6 Effective Remedies To Relieve Foot Pain During Pregnancy

foot pain during pregnancy

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The period of pregnancy can be quite a taxing one. Even though the journey towards attaining motherhood is a joyful experience, it is actually quite challenging.

Pregnancy woes have a common note amongst all pregnant women. Of these problems, you may be facing that of foot or heel pain.

Foot or heel pain during pregnancy is common. It is nothing to worry about but that does not change the fact that the discomfort is pretty difficult to cope with.

There are a number of reasons behind this pain and the primary one is the weight gain.

What Causes The Foot Pain During Pregnancy?

The pain that you experience in your feet during your pregnancy is greatly triggered by the fact that your weight has increased.

  • The developing child in your womb causes your body’s center of gravity to shift considerably, making it difficult for you to balance your weight with a normal posture.
  • You need to make a slight change in your physical stance and these strains your leg muscles, especially affecting your knees, calves and your feet. This is what results in the painful sensations in your feet.
  • Cramping of the legs is also another problem that pregnancy triggers.

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The Two Common Foot Related Problems You May Face

You may have to deal with the following two problems. These are the commonest of foot related problems that are reportedly faced during pregnancy:

1. Over-Pronation:

This is also commonly referred to as flat feet. In this foot problem, the arch of the foot flattens out due to the excess pressure created by the weight gain.

  • This flattening of the foot results in creating more pressure of the plantar fascia, or the bunch of fibrous tissues that connect the heel to the forefoot.
  • Over-pronation can lead to straining of the calf muscles and can also pressurize your back. It is needless to say that the foot pain in pregnancy is caused by flat feet is also pretty uncomfortable.

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2. Edema:

The problem of edema is identified by the swelling of the foot.

  • This foot problem is usually noticed in the later stages of the pregnancy. As the uterus starts to expand to accommodate the growing baby, the pressure on the blood vessels present in the pelvic region starts ascending.
  • This pressure causes the blood flow to slow down and the blood starts to accumulate in the lower legs, causing your feet to swell.
  • The swelling may also be due to water retention in the body. The swollen area may be marked by purple blotches.
  • Edema can restrict your movement in a significant manner.
  • It is always advised that you seek medical help if these problems get out of hand and distress you extensively.

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How To Treat Foot Pain During Pregnancy ?

These problems are common during pregnancy and therefore, there is nothing to worry about. However, these foot pain related troubles can largely restrict your movement and therefore, you need some solution that would provide you with relief.

  1. In order to prevent over-pronation, you should take the help of orthotics. Properly designed, this ready-made orthotic supports your feet and the arch of your feet in a manner that prevents them from flattening out.
  2. It is of utmost importance that the right kind of footwear be chosen for the pregnancy months.
  3. Exercising and taking a proper diet is something that you would find to be of great help during your pregnancy. The right kind of foot exercises will help to relieve you of your foot related woes during pregnancy.
  4. In order to prevent edema, you should make it a practice to keep your feet elevated whenever you are sitting. You can place them on a low stool.
  5. Wear socks without seams and shoes that do not restrict circulation in any way.
  6. Last but not the least, consult your doctor if you are faced with foot pain. Medical advice is a must.

A few precautionary measures will help you keep foot pain at bay and enjoy a fuss-free pregnancy!

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