5 Interesting Easter Activities For Teens

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Easter is a special time to celebrate with your loved ones. If you are a parent looking for Easter activities for teens, your search ends here. Do you remember those times as kids when we participated in egg hunts during Easter? Well, there are several other Easter games to explore during a family get-together. If you want to help your teen celebrate Easter with friends and family, explore our list of Easter activities below.

Five Easter Activities For Teens

Here are some fun Easter activities that will be perfect for your teenager:

1. Map Hunt:

Your teen can successfully read a map now. Another fun Easter activities for teens.

  • Mark out locations of the ‘treasures’ on the map. Make sure you avoid places that may not be safe for your teen to venture alone.
  • Hand out maps to your teen and his friends at the beginning of the treasure hunt.
  • Give them a pre-set time within which they have to finish the hunt and return to the base.
  • Make sure the teens carry enough water and work in teams. Alternatively, ensure they have cell phones to call you in the case of an emergency.
  • Hand out a basket of Easter goodies at the end of the task.

2. Historical Hunt:

Make use of an Easter egg hunt to let your teen discover the monuments in your area.

  • Ask your teen to form small groups of friends. Hand out clues to help your teen explore heritage spaces and statues in your area.
  • Write the clues in such a way that will interest and excite your teen.
  • Hand out clues based on facts in your teen’s curriculum.

3. Easter Egg Bowling:

Use this activity to give an Easter twist to your teen’s love for bowling. The Easter activities for teenagers just get more exciting.

  • Hard boil a bunch of eggs. Keep them aside to cool.
  • Hand them out to your teen and his friends and ask them to paint different designs on it.
  • Take a large chocolate Easter egg and place it at a spot on the floor. Ask your teen and friends to use their hard boiled eggs and try and bowl over the big chocolate egg.
  • The teen who manages to reach the closest to the chocolate egg gets the prize.

4. Goal The Egg:

It is a traditional English Easter activity that remains popular. These fun Easter activities for teenagers are so much fun again.

  • Hard boil a bunch of eggs for your teen and his friends. Keep them aside to cool.
  • Traditionally, children roll the eggs down a slope as part of an egg race.
  • However, you can create two small goal posts at an appropriate distance.
  • Ask your teen and his friends to take turns and roll the eggs between the goal posts. Decide on the number of turns each teen gets.
  • The teen who has the maximum score is the winner. In the case of a tie, you can increase the distance between the goal posts and have a re-take.

5. Toss The Egg:

It is a fun activity that your teen can play with hard boiled eggs or raw eggs.

  • Ask your teen and his friends to color and decorate the hard boiled eggs once they are cool.
  • Form groups of two teens and make them stand at a distance from each other.
  • The teens have to toss the eggs at each other. Whoever drops the egg is out. To make it more challenging with each level, you can increase the distance between players.
  • The teen who stays on until the end is the winner.

This list of enjoyable Easter activities for teens will help you add even more fun and frolic to the celebration and ensure you have a good time. Games like Easter egg bowling or map hunt could be arranged with the help of other family members as well so that everyone could have their share of fun. You could also share stories about Easter, the historical significance related to it, and also previous family experiences that you have had with your teen to capture their interest and also bond with the others.


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