Do You Know These 7 Common Pregnancy Food Myths? - Number 6 Will Leave You Shell-Shocked!

Eating During Pregnancy Was Simple

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Thought Eating During Pregnancy Was Simple? Number 6 Will Leave You Speechless!

As a mommy to be, you are undoubtedly going to get an earful from fellow moms, in-laws, doctors, and nurses if you try inducing labor through spicy food. On top of that, you’ll go crazy with all the pregnancy books and various other media. Already feeling overwhelmed, aren’t you? Half of the comments and advice turn out to be misconceptions.

To clear the air, here are 7 pregnancy misconceptions and the truth behind them. So if you want to know what you can eat and drink, keep reading!

1. The Coffee Confusion:

The Coffee Confusion

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Coffee has been an absolute no-no when it comes to pregnant women, as it can lead to miscarriage or a preterm birth. However, after enough research, the conclusion states that coffee is allowed, but only in moderation. Researchers say that 200 milligrams (one 12-ounce cup of coffee) a day of caffeine is the allowed limit.

2. Types Of Fish:

Pregnant women MUST stay away from mercury-rich fish. Types of fish you need to stay away from include shark, king mackerel, swordfish, tilefish, marlin, and certain types of tuna. One type of fish you don’t have to stay away from is salmon, as the mercury level is low enough to be safe. Plus, salmon has plenty of health benefits such as omega-3 fatty acid, DHA, and EPA. They also benefit your baby, as it improves her cognitive function. Fish and shellfish can carry pathogens, both bacteria, and viruses, especially if they are taken from an untreated water body.

3. Sushi – Yes Or No?

Most doctors advise pregnant mommies to stay away from uncooked fish and uncooked meat. Wondering why? Eating uncooked food can result in your baby developing a foodborne allergy. So if you are craving sushi, get a platter that has cooked food instead.

4. Eating For Two:

Eating For Two

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Pregnant women aren’t that hungry. They don’t eat everything they can get their hands on. So, don’t use the excuse “eating for two”, to justify your cravings. “This is a misconception because you are eating for a 2.5-pound baby, and not a fellow adult. According to American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), a pregnant woman needs 300 extra calories per day for the baby’s growth.

5. Say No To Alcohol:

Say No To Alcohol

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Some doctors give you the green light on drinking alcohol now and then, but we STRONGLY recommend you to stay away from it. The biggest issue is that there isn’t enough research and proof that shows how safe alcohol is. With such an unknown risk, why would you want to put your baby in danger?

6. Not The Cheese!

There are some cheese products you should stay away from, but don’t worry, cheese lovers; you don’t have to avoid all! Only unpasteurized cheese products need to be avoided such as Brie, feta, and goat cheese, as they can carry food-borne allergies. The safe options, which are pasteurized, are cheddar and Swiss cheese. The logic is that foodborne pathogens are unable to grow due to the lack of water in hard cheese, which means hard cheeses made from unpasteurized milk are not safe.

7. Spicy Food Is Just Spicy Food:

Spicy Food Is Just Spicy Food

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A popular old wives’ tale is that eating spicy food in your last trimester can induce labor. This is grossly untrue, as researchers conducted a study on 200 pregnant women who ate spicy food to see if anything happened, and guess what? Nothing happened! Spicy food made no difference to the due date.

Next time someone tells you what to avoid and what not to avoid and confuses you, just tell them about this post. Hope it has hopefully cleared your doubts!

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