2 Effective Tips For Proper Breast Care During Pregnancy

Breast Care During Pregnancy

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Women tend to ignore the importance of breast care, mainly because they are lazy and also because they are not aware of the benefits of proper breast care during pregnancy. Not only does proper breast care ensure good breast milk production, it also retains the shape of your breast. It is said that during your pregnancy, the weight of each breast increases 1.5 times more than it was before.

For successful breastfeeding, you need to make sure you are paying attention to your health and adhering to hygienic practices. If it is your first pregnancy, you need to be more careful. We present to you a small guide on breast care for you mommy.

Changes In Breasts During Pregnancy

Here are certain features for you to expect about your breasts during pregnancy:

  • You may develop cracks around the nipples or they might get swollen as well.
  • Nipples tend to get darker and larger in the course of pregnancy and stay that way for a year.

Don’t panic if you see the formation of pus. You need to follow a proper breast care routine to ensure good health and hygiene.

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Tips For Proper Breast Care During Pregnancy

Want to know how to take care of breasts during pregnancy? Here is some help. Special care of your breasts is particularly important throughout your pregnancy. Here are some breast care tips during pregnancy:

a. Hygienic Practices:

Following are some of the hygienic practices you should consider seriously during your pregnancy:

  • Wash your nipples. Viscous fluid passes through the breast since your fifth month of pregnancy. It appears in the form of crust and the surrounding skin appears red. You can avoid this by keeping your nipples clean, by rubbing them with a clean piece of cloth.
  • Make sure not to use soap to clean nipples as it causes dryness and you might develop cracks as well. Sesame or petroleum jelly is a good option to keep your nipples soft.
  • When you are bathing, pull your nipples with the forefinger and thumb. Be careful to not scratch them with your nails. This exercise will facilitate milk extraction post delivery.
  • You can massage your breasts while bathing with oil and water by rubbing them in clockwise and anti-clock wise direction. Breast massage aids proper blood circulation.
  • You must always wear a bra to offer necessary support to your breasts. Make sure they are not under too much pressure. There must not be any under wires, as they tend to interfere with the production of milk.
  • You can look for maternity bras in the 34th and 36th week that come with openings under each of the cups. Maternity bras will make breastfeeding easier for you by offering necessary support.

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b. Emotional Care And Diet:

Apart from the hygiene routine, you also need to take care of the following:

  • You must relax during pregnancy and the lactation period. Emotional disturbances and stress affect milk secretion.
  • You must take a balanced diet rich in iron and protein. Also ensure you get adequate vitamins and calcium. Incorporate veggies and fruits judiciously to increase your daily water intake.
  • If you experience tender and sensitive breasts, blame it on the hormones. Pregnancy is the time when milk producing ducts start developing and are stretched to fill milk. This makes your breasts all the more sensitive, the nipples particularly.

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Precautionary Measures

To avoid discomfort of any sorts, make sure to follow the precautionary measures properly. Here is what you need to do:

  • Wash your breasts with clean water daily.
  • Make sure to inspect your breasts on a regular basis.
  • If you notice any changes or discomforts in your breasts, make sure to inform your health care professional as early as possible.
  • Do not keep your breasts damp as that might lead to cracks in the nipples.

You need to take out a little time from your everyday life for proper breast care in pregnancy. The efforts you take will lead to a happy baby and successful breastfeeding.

So, do take very good care of your breasts and let your baby enjoy the benefits of mother’s milk after birth. Happy motherhood!

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