30+ Easy Rangoli Designs For Kids And Beginners

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India is a land of colors and festivities. This post will give you a list of easy and simple rangoli designs for kids and beginners that can help decorate your house or add color to your festivities. Rangoli is an Indian folk art and is derived from the Sanskrit word rangavalli, meaning rows of colors. Rangoli’s are usually drawn at the house entrance or in the courtyard.

In Indian culture and tradition, it is believed that rangolis ward off evil spirits and keep negative energy away from the house. The basic designs mainly comprise squares, circles, pictures of flora, fauna, and various other geometric shapes and symmetry. It is also an engaging activity for kids who enjoy coloring and drawing. Ready to try these easy rangoli designs?

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30+ Easy Rangoli Designs For Kids

To create a rangoli, your child will need some colorful powders, stencils (optional), and some free open space or a board to create any of the following designs.

1. Flower and diya rangoli design

To make this rangoli design, your child can start by making a regular flower in the center and then add heart-shaped petals around it. Over the petals, add one more circle of round petals, and then some leaf-like shapes.

Describing how she assisted kids in crafting their personalized flower and diya rangolis, Hannah, a blogger and child art educator, quotes, “I encouraged the kids to create repeating patterns by selecting only one color per ring or alternating two or three colors in order. It was also important to try and overlap each layer of petals to avoid too many white spaces between the shapes. Some of the children added spots of color to make their patterns more elaborate. Everyone finished off their rangolis with colorful cupcake cases, adding a disc of gold paper in the center to look like the little flame inside a ‘diya’ lamp (i).”

Diwali is a festival celebrated by lighting lanterns and diyas (oil lamps) around the house. If your child wishes to make this rangoli during Diwali, you can place some oil lamps or handmade diyas around it to add to the design’s beauty.

2. Different flowers rangoli design

Different flowers rangoli design for kids

Image: IStock

When you are short of colors, you can let your child try making a basic design like this one. If the design seems complicated for your little one, you can let them try tracing the design on dotted paper. Ask them to create small dots first and then connect them with lines and shapes.

3. Angry Birds rangoli design

Angry Birds rangoli design for kids

Image: YouTube: jazzyartscrafts

If your child is into Angry Birds, they will love this rangoli. You can start by first creating a square within which you will be drawing the angry birds. Next, roughly create an outline for the three main angry birds. Once done, fill in the outline with their respective colors. Make the outline more compelling by adding black powder.

4. Emoji rangoli design

Emoji rangoli design for kids

Image: Shutterstock

Are you looking for an extremely simple yet attractive rangoli design? Try the emoji design. It can be made effortlessly, and your child might even enjoy creating some of their favorite emojis. You can also write any message you want in the center or light a small lamp to add to your design.

5. Mickey Mouse rangoli design

Mickey Mouse rangoli design for kids

Image: YouTube: coloursRangolii

For a Disney fan, Mickey Mouse is one of the most memorable characters. Making a Mickey Mouse rangoli may not be as difficult as it may seem. You can start by creating his ears, followed by his heart-shaped forehead and the rest of the face. If your child is confident enough, you can encourage them to create Mickey’s entire body. Fill in specific colors to make Mickey come alive.

6. Donald Duck rangoli design

Donald Duck rangoli design for kids

Image: YouTube: jazzyartscrafts

If your child loves Donald Duck, then here is a cute Donald Duck rangoli. Start by creating a rough draft for your kid. Ask them to fill in colors so that Donald wears the shirt of their choice. Accentuate the outline and shadow lines with black powder. Do not worry if your drawing does not look accurate. Enjoy the process of creating a colorful rangoli with your child.

7. Dots rangoli design

Dots rangoli design for kids

Image: IStock

Some rangoli designs seem extremely complicated but are actually easy to make, just like this one. All you need is a dotted paper, which will help you create the design with ease. You need to be cautious while connecting the dots to create the perfect design. At first, it may seem difficult, but with practice, the process will become easier.

8. Christmas rangoli design

Christmas rangoli design for kids

Image: YouTube: funwithrangoli

You can welcome the birth of Christ with this pretty Christmas rangoli design. Create your Christmas tree, Santa, snowman, jingle bells, and everything Christmassy.

9. Santa Claus rangoli design

Santa Claus rangoli design for kids

Image: YouTube: JeetRangoli

What if your house does not have a chimney to let Santa in? Tell your child not to be disheartened as this Santa rangoli at the door will help him locate your little one. Create Santa’s face, his thick white beard and red cap. You can also add a tiny red nose to Santa’s face to make him look even cuter.

10. Simple flower rangoli design

Simple flower rangoli design for kids

Image: Shutterstock

Here is a pretty, colorful flower with a freehand drawing design. First, make the outline of the petals and fill it with different colors. Do you notice the thin lines on the petals? To create these lines, you can use a fork or a small fine-toothed comb.

11. Avengers rangoli design

Avengers rangoli design for kids

Image: YouTube: tannusartdiary

Here is a rangoli design for an avid Avengers fan. To decorate the symbol, create the design on paper, a board, or wherever you please. You can use colors of your choice to add some vibrant decoration to the design. Additionally, adding some flowers and leaf rings around it can further enhance its beauty.

12. Peacock rangoli design

Peacock rangoli design for kids

Image: Shutterstock

The beautiful peacock is often depicted in several art forms and is popular in rangoli designs too. Creating a peacock can be difficult, so your child can start with this simple design first. Begin by creating its head, followed by its body. You can fill the body with any design and color of your choice.

13. Simple birds rangoli design

Simple birds rangoli design for kids

Image: Shutterstock

Look at these sweet little birds on the branch of a tree. To make it easy for your child, you can trace the drawing on a piece of paper first and let your child use it as a reference for drawing. Mix the color with white powder to add lighter tones to the coloring. Use a Q-tip to clear out excess powder or correct mistakes.

14. Large peacock rangoli design

Large peacocok rangoli design for kids

Image: Shutterstock

If your child wants to create a big yet simple rangoli, have a look at this stunning peacock design. It might take them a few tries before getting this one correct, but the end result will justify the efforts gone into making it. Add some colorful flowers or glitters to its belly, head, and shoulder, and your peacock will look as pretty as it can be.

15. Rose rangoli design

For this rangoli, begin by creating a simple rose in the center followed by roses encircling the main flower. You can go over the outlines of the design with white powder to accentuate the design. Use colors of your choice to fill in the flowers.

16. Geometric rangoli design

Geometric rangoli design for kids

Image: Shutterstock

Does your child love geometric designs? If yes, this rangoli design might suit their taste. These quadrilaterals and curves look splendid with the right mix of colors. Outline the borders with white powder, and every shape will look distinct yet a part of the complete design.

17. Simple artistic rangoli design

Simple artistic rangoli design for kids

Image: Shutterstock

Here is a simple and elegant design that your child can try making. A design like this can be created indoors as well as outdoors. You will need only a couple of colors to create this rangoli design. Accentuate the borders with a white powder after the rangoli is complete to make the design stand out.

18. Square rangoli design

Square rangoli design for kids

Image: Shutterstock

When you are lost for design ideas, resort to a simple square with a message or a symbol drawn in it. Choose a color scheme of your choice and help your kiddo create their own masterpiece with a simple square and the right color combination. To save the design from looking bland, you can add some creative designs, such as dots or triangles, along the borders.

19. Minion rangoli design

Minion rangoli design for kids

Image: YouTube: simplyrangoli2562

Does your kid adore the yellow, cheerful Minions? If yes, why not create a Minion cartoon rangoli? If you are not sure how it might turn out, you can create a rough sketch with an erasable marker, and then start making your rangoli over it. Fill in colors suited to the characters, and your Minion is ready.

20. Unique diya rangoli design

Unique diya rangoli design for kids

Image: Shutterstock

Diya is a common design when creating rangoli for the festival of Diwali. But why make something regular when you can make it different from others? Here is a diya designed differently to look partly like a flower. Use color combinations to make your diya look colorful and unique.

21. Lord Ganesha rangoli design

Lord Ganesha rangoli design for kids

Image: IStock

We seek the blessing of Lord Ganesha before starting any work. Your child, too, can seek His blessings by creating a Ganesha rangoli. Here is a simple design you can create with just a few colors, one for the outline and the others for the filling.

22. Flower girl rangoli design

Once your child gets the hang of making simple rangolis and can make a freehand rangoli, you can help them create this beautiful flower girl design. Start by creating an outline with a white powder and fill it in with flower shapes and shades of your choice. Do not forget to draw a smile on the little girl’s face.

23. Intricate yet easy-to-make rangoli design

Intricate and quick rangoli design for kids

Image: IStock

If you think your child is now ready to create some intricate designs, here is a complex-looking design that is relatively easy to make. It looks like a twig but also a flower. Fill in with colors of your choice, and then go over the outline with a white powder.

24. Border rangoli design

Border rangoli design for kids

Image: Shutterstock

If your child is new to rangoli, they can start with border designs. This border design can be created along walls, entrances, or inside the house. It need not be too intricate, as a simple and colorful design can also help beautify your place.

25. Butterfly rangoli design

Butterfly rangoli design for kids

Image: IStock

Butterfly rangolis are pretty and simple to draw. Create the rough outline of the butterfly with a basic white powder, fill the butterfly with colors, and then add minor detailing over it. You can accentuate the entire shape by going over the outline with white powder.

26. Elegant rangoli design

Elegant and layered rangoli design for kids

Image: Shutterstock

Welcome your guests at home with this simple yet elegant design. Help your child create this type of simple mandala design by starting with the smallest circle before adding the petals around it. Then develop the design with layers of various shapes. Add beautiful petals and color them the way your child wishes.

27. Painting rangoli design

Painted rangoli design for kids

Image: Shutterstock

There is no limit to what you can create with a rangoli. Here is a painting like rangoli your child can create with powder. The process is similar to that of painting. First, pick your canvas, and then fill it with colors. Use the fingers or a comb or fork to mix the colors to form a beautiful pattern.

28. Cute bird rangoli design

Cute peacock rangoli design for kids

Image: Shutterstock

To make this design, your child might need practice. Let them take this up once they have mastered simpler designs. Use both dark and light colors to create the desired shades.

29. Simple dotted rangoli design

Simple dotted rangoli design for kids

Image: Shutterstock

Freehand designs can seem intimidating for children, especially when trying rangoli for the first time. Let your child try this dotted design, which is simple to create and easy to follow. This flower and leaf design can add to the beauty of your festival.

30. Kite rangoli design

Makar Sankranti rangoli design for kids

Image: Shutterstock

People like to celebrate Makar Sankranti by flying colorful kites. Here is a kite rangoli that your child can create to celebrate this auspicious festival. Start by drawing kites on the four sides. Fill it with the colors of your choice. You can also create a sun or a moon to indicate its flight in the sky.

31. Fish rangoli design

Fish rangoli design

Image: Created with Dall.E

You can create a fantastic fish rangoli with your little one. Start by drawing a big oval for the fish’s body and let your kid add a triangle for the tail and two smaller triangles or wing-like shapes for the fins. Encourage them to give the fish a round eye and a happy, smiling mouth. They can make it prettier by adding shiny scales with overlapping half-circles. Let your kid choose their favorite colors to fill in the design or sprinkle vibrant rangoli powder around the edges. In the middle, suggest they write a cool message or place a tiny lamp for a magical touch.

Rangoli forms a unique part of the Indian culture and festivals with unique design patterns. Learn some easy-to-make Rangoli at home by following the instructional video.

Rangoli Design For Kids_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I teach my child to draw a simple rangoli?

Teach your child to draw a simple rangoli with these easy steps:

  • Create paper cones filled with powdered colors for easy drawing.
  • Outline the pattern with chalk on the floor.
  • Fill in the design using the cones, bangles, or small bowls.

2. What is the history of rangoli?

According to Hindu mythology, the wife of sage Augustya, Lopamudra, created rangolis to invite the gods and goddesses to their place of worship. She used colors from the five elements to make her designs come to life: green from water, blue from sky, red from fire, black from earth, and white from wind. Today, rangolis continue to be a beautiful way to celebrate special occasions and welcome guests with joy and color (1).

3. What are the benefits of teaching kids Rangoli designs?

Teaching rangoli designs to children may benefit them by cultivating creativity, improving fine motor abilities, creating cultural appreciation, and building persistence and patience. Additionally, it may enhance social relationships, foster mindfulness, increase spatial awareness, and foster a sense of pride and accomplishment.

4. What are the cultural implications of teaching kids Rangoli designs?

Teaching children how to make Rangoli patterns provides a way to preserve traditions and promote respect and knowledge of different cultures. It fosters artistic expression, builds communal ties, and instills spirituality and symbolism. Children may connect with their roots via Rangoli, foster intergenerational relationships, and participate in the festivals of this art with a deeper understanding.

5. What are some tips for creating beautiful Rangoli designs for kids?

Start with simple designs using kid-friendly materials and provide stencils or outlines for guidance. Encourage color exploration and incorporate themes or stories to spark their imagination. Help them in their initial designs, celebrate imperfections, and appreciate their work. Let the process be enjoyable, allowing kids to express their creativity and have fun with Rangoli.

Rangolis are believed to bring luck and prosperity to the home and welcome guests. Rangolis can help improve your child’s creativity and imagination. You may teach some easy and simple rangoli designs for kids to make them participate in decorating the house during festivals and special events. They can also learn to make exquisite rangolis with regular practice. Rangoli motifs for children include flowers, birds, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Christmas trees. You can choose themes based on festivals or special occasions.

Infographic: Beginners And Children’s Guide For Beautiful Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is a traditional art among Indians, but due to its creative and colorful designs, it is gaining popularity worldwide. Explore some simple yet beautiful rangoli designs in the infographic below. All the designs in this guide are easy to learn, making these designs suitable for beginners and children.

lovely rangoli designs for beginners and children (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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