23 Best Educational Toys For Toddlers In 2022


Toddlers love to explore, learn, and understand the world. So, we have created a list of the best educational toys for toddlers to help kindle their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. When your child begins to learn new things and develop new skills, they feel more confident. These toys help enhance your child’s cognitive, motor skills, creativity, and thinking abilities. With various designs, colors, and features, these toys are free of harmful materials to ensure your child’s safety. So, take a look at the options listed below to find one that suits your child’s interests.

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23 Best Educational Toys For Toddlers

Educational toys for toddlers are a bit different from toys for older kids. These toys are generally designed to help toddlers develop their motor and cognitive skills, and improve coordination and color recognition.

1. Best For Stacking: Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag


Stacking is an activity that toddlers enjoy. And this building set enables them to pile up as many blocks as they want.


  • Contains 80 colorful blocks
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination
  • Improves grasping skills
  • Comes with a handy storage bag


  • Some blocks may not fit together
  • May not be sturdy enough

2. Best For Hand-Eye Coordination: Orwine Inertia Toy

Brightly-colored toy trucks easily attract tiny tots. These ORWINE toy pieces are safe for children as they meet the ASTM F963 & EN71 safety standards.


  • Helps improve hand-eye coordination
  • Bright colors provide visual stimulation
  • Durable toy trucks are made of ABS plastic and alloy
  • Multifunctional
  • No battery required


  • May not be sturdy enough
  • May be smaller than you expect

3. Best For Teaching Colors And Numbers: LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart


As babies start to toddle, a little support encourages them to keep trying. This ice-cream cart comes with a handle and wheels that children enjoy pushing as they try to walk. This video will help you make an informed decision about your purchase.


  • Pushing the cart helps develop gross motor skills
  • Comes with colorful ice-cream scoops and toppings
  • Features six animal order cards that help sharpen memory and sequencing skills
  • Audio teaches colors, flavors, and numbers


  • Sound may not be clear
  • Plastic cards may be slippery

4. Best For Teaching Animal Names: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank

Little pink piggy can become your toddler’s friend if given colorful coins to eat. It plays music that teaches phrases and popular kids’ songs. Check out this product review video and pick the best-suited one for your needs.


  • Set includes a piggy bank with ten colorful coins
  • Coins come with numbers printed on one side and an animal image on the other
  • Helps introduce numbers, colors, and animals
  • Pressing the front nose opens the side of the pig’s belly to remove coins
  • Consists of two levels of songs to suit growing babies


  • Volume could have been slightly louder
  • Songs may be repetitive

5. Best For Teaching Songs And Phrases: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

Let your little princess or prince sit on this smart chair to learn new songs, tunes, and phrases. It plays songs and tunes according to your child’s age.


  • Comes with three levels of songs to suit your growing toddler
  • Illustrated flipbook and light-up button add to the fun experience
  • Plays over 50 songs and phrases that introduce numbers, shapes, colors, and much more
  • Sitting on the seat activates songs


  • Chair legs may not be durable
  • Hard surface may not be comfortable for the baby

6. Best For Improving Vocabulary: LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

This audio wordbook is a great way for toddlers to learn new words and identify animals, colors, and more. Your child can play with it independently while learning new words.


  • Contains 100 new words for toddlers
  • Teaches words from different categories such as animals, colors, food, and fruits
  • Touching the words on the pages activates the audio
  • Light-up star button plays two songs
  • Teaches in both English and Spanish


  • Switching the modes might seem tricky
  • Volume may be loud

7. Best For Matching And Sorting: Skoolzy Rainbow Counting Bears with Matching Sorting Cups

Stacking helps toddlers develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. This toy comes with dice, sorting cups, and little teddy bears. Your child has to roll the dice and place each teddy in its respective color cup.


  • Helps children with color recognition
  • Promotes counting skills
  • Non-toxic and free of lead, phthalates, and BPA
  • Easy to clean


  • Tiny pieces might pose a choking hazard
  • No instructions included

8. Best For Fine Motor Skills: Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

This cute little hedgehog enables children to develop fine motor skills by placing colorful spikes on its back. It is easy to play with and lightweight.


  • Helps strengthens fine motor skills
  • Helps improve color recognition skills
  • Teaches counting and sorting
  • Spikes can be easily stored inside the hedgehog’s body


  • Thin quills
  • May be smaller than you expect

9. Best For Teaching Preschool Concepts: Toddler Learning Poster Kit

This poster kit follows the traditional way of teaching tiny tots through posters. It is similar to classroom teaching, so your toddler does not feel confused later when learning at school.


  • Contains ten laminated posters
  • Can be used for teaching the letters of the English alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, days of the week, months of the year, weather, and basic words
  • Can be hung on walls for the toddler to read frequently
  • Bright and attractive colors and patterns


  • Posters might seem thin
  • May not be durable

10. Best For Teaching The Alphabet: LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

Teaching the letters of the alphabet could not have been more exciting than with this magnetic letter set. The letters sing songs and speak to teach children new words.


  • Set contains 26 magnetic letter tiles and a magnetic tile reader
  • Colorful letters speak and sing to help children learn easily
  • Helps build vocabulary and promotes reading skills
  • Designed to fit into tiny hands


  • Letters might seem flimsy
  • Sound quality could have been improved

11. LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven

Let your little chef improve their counting and vocabulary skills while baking with this LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven toy set.


  • Comes with 16 ingredients for fun play
  • Oven doubles up as storage case
  • Musical oven sings numbers and speaks phrases
  • Attractive print


  • Battery may run out quickly
  • Toy set may be smaller than you expect

12. Toyard Doodle Mat

Every tiny tot starts scribbling each time they are handed a pencil or crayon. This doodle mat comes with water markers so your child can scribble and doddle all day long.


  • Mat made of non-toxic, eco-friendly soft polyester
  • Set contains stencils to help with writing letters of the alphabet and numbers and creating new shapes
  • Water markers safe for kids to use
  • Easy-to-fold mat can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination and color recognition skills

13. Coogam Wooden Lacing Apple Threading Toy

Want to keep your naughty child busy? Hand them this engaging threading block puzzle. It is made following safety standards set by ASTM, CPISA, EN71, and CPC.


  • Made of wood and non-toxic paints
  • Caterpillar-shaped needle moves smoothly through the holes on the apple
  • Helps develop fine motor skills
  • Improves hand-eye coordination

14. HABA Snug-up Doll Luis

Snuggly dolls are must-haves for toddlers. This doll by Haba can provide much-needed comfort and warmth to your toddler and teach them the importance of friendship.


  • Made of soft plush fabric for cuddling
  • Can be made to sit up by bending at the waist
  • Easily washable in a washing machine
  • Safe and chewable
  • Embroidered eyes


  • Might be smaller than you expect
  • May not be very durable

15. Best Learning Whack And Learn Mole

This multipurpose toy helps your child learn the letters of the alphabet, colors, numbers, and even music. It has also been designed to help with your toddlers’ physical development.


  • Pressing the toy activates different activities indicated by various colors
  • Emits soft night light and plays music for the toddler to sleep peacefully
  • Comes with volume control and a quality speaker
  • Free of BPA, phthalates, and PVC


  • Colors may fade
  • Battery compartment may not be durable

16. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

This sports center not only encourages babies to play, but also teaches them numbers, letters of the alphabet, and short phrases.


  • Develops gross motor skills by encouraging children to score a basket
  • Scoreboard displays and reads the score aloud, enabling children to learn numbers
  • Makes a sound when the soccer ball is kicked into the net, thereby teaching cause and effect
  • Push buttons, turning gears, and flip pages introduce shapes and letters


  • Might be a bit small
  • May not be sturdy enough

17. WolVol Educational Musical Activity Cube Play Center

A six-sided cube, this toy offers 15 different activities for toddlers. It plays music and melodies, and flashes lights.


  • Comes with an in-built microphone to record the toddler’s voice
  • Colorful buttons and levers help enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Activities promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills


  • Might be slightly small
  • Quality of the microphone could have been better

18. VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Roll And Discover Ball

Toddlers enjoy chasing after their favorite toy. This musical and colorful ball helps with the tactile development of toddlers.


  • Multi-colored surface is visually stimulating
  • Comes with animals and numbers printed on it
  • Soft body makes it comfortable to hug and play with
  • Helps sharpen fine- and gross motor skills and cause and effect


  • May be slightly noisy
  • May not be very engaging

19. CozyBomB Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game Toy

Made of non-toxic natural wood, this magnetic fishing game helps preschoolers learn counting and letters of the alphabet.


  • Wooden figures come with smooth edges
  • Non-toxic paint for safe play
  • Helps develop color recognition and counting skills
  • Improves hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills


  • Tiny fish toys
  • May not be very durable

20. Teach My Toddler Learning Kit

Designed especially for toddlers, this 68-piece learning kit aids in teaching children letters of the alphabet, numbers, and so on.


  • Set contains board books, posters, puzzles, and flashcards
  • Includes a guide to ensure smooth teaching
  • Includes a big box to store all pieces safely
  • Makes teaching and learning easy and fun


  • Confusing colors
  • May be slightly heavy

21. Ehome Toddler Musical Instruments

Love for music is not limited by age. Even newborn babies react to sounds. Your toddler can develop a love of music with this set of multiple musical instruments.


  • Includes 15 different musical instruments
  • Comes with a tote bag for convenient storage
  • Made of non-toxic, child-safe material
  • Helps identify the toddler’s favorite musical instrument


  • Tiny objects may pose a choking hazard
  • Paint may contain lead

22. Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube Classic Wooden Kids Toy

A shape sorting toy helps toddlers learn to differentiate between shapes. And this set comes with colorful wooden blocks that help older babies to learn colors as well.


  • Wooden pieces are easy to grasp
  • Pieces make a “clunk” sound when dropped into the cube
  • Helps hone problem-solving skills


  • Edges might be slightly sharp
  • Lid may not be tight enough

23. Top Bright Wooden Activity Cube

This activity cube comes with a bead maze, a shape sorter, spinning gears, a clock, and sliding insects. These activities help your child develop multiple skills.


  • Made of sturdy natural wood
  • Smooth edges and water-based paint make it safe for children
  • Bead maze helps develop fine movements and hand-eye coordination


  • May not be stable enough
  • Lid design may not be great

How To Choose The Right Educational Toy For Toddlers?

Consider the following factors when choosing the best educational toy for your child.

  1. Design: Look for educational toys with fun shapes and designs. Usually, these toy pieces are shaped as animals, fun animation characters, birds, and more. Ensure these toys are easy to operate and brightly colored for visual stimulation. They should be appropriately sized for easy grabbing and holding.
  2. Safety: Ensure the toy pieces are devoid of sharp edges and do not have small bits and pieces they may swallow and choke upon. Also, the material used must be free of toxic chemicals.
  3. Skill development: Choose toys designed to promote creativity and skill development to help your child learn various motor and cerebral skills early on. These toys should have sound, lights, different textures, and more for stimulation.
  4. Durability: Kids’ toys can be prone to breakage, and thus need to be made of sturdy material that keeps them durable and long-lasting. Ensure they are wear- and tear-resistant and can endure rough play.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose specializes in reviewing toys and games. She has thoroughly researched educational toys for toddlers, focusing on material quality, safety rating, and user reviews. To help you pick the best educational toys for your kid, she has added detailed information about each product. The products shortlisted in this article are free of harmful materials and can help enhance your kid’s cognitive skills, motor skills, and creativity.

Toddlers are likely to have a short attention span. Therefore, it is good to gift them toys that are highly engaging and attractive, so that they play with them for longer.

As toddlers grow, they need to be surrounded by informative playthings that help develop their skills. Interacting with the best educational toys for toddlers can improve their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive skills. To choose the right educational toys for your toddler, ensure they can be easily grasped, they help develop certain skills or introduce specific concepts, and they are free of toxins, lead, and BPA. Further, you can opt for toys that are easy to clean and store.

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