15 Best Easter Stories For Children

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One of the ways to spend Easter with your children is by telling them an Easter story for kids. You will find several stories related to Easter, but we present you with the best ones in this post.

Children generally associate Easter with the traditional egg hunt and the Easter bunny delivering eggs. Thus, they might ask you several clever and even funny questions related to the origins of these traditions. Answer their questions and teach them about the resurrection of Christ with the Easter stories we have collated for you and your children.

15 Easter Stories For Children

Easter Origination

The following key events speak of how Easter traditions began:

1. The Last Supper

The Last Supper Easter story for kids

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Jesus Christ called his disciples for a meal on the first day of Passover. During the meal, He broke the bread, said it symbolized His body, and distributed it to His disciples. He also distributed wine calling it His blood, and that the bread and wine would purify them from their sins. Before the meal ended, Jesus washed the feet of His disciples to denote that they should be nice to fellow beings.

2. Judas Betrays Jesus

Judas Betrays Jesus Easter story for kids

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This key event led to Jesus’s death by crucifixion. It follows the betrayal brought forth by Judas. All the Gospels describe several reasons for this betrayal, but there was a mention of Jesus’s eventual death in all the stories. Jesus predicted that one of His disciples would betray him during The Last Supper. As predicted by The Lord, Judas formed an ally with the Roman authorities.

Knowing that Jesus and His disciples would be visiting a garden near Jerusalem, Judas took the Roman authorities there for His arrest. Judas pointed out who Jesus was with a kiss and tried to hide his treachery against the Lord. But Jesus knew he was being betrayed through this kiss. He also knew that His crucifixion followed and that it would be needed to forgive the sins of His followers.

3. Crucifixion Of Jesus

Crucifixion Of Jesus Easter story for kids

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The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is the greatest sacrifice ever made for love. The authorities who were seldom jealous of the kind acts of Jesus decided to crucify Him for His claim on being the King of the Jews. They took Him to a place called The Calvary, meaning “where the skull is.” There, on a cross, Jesus was nailed. When Jesus breathed His last, there was an earthquake, and the temples tore apart. This was how Jesus Christ sacrificed His life to atone for the people’s sins on this earth.

4. Resurrection Of Jesus

Resurrection Of Jesus Easter story for kids

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This is the resurrection story of Jesus Christ. After the crucifixion of Jesus, His body was placed in a tomb, and a large rock was placed across the entrance. Three days after His death, on Sunday morning, Jesus rose again, confirming His disciple’s faith in Him that death wasn’t the end. He rose to affirm the world that His death was a way of atonement, reconciliation, and salvation. Thus, the resurrection of Jesus formed the basis for Easter, signifying rebirth and new life.

Other Easter Stories

These are the stories about faith in Jesus. We also have listed a few Christian stories, folktales, and fictional tales about the Easter Bunny and rabbits.

5. The Loveliest Rose In The World by Hans Christian Andersen

The Loveliest Rose In The World Easter story for kids

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There was once a queen in ancient times who had the loveliest rose garden. One day, the queen fell sick. A wise man then said that only the most beautiful rose radiating love could save her life.

Sorrow dwelled in the village as its folks struggled to find the loveliest rose to save their queen’s life. Realizing that the rose was symbolic, the villagers were perplexed. But the queen’s son brought the loveliest rose to the queen. It was a Bible and the love radiated by Jesus was the rose that saved her life.

6. Ragman by Walter Wangerin, Jr.

Ragman Easter story for kids

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A man was walking by the streets on a Friday when he saw a Ragman carrying fresh rags in a barrow. As the Ragman walked, he exchanged the handkerchief of a sobbing woman, a blood-filled bandage of a wounded girl, a jacket of a disabled man, and a blanket of a drunk man with fresh, and clean rags. Surprisingly, the pain of all those sufferers transferred to the Ragman along with their clothes. Shortly after, Ragman buried Himself and died.

This sacrifice of the Ragman saddened the man who followed Him. But the following Sunday, the Ragman rose again, and then the man realized that the Ragman was Christ Himself.

7. The Tale Of Three Trees – a traditional folk tale

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