Is It Safe To Eat Bologna While You Are Pregnant?


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Have you always enjoyed your meat, especially in your sandwiches? Are you a little wary of eating meat now that you are pregnant? Do you love eating Bologna in its various preparations and are craving for a bit of it now? Are you worried whether can you eat bologna while pregnant?

If you are a Bologna lover who wants to consider the safety of eating it during pregnancy, scroll down to find out here.

What Is Bologna?

Bologna is a type of sausage made out of finely ground pork and contains chunks of lard in it. According to the regulations of the US Government, the Bologna that is sold in the American market has to be finely ground and should not have any visible chunks of lard. Alternatively, Bologna can also be made using soy protein, chicken, beef, venison or turkey. Some of the most common seasonings that are found in Bologna sausage include coriander, black pepper, allspice, celery seeds and nutmeg. Here are some of the most common types of Bologna that are popular:

  • German Bologna: It is also referred to as garlic Bologna, as it is most commonly available with a garlic seasoning.
  • Kosher Or Halal Bologna: It is almost always made using only beef, but can sometimes also be made using chicken, turkey or lamb.
  • Lebanon Halal: It is a Pennsylvania Dutch prepared meat. Lebanon halal is like a dried and smoky form of sausage.

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  • Ring Bologna: It is a smaller version of Bologna as compared to other forms of Bologna. Ring Bologna is usually used to make the pickled Bologna by soaking it in vinegar and other spices that are used for pickling.
  • Lauantaikkara: It is a Finnish preparation of Bologna.
  • Rag Bologna: It is a long stick of Bologna that is high in fat. In traditional markets, it is sold after being wrapped in a cloth rag, hence the name rag Bologna.
  • South African Polony: It is made using highly processed meat, and it also boasts of a high concentration of pink slime (1).

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Is It Safe To Eat Bologna While Pregnant?

It is not safe to eat Bologna during pregnancy, especially as it has high sodium content and it also contains a high amount of fat. Moreover, it also contains different kinds of preservatives, including nitrites, which are quite unhealthy.

Processed meats are usually the types of meats that are preserved, or cooked in a fashion that involves smoking, salting, curing or adding other forms of chemical preservatives. All of these processes increase your risk of colon cancer. According to some health experts, eating foods that contain many preservatives can cause cancer.

The sodium content found in one small lunch portion serving of Bologna, which is one slice of bologna, equals about 301 to 480 mg. It is a high content of sodium, and can lead to various health risks like very high levels of blood pressure, heart disease and even a stroke (2).

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What Can You Have Instead?

If you are craving some Bologna, opt for healthier choices such as freshly roasted slices of chicken, turkey or beef in your sandwich.

Consult your doctor regarding anything you eat or drink during pregnancy. Ask your healthcare provider about the safety of eating Bologna while pregnant.

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Did you crave for Bologna while you were pregnant too? What did your doctor tell you? What did you have instead? Tell us below. Leave a comment. Fellow moms would love to hear from you.

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