Cracked and Sore Nipples? Here’s an Effective Solution for Nursing Moms

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The day I gave birth to my son, I was obviously on cloud nine! I wished to be a hands-on mom from the word go. I tried my best to get a hang of all the mommy duties like changing diapers, holding my baby properly, and learning the techniques of breastfeeding. While someone or the other helped me in learning these things, what no one warned me about was sore and cracked nipples. And, this was simply because no one discusses or acknowledges this as an actual problem. But here I was, all clueless and completely taken aback. It was seriously hindering my breastfeeding routine, and I didn’t know what to do about it. Until one fine day, I decided to do some research about it myself. My little research found that the traditional way of taking care of nipples was simply wiping the breasts with a clean cloth dipped in warm water to wipe away baby’s saliva and excess milk. But this very practice, and the lack of post-cleaning moisturization, strips the sensitive nipple area of moisture, resulting in cracks and soreness.

After finding the reasons, the next step was to know if there was a way to treat it without compromising on my breastfeeding routine. One of the most common solutions I found online was to use a nipple care cream. But then, the challenge was to find the right one! With so many brands in the market, I couldn’t decide which one to zero in on. Then, after much thought, I picked the brand that I had trusted my baby’s care with – Himalaya. I took home Himalaya FOR MOMS Nipple Care Butter. After using the cream, there was no looking back. Within two weeks of using Himalaya FOR MOMS Nipple Care Butter, not only did the cracks in my nipples heal, but they also did not return to trouble me again. I could breastfeed my son without any hindrance. What’s more? The natural ingredients in the cream did not have any side effects. Amazing, isn’t it? Let me tell you more:

Key Ingredients

So, just to be sure, before using Himalaya FOR MOMS Nipple Care Butter, I read its ingredients list thoroughly. Its key ingredients are Kokum Butter and Virgin Coconut Oil. Kokum Butter is known to have emollient properties and helps deeply moisturize and promote healthy, supple skin. Whereas, Virgin Coconut Oil has cooling properties and helps in strengthening muscles and tissue. Its natural vitamin E content promotes healthy skin and protects the skin from cracks.

Ease of Use

Using Himalaya FOR MOMS Nipple Care Butter is pretty easy. Before you apply the cream, take a clean cotton ball or a cotton pad. Dip it in warm water and wipe the affected area clean, especially after breastfeeding. Once the area is dry, take a coin-sized amount (approximately) and gently massage the cream around areola and nipple area. If your doctor has prescribed it for you, then follow the physician’s instructions for use. While Himalaya FOR MOMS Nipple Care Butter is safe during nursing, it is advisable that you clean the nipples before you breastfeed.


Himalaya FOR MOMS Nipple Care Butter is available in 20g and 50g packs. The tube makes it easy to carry while on the go. It is available online as well as over the counter in all leading stores.

The best thing that I like about the product is that it comes from Himalaya FOR MOMS. With so much thought being put into the requirements of a new mom, the amazing results of the product don’t come as a surprise to me now. However, do keep in mind that results may vary depending upon the severity of your condition. I hope that you too stand to gain from the use of this product as I did. You can buy it on Himalaya FOR MOMS website by clicking here.

I’m happy that my breastfeeding routine is on a smooth track. Thank you, Himalaya FOR MOMS!

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