65 Spirited Easter Baby Names Perfect For A Spring Born

Easter baby names are a great way to remind yourself of all the good things associated with this holiday season. The delicious desserts, jelly beans, and colorful eggs are signs of spring, the time when nature comes back to life. It is also the time when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Since plenty of adorable Easter baby names are available online, you may be confused about the right one for your little one. Whether your baby is due during Easter or you simply want a name that’s synonymous with it, here is a compilation of the best Easter baby names you can pick for your munchkin.

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Easter Baby Names For Boys

1. Ridge

When talking about Easter, why not let the spring season inspire your child’s name too? Ridge means the narrow upper section of a hill. It is not only unique but also masculine.

2. Brook

If you want an Easter baby boy names that is at the unusual end of the spectrum, go for Brooks. The name will strike a perfect chord with everyone in your family. The meaning of this English name is ‘stream’.

protip_icon Trivia
A famous personality with this name is the American NBA player Brook Robert Lopez who plays basketball for the Milwaukee Bucks.

3. Joseph

It is a divine name inspired by the story of Easter. As it is one of the classic names, it will never go out of style. Joseph means ‘increase’ or ‘addition’. The name reflects qualities like mercy, compassion, and charity.

4. Pascal

If you want to give your child an exotic baby name, give him a name that means Easter in other languages. Pascal means Easter in French.

5. Easter

Yes, Easter is also a baby name. The name is derived from Eostre, the name of a German spring goddess. If Easter seems too regular, keep it as a middle name.

6. James

Here’s another traditional name for you. James was one of the apostles of Jesus. The meaning of James is ‘supplanter’. This title reflects the connotation of a religious man of faith.

7. Nicodemus

Nicodemus was the name of the pharisee, who helped to prepare Jesus’s body for burial.

8. Andrew

Meaning robust and manly, Andrew was the name of one of the apostles of Jesus.

9. Asher

This Hebrew name means joy, happy, or fortunate.

10. Bunny

Bunny is not a common name anymore. At least, we haven’t heard of this name in the recent times.

11. Caldwell

Caldwell is an English origin name that translates to ‘cold spring’.

12. Attwell

The name Attwell means ‘lives by the spring’. It is associated with Easter because of the renewing and cleansing properties of spring water.

13. Cruz

Cruz is a Spanish name meaning ‘cross’. This cool name is shared by David and Victoria Beckham’s third son.

14. Birch

Birch refers to one of the traditions of Easter. In Scandinavia, people tie bright feathers to the tree branches on the day of Easter.

15. Aviv

This Hebrew name relates to the word ‘vive’, which means ‘life’.

16. Tamir

This means ‘owner of many palm trees’. Tamir would make a perfect name for a spring baby boy.

17. Octavian

On the eighth day after Easter, which is also known as the second Octave, a grand feast is held. Octavian, a Latin name, meaning born eighth, would be a fitting name for your Easter baby.

protip_icon Did you know?
The Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar was called Octavian because of his middle name Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus.

18. Willow

In some parts of Europe, pussy willows, not palm leaves, are used on Easter. Willow, a nature-inspired name, is an excellent way to remember the tradition.

Brooke Richardson, mother of four, recounts how she was inspired to come up with the name Willow for her fourth child, a girl she was adopting from China. She writes, “I was literally just home one day and that name came to me out of nowhere. I instantly looked up a Willow tree and the meaning (because I look everything up) haha…and it gave me chills.

“I knew what a Willow tree looked like… It was the description of the Willow tree, that really got me. First off, its native to China but they are found in many other regions of the world today (including the United States). They are very feminine, pretty and most of all they are extremely strong as they can withstand harsh weather conditions. The branches can bend a great deal and not break. After reading this, I knew our daughters name would be Willow. It was perfect. A beautiful little girl, from China coming to her forever home in the States but leaving everything she has ever known and going through major changes and seasons of life (i).”

19. Kelby

This Gaelic name, meaning ‘place or fountain of spring’ is another beautiful Easter-inspired name. Your kid will ‘go with the flow’ with this name.

20. Hunter

The name Hunter comes from the Old English word huntian, which means ‘to track down’.

21. Matthew

Matthew is a biblical name coming from the Hebrew word Matityahu, which means ‘gift of Yahweh’ or ‘gift of the Lord’.

22. Peter

The name Peter contains the element Petros, which means ‘stone’. The moniker was given to one of the apostles. It also symbolizes the strong basis upon which the Church would be built.

23. Simon

Simon is a Hebrew name, which means ‘God has heard’.

24. Thomas

Thomas comes from the Aramaic word ‘taom’, which means ‘twin’. In the New Testament, Thomas was the name of one of Jesus’ apostles.

25. Bezai

Bezai is the name of the Biblical chief who fathered 323 children, and it’s one of the most popular names in Israel. So if you are looking for an unusual Hebrew name for your baby, go with Bezai.

26. Ash

Ash Wednesday is the movable feast that marks the start of Lent, which is held in the preparation of Easter. You can keep it as a nickname for Ashton, Ashley or Asher.

27. Jesus

The name Jesus is quite common in Latin American cultures.

28. John

John was the name of one of the apostles of Jesus.

29. Magdalene

Magdalene, a name used for boys, means ‘from Magdala’. You can use this name to your daughter too!

30. Matthias

If Matthew sounds too old-fashioned, go for Matthias. It was the name of one of the apostles of Jesus.

31. Springer

In German, the name Springer translates to ‘one who came from Sprenge’.

32. Fred

Fred is one of those friendly, good guy names that could join Charlies, Sams, and Jacks on the playground. Fred was the name of the lead hero in the movie ‘Easter Parade’.

33. Chester

Chester was the name of Jamie Scott’s pet rabbit in the television show One Tree Hill.

Easter Girl Names

34. Daisy

Gorgeous and colorful flowers symbolize the beginning of spring. Daisy, one of the prettiest and most feminine flower names, is sure to be a perfect name for your girl.

35. April

April is a great choice for parents looking for an Easter baby girl names. The meaning of April is ‘opening’.

36. Claire

Spring is the time of change and renewal. So why not bestow a cheery and fresh name on your darling daughter? Claire is a French baby name meaning ‘bright’.

37. Pascale

Pascale is a baby name inspired by this wonderful holiday.

protip_icon Quick fact
Pascale is the feminine derivative of ‘Pascal.’ The name derives from the Latin word paschalis or pashalis, which means “relating to Easter.” Pascale also finds its roots in the Hebrew name Pesach. This Jewish holiday, the feast of Passover, is celebrated to honor the biblical tale of the Israelites’ escape from Egyptian slavery.

38. Violet

When thinking of an Easter girl names, why not let the beautiful colors of spring inspire you? Just look around and you will find blooming flowers, colorful Easter eggs and gorgeous sunset for inspiration. Violet is one of those lovely names.

39. Angel

Angel is another Easter-inspired name for baby girls. There are several references to angels in the narration of Easter. Prominent angels within Abrahamic religion include Michael and Gabriel.

40. Agnes

This old-school name comes from the Greek word Hagne, meaning ‘baby lamb’.

41. Azalea

Azalea is a name of grace and a beautiful meaning. It means ‘flower’.

42. Kimana

This native American free-spirited name is reminiscent of rebirth, spring and natural beauty. It means ‘butterfly’.

43. Evangeline

This holy and cheerful name is shared by the stunning Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly. It means ‘good news’.

44. Acacia

Acacia is the name of the plant that symbolizes immortality and resurrection, which are the central themes of Easter.

45. Palma

This exotic name, meaning palm tree in Latin, brings to mind a beautiful and serene child.

46. Arley

Sweet and subtle Arley is equivalent to the male name Bunny. It means ‘from the rabbit meadow’.

47. Blossom

The name Blossom is reminiscent of all the lovely flowers that bloom during spring, the season of Easter.

48. Avril

This French origin name translates into April, the month that Easter mostly lands in.

49. Bethany

Bethany is the name of the town close to where the mighty Jesus ascended to heaven. It will make a lovely first name for your child.

50. Candy

Candy will make a fun name for your child. It is associated with Easter because of the candy baskets that the bunny rabbit hides on the Easter morning.

51. Lily

This classic floral name is a wonderful choice for an Easter baby girl.

52. Elijah

The Hebrew name Elijah translates into ‘Lord is my God’.

53. Hyacinth

Hyacinth is one of the most common flowers blooming during spring. It’s a gender-neutral name, but is more suitable for girls.

54. Lulu

Lulu is an Arabic name meaning ‘pearl’. It’s also considered a diminutive of Lousie, which means ‘famous warrior’.

55. Anastasia

The name Anastasia comes from the word ‘anastasis’, which means ‘revival or resurrection’.

56. Mary

Mary comes from the Latin word Marian, which is further derived from the Greek word, Miriam. The meanings of Mary are varied. It means ‘bitterness’, ‘beloved lady’, and ‘long wished for child’.

57. Cecily

Cecily is the name of the Beatrix Potter bunny that bears a lacy and dainty appellation.

protip_icon Trivia
Cecily is a British name that can be associated with Saint Cecilia and finds its roots in the Roman family name Caelius. The name is a modification of the Latin word Caelum which means heaven. A well-known royalty endowed with this name is the Duchess of York, Cecily Neville, who is reputedly known as the Rose of Raby for her beauty and flawless piety.

58. Sunday

Sunday became a usable name after Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman used it for their daughter in the year 2008. The name has a bright and sunny feel, and with month names gaining acceptance, many people may start considering it!

59. Susanna

The New Testament name comes from the Hebrew word Shoshanna, which means ‘lily’.

60. Joanna

Joanna, the feminine form of John, has its roots in several cultures and countries, including France and America.

61. Laverne

This exotic French name means ‘spring like’, or ‘tree grove’, depending on the language you use to decode its meaning.

62. Pink

Pink is one of the most commonly used colors associated with Easter. The name Pink means ‘healthy’.

63. Tazia

This Italian name is the form of Anastasia, which means ‘one who will be reborn’.

64. Hazel

Hazel is a soft, cuddly, and gentle name. It leaped up the list after Julia Roberts chose it for her daughter.

65. Oona

Oona is the Irish variant of the classic name Una, which means ‘lamb’.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I name my baby after an Easter tradition or custom?

Yes, you can name your baby after an Easter tradition based on your personal preference or if you follow the Christian faith.

2. Are Easter names more popular for babies born during the Easter season?

Many parents choose to name their babies Easter-inspired names if they are born around the Easter season; however, this trend is more popular among Christians and may also depend on parents’ cultural background and personal preference.

3. Do Easter baby names have religious connotations, or are they more associated with secular Easter traditions?

Easter baby names can have both religious and secular connotations. While names like Mary, Miriam, Peter, Nicodemus, Octavian, etc., are inspired by the religions, names like Easter, Bunny, Violet, Spring, etc. are more associated with the season and celebration and do not have any religious association.

4. Do Easter baby names tend to be more traditional or more modern?

While names like John, Peter, Eli, and Rabbi are traditional Easter baby names, there are many other names like Spring, Bunny, and Cruz, which have a modern ring.

5. Are there any Easter baby names that are considered unlucky or taboo?

No. There are no Easter baby names that are deemed unlucky or taboo. However, some specific names may be considered taboo or have negative associations and meanings in certain cultures, religions, or regions.

6. Can Easter baby names be considered part of a larger trend in baby naming?

Many Easter baby names are part of a larger trend in baby naming, such as Bible-inspired names, Christian names, and festive season-inspired names.

Easter marks the beginning of the holiday season and is related to all things bright and joyous. We hope that this list of Easter baby names will be helpful for you if your baby is born during this time or you have good memories associated with it. Names such as Joseph, Willow, Palma, or Blossom bring the spirit of Easter in them and will make a good choice of name for your little one. So scroll through the list and choose a name that matches your spirit the most.

Infographic: Easter Names For Boys And Girls With Meanings

Easter marks the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. So, if you are inspired to name your baby after this festival, scroll through the infographic below. We bring Easter-inspired baby names for you to choose from. So read on and make your choice accordingly.

easter inspired names for your little one (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Check out this video for the top spring, biblical and Easter names for boys and girls! Get inspired and find the perfect name for your little one.

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