?
  1. Why do 90’s superheroes wear underwear over their pants?
  1. Why don’t you call 911 when you are bored?
  1. Why are you always curious, as if you are Sherlock Holmes?
  1. Have you ever thought of eating the chewing gum again after spitting it?
  1. Why don’t you keep clothes inside the refrigerator?
  1. Would you steal pizza from Domino’s if there’s no one around?
Would you steal pizza, dumb question for friends

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  1. Do you want to become famous overnight?
  1. Give me five reasons why you are bad and one good reason why you are dumb?
  1. If you need to fight a funny opponent in a wrestling match, whom will you choose?
  1. Why don’t people sit inside refrigerators when they feel heat waves in summer?
  1. What if you enter the real world like a GTA Vice City video game? Are you still thinking of doing stunts?
  1. Why don’t people smell laughing gas when they feel sad?
  1. Why do you have to shut down Windows? Can’t you simply switch off the PC like a TV?
  1. Marvel is looking for a new superhero character; why don’t you try? You really look like Ninja Turtle.
  1. Do you want to change your job? I am looking for a personal secretary.
  1. Can you sleep with bats and feel like Batman the next morning?
  1. Why don’t people go for white tattoos?
  1. Can you wash dishes for free food?
  1. Why can’t dogs talk like they do in movies?
  1. Would you act in the Harry Potter series if they decide to relaunch the franchise?
  1. Will you jump in the cow dung pit if I offer you a free Netflix subscription for five years?
  1. Is it a good idea to hang out wearing a Halloween costume on a random day?
  1. What if a virus infection makes you a zombie?
  1. In what direction will your tears flow if you cry underwater?
  1. What will happen when you are traveling at the speed of light and turn on your headlights?
  1. What color is a chameleon in the winter season?
  1. If light has speed, what is the speed of dark?
  1. Would you like to have kiwi on your pizza?
  1. Which meme best represents your life?
  1. Why don’t companies make mouse-flavored cat food?
  1. Is it possible to day dream at night?
  1. If you could be an animal for a day, who would you bite first?
  1. How would you explain the story of ‘Inception’ to a dog?
  1. If trees could talk, would they gossip about the bushes and plants?
  1. How many marshmallows can a kangaroo carry in its pouch without bouncing away?
  1. If you could talk to birds, how would you convince them to start their rock band?
  1. If cheeseburgers could talk, what secret would they share with you?
  1. Imagine getting teleported to a new place in the blink of an eye. How many times would you blink?
  1. Why don’t people eat grass? The cows eat it, so it must be tasty and nutritious, right?

Random Nonsense Questions For Best Friend

Random question for best friend

Image: IStock

Looking forward to getting onto your best friend’s nerves? Send them these idiotic and nonsense questions and let them know how inquisitive you are.

  1. How would you feel if your boss gave you early morning birthday bumps?
  1. What if you were part of the conspiracy in Julius Caesar?
  1. Do you want to fly for free to Las Vegas?
  1. What would happen if I fed your dog lean muscle mass whey protein?
  1. How would you justify if the police mistake you for a drug dealer and arrest you?
  1. You discover a time machine that sends you to the 18th century. How would you explain to people that you came from the future?
  1. Do you wish to visit Narnia for the New Year 2022?
  1. What will you do if Joker kidnaps you and hides you in Gotham?
  1. Would you eat fried chicken every day if you were the owner of KFC?
  1. Why don’t boys wear skirts?
  1. What would a doctor do if he gets a heart attack at the hospital?
  1. How will you feel if I pinch your nose?
  1. If roses were violet, what flower would couples exchange?
  1. What did the octopus say when the Chinese chef deep-fried his tentacles?
  1. Will you hack my Instagram if I tell you my password is your name?
  1. Why do mosquitoes love bloody merry mocktails?
  1. Why doesn’t pizza come in round boxes?
  1. Why doesn’t the government install an alarm at the city center, so everyone can wake up on time?
  1. What would you do if someone threw you into the mud?
  1. What if birds walk and talk like humans?
  1. Can you spot someone’s tears underwater?
  1. Could you answer why scientists could not resolve the unsolved mysteries?
  1. Do people on Mars have hands and feet?
  1. Why did Priyanka Chopra marry Nick Jones?
  1. If you pamper a cow, will it give spoiled milk?
  1. Do we really get wings if we drink Red Bull?
  1. Name the first person to milk a cow?
  1. Who came first, the hen or the egg?
  1. Why do police always come late in Bollywood movies?
  1. Do mermaids still live in the hidden city of Atlantis?
  1. Why are people working from home? Why not work from the garden?
  1. How different would science be if Newton sat under a coconut tree instead of an apple tree?
  1. Why don’t you talk to the President about your misery instead of crying in front of your wife?
  1. Tell me something about your life 1000 years back?
  1. Why do people look into their smartphones while walking?
  1. Name the disease which makes your night sleepless and you don’t feel hungry anymore?
  1. Where would you check the meanings of words if there was no dictionary?
  1. Why do we say ‘after dark’ when it’s actually after light?
  1. Do you need an appointment to see a psychiatrist, or will they be expecting you?
  1. Do your toothpaste has salt in it?
  1. Why are there self-help groups if it’s supposed to be self-help?
  1. Is the sea salty because the shore never waves back?
  1. If an unidentified flying object fell to the ground and people could identify what it was, would it still be called an unidentified flying object?
  1. What do you call a male ladybug?
  1. If I drive a front-wheel-drive car in reverse, does it become rear-wheel-drive car?
  1. If you can say that you’re speechless, doesn’t that mean you could talk and thus not be speechless?
  1. What is the difference between a wise man and a wise guy?
What is the difference between a wise man and a wise guy

Image: IStock

  1. Why do we say that something is ‘out of whack’? What is whack in the first place?
  1. Why do people say that something sells like ‘hotcakes’ if they sell out fast? How fast do hotcakes sell?
  1. Have you ever had a biscuit with soup?
  1. Do penguins have knees?
  1. What came first – feeling or the thought?
  1. If you say you are ‘exhausted,’ does that mean you can now remove stale smoke from a room?
  1. If you marry a boxer, will they give you a boxing ring?
  1. Why do the traffic lights have only three colors?
  1. Who draws the rainbow in the sky?
  1. What clothes would they wear if Egyptian mummies came to life?
  1. Who was the first person to eat a pizza?
  1. What do you do when you do nothing?
  1. Do twins take 18 months to be born?
  1. Why does night fall but day breaks?
  1. Who discovered water?
  1. Why do fish not catch cold even when they live in the water?
  1. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  1. How do you scare a ghost?
  1. Why is it called ‘cargo’ when it travels via ship?
  1. How do you make a fish smile?
  1. If ‘feeling blue’ means feeling sad, does ‘feeling dark blue’ mean feeling extremely sad?
  1. If you swallow a seed, will it grow into a plant in your stomach?
  1. Do ghosts wear the same clothes, or do they have a wardrobe?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can asking silly or funny questions strengthen the bond between friends?

Asking funny or silly questions fosters a playful and joyful atmosphere where everyone can comfortably express themselves. It helps build a positive vibe and a stronger sense of connection. Such questions also serve as ice-breakers, particularly in new social environments.

2. What are some boundaries or limitations to consider when asking stupid questions to friends?

While it might be entertaining to ask silly questions, there are several limitations to consider to keep the conversation lighthearted. For instance, avoid topics that are offensive or could elicit unpleasant feelings; understand your target audience’s interests before asking questions. While some people like to respond to silly questions, others might favor more sober conversations.

3. How do stupid questions serve as a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously and enjoy the lighter side of life?

Silly questions frequently accompany a sense of humor and playfulness. When we engage with them, we adopt a carefree approach that can assist in breaking the monotony of daily life and its pressures. This change in perspective allows us to see things from a different angle and not burden ourselves with life’s stressors.

If you’re embarking on a new journey of friendship with a stranger or have known them for ages, this list of stupid yet humorous questions to ask your friends would certainly bring you closer. These questions are designed to reveal honest answers and help you understand each other well. So, the next time you and your friends get together and are looking for fun activities, ask these questions. You can customize these whimsical questions based on your preferences. To make them more interesting, use them as a part of other games like Truth Or Dare or Never Have I Ever.

Infographic: A Few More Silly Questions

Imagine that you are in the middle of a fun and silly question-answer game with your friends, and you just run out of questions. Well, that is not a situation that you would want to be in. So, to keep the questions going, we have prepared an infographic with a few additional questions to help keep the fun going. Read on, and do not forget to save it for the right time.

silly questions for friends (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Join the hilarious Put a Finger Down challenge with silly questions in this fun-filled video. Test your wit and get ready for non-stop laughter and create unforgettable moments.

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