8 Remedies To Prevent And Treat Hair Loss In Teenage Girls

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Most people associate hair loss with old age, work stress and old age diseases. However, you will be surprised to know that hair loss is a common problem in teenage girls too!

A lot of factors actually contribute to this problem. No matter what the cause, hair loss is something that can ruin anybody’s self-confidence, especially if it is a teenage girl.

Teenage girls are quite particular about their looks and appearance. No one likes hair loss, balding or thinning of hair. If your teenage girl too suffers from hair loss, it must ring an alarm for some deeper health problems.

11 Causes Of Hair Loss In Teenage Girls:

The best way to treat a problem is to find out its cause in the first place. Knowing these causes of hair loss in teenagers will help you tackle the problem at hand better. Here are the causes behind hair loss in your teenage girl:

1. Lack or deficiency of essential vitamins like vitamin B1, B2, C, and iron result in hair loss.

2. Your teenage girl will experience a lot of hormonal fluctuations during puberty. This is one of the common causes of hair loss in teenage females.

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3. Illness or prolonged illness can cause hair loss in your teenage girl.

4. Medical conditions like diabetes or thyroid can interfere with the natural hair production cycle and result into hair loss too.

5. Prescription medicines that are prescribed to overcome other problems in your teen, like acne, pimples and thyroid, among others, can be one of the most common causes of hair loss.

6. Contraceptives have also been found to be one of the reasons behind hair loss in teenage girls.

7. Alopecia areata, a kind of skin disease, can affect and cause hair loss either on scalp or other parts of the body.

8. Bad eating habits like junk or fast food, irregular food timings and even eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia are found to be responsible for hair loss in teenage girls.

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9. Hair health is directly determined by the quality of food that teenage girls eat. Crash diets are often found to cause hair loss.

10. Bad food habits result in lack of macro nutrients in our body and hence cause hair loss.
11. Unconscious hair pulling is also found to be a common reason of hair loss in teenage girls. This can be of two different types. First is the kind where excessive hair styling and usage of harmful styling products results into hair loss. The other is a psychological disorder where your teenage daughter will pluck or pull her hair, leaving behind bald patches.

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8 Remedies To Prevent And Treat Hair Loss In Teenage Girls:

Thinning hair in teenage girl is surprisingly common. And it is extremely important to treat hair loss in teenage girls. Follow these simple remedies to stop hair falling out and to control your teenage girl’s hair loss problem at the earliest:

1. Take extreme good care of your teenage girl’s hair. Hair is as important as any other body part. Teach your teenage girl to oil her hair regularly. Oiling is one of the best ways of making one’s hair stronger.

2. Make your teenage girl eat protein-rich food. Our hair is made of protein called keratin. Ensure she eats a protein-rich diet which has eggs, lentils, green vegetables and yogurt and milk. Good eating habits can reverse the damage and prove beneficial for existing hair.

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3. Explain your teenage girl the importance of having naturally beautiful hair. Too much styling can prove to be very harmful. Restrict her from using hair styling products like gels, heating tongs and curls.

4. You must explain your teenage girl how styling wet hair can prove damaging. Too much teasing can also prove detrimental for hair.

5. Inculcate good food habits in your teenage girl. Ensure that she includes lot of vitamin-rich foods and fruits in her diet. She must drink lot of water every day. Regular exercising, yoga, meditation and proper sleep can also help control hair loss in your teenage girl. Keep her away from crash diets at all costs.

6. If your teenage girl suffers from alopecia areata, make sure she visits an appropriate doctor and get her condition treated at the earliest.

7. If prescribed medications result into hair loss in your teenage girl, speak to the concerned doctor and alter medicines if advised. In most cases, this hair loss stops soon after the prescribed amount of dosage is consumed.

8. If your teenager indulges in unconscious plucking of hair, she must be consulted to a mental health doctor or a behavioral therapist to control and reduce the incidence.

These were some of the possible causes and remedies for hair loss in teenage girls. Does your teenage girl suffer from hair loss? Tell us how you arrest this problem and share your special tips and tricks.

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