4 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Sore Breasts During Breastfeeding

Sore Breasts

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Do you feel soreness or pain in your breasts while breastfeeding? Does the issue make you hesitant or worried to breastfeed your baby? If yes, then it’s high time you did something about it.

A sore breast during breastfeeding is quite common, and you need not worry as it is curable and not a serious concern. Different women feel the pain in different ways. Some might feel a slight tingling sensation similar to the pain from needle piercing while some may experience immense pressure and pain.

Whatever it might be, this post is going to clear all your doubts for sure. Once you are done reading this post, the issue of sore breasts would never bother you again!

Reasons For Sore Breasts During Breastfeeding:

1. Milk Ejection Reflex:

It is also known as the letdown reflex, because it is during breastfeeding when your milk lets down, and you feel the pain. Whenever you breastfeed, you release a hormone called as Oxycontin. This hormone is responsible for stimulating the muscle cells which squeeze out milk.

Initially, when your baby feeds, this hormone is released. However, later on, thinking about feeding itself can make you release the hormone. Because of this hormone, you feel the pain, the tingling sensation and the pressure.

2. Excess Milk Production:

When there is more milk production in your breasts, you will feel pain during as well as after breastfeeding. This happens only initially when the baby is unable to latch herself properly and there is excess milk.

Also, it might happen that after a while when your baby is comfortable with breastfeeding, your milk supply may get settled and you might no more feel any pain in your breasts.

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3. Fungal Infection:

An infection in your baby’s mouth or even your nipples can cause soreness in breasts. This infection is called Thrush and develops in your baby’s mouth as it is warm and sugary. This infection from your baby can pass on to your nipples and sometimes even to your milk ducts. In this scenario, you feel pain during as well as after breastfeeding.

4. Swelling And Engorgement:

Soreness due to this reason happens mostly in the initial days when there is a sudden increase in your milk production. When milk production is high, more blood flows in the tissues and makes the breasts swell. You might feel your breasts becoming hot and painful due to this. It is normal and after a few days the pain can settle on its own.

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5. Blockage In Milk Ducts:

It is also called as Mastitis. This condition also develops due to excess milk production. When milk is pushed through the duct and breast tissues, it can invoke pain. It can also cause fever and make your breasts red, hard and sometimes inflamed.

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6. Other Reasons:

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, your pain could also be because of the following:

  • Wearing a tight or ill-fitting bra.
  • It could also be the pre-menstrual pain. A sign that your periods may be on the way.

Thus, there could be any one of the above-discussed reasons for breast soreness during breastfeeding.

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How To Ease Sore Breasts During Breastfeeding?

Following are some simple ways of treating soreness in your breasts right from your home. If these options do not work out then you should see a doctor.

1. Meditation And Relaxation:

You can try breathing and relaxation techniques to calm yourself down before you breastfeed. This can make you more comfortable and reduce the letdown.

2. Pump Your Breasts:

When there is pain due to swelling, it is difficult for your baby to latch properly and thus you should help her by pumping your breasts so that she can get enough milk.

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3. Lean Backwards While Breastfeeding:

When you feel the pain due to excess milk production, try to lean against gravity so that milk shall not be stored in excess. At the same time, rest your baby in a comfortable position so that she can feed properly.

4. Gentle Massage:

You can try to massage your breasts so that the blood circulation remains smooth. And remember not to sleep on your stomach!

And lastly, do not hesitate in asking help from experienced mothers or even your doctor.

We hope these remedies for sore breasts while breastfeeding helps you in understanding your problem and treat it on time! Do share with us if you have better ideas to reduce the pain.

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