5 Easy Steps To Prepare Banana Puree For Your Baby

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If you want to introduce your baby to a good nutritious food, then you should definitely start with banana. Banana is rich in nutritional values and it is very easy to digest for the babies. You can introduce it as the first healthy food for your baby.

5 Easy Steps For How To Prepare Banana Puree For Babies:

Making banana puree for baby is incredibly easy to prepare and also very easy to swallow this food.

  • You can add banana puree to your darling’s daily cereal. This will add some extra flavor to the daily food.
  • Banana puree is a quick-to-make dish and at the same time it tastes yummy.
  • Given at the right time, your baby will start loving this special dish right from the first day she is given this wonderful nutritious food.

1. Selecting Bananas – Fresh & Ripen:

The dish hardly takes 5 minutes for preparation. Selecting the right bananas for making of this banana puree is really important.

  • You should choose those bananas which are blemish free and yellow in color. Do not go for those which are slightly brown in color.
  • Do not go for green peel bananas as they are not ripe
  • Bananas with spots on them means that they have crossed their prime time, so do not select this kind of bananas also.

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2. Washing, Peeling And Slicing Bananas:

You are anyway going to peel the skin of the banana and then puree the pulp. But it is very important to clean it well before you use it for making puree.

  • You will first have to mix water and vinegar in a bowl in 3:1 ratio and use that mixture for cleaning the banana. Vinegar helps in removing bacterias on the skin of bananas.
  • Clean each banana under the tap water (cold water) and dry. Now peel the skin off.
  • As, once peeled off, banana will not remain fresh for a longer time, it is better to cut bananas into pieces e together with the skin.
  • Doing this will allow you to peel off the skin for each fresh banana pieces while you prepare the puree. Thus freshness intact!

3. Making The Banana Puree:

Mash the pieces of banana using a spoon to the desired consistency.

  • You can add water to the mashed banana, but only for older babies.
  • For infants, add breast milk to make the puree thin; these are better than water.
  • You can make 8 ounces of puree with one medium sized fresh banana.

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4. Serve Banana Puree In Other Different Flavors:

Banana puree taste too good plain, but it can also be added to other fruit purees to make it more tasty and delicious.

  • You can try banana puree with Avocado fruit puree. It tastes really good as both the fruits are really smooth and they blend very well.
  • Try it with peach, plum, pear, strawberries, cherries, blueberries and yogurt.

5. Refrigerating Left Over Puree:

You can refrigerate the left out puree in a tight container for up to 3 days. But it is highly recommended to make fresh and yummy puree for your cute little baby. Homemade, fresh food has been always tastier and better for babies health.

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It is always good to talk to your pediatrician before you introduce any new fruit, as some babies are allergic to certain fruits. So you need to be very careful.

If you are a new mom, hope our banana puree recipe for baby helps you feed your sweetie pie yummy food! Have you got more ideas to make tastier banana puree for babies? Then do share with us in the section below!

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