Top 10 Eid Activities For Kids Of All Ages

Eid celebrations can teach children so much about their culture, religion, and its traditions, and that’s important to help nurture love and respect for their fellow beings. In addition, introducing Eid activities for kids to your children is a fun way to engage them with friends and family. This is important for getting them excited about this special occasion that marks the end of Ramadan.

Nothing compares to the cheers and laughter of children during festivals. If you want your child to learn about Eid and enjoy family time, here are some cool Eid games that will help them understand the meaning of this festival and bond with family. Read on to know more and get your child enthused about sharing the joy of the Eid holidays.

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Eid is celebrated to mark the breaking of the fast after observing Ramadan.

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Top 10 Eid Games For Kids

1. Party Decorations In Various Languages:

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  • While you get your home ready for the many celebrations related to Eid, a great way to teach your kid about the importance of the same is to decorate your home with message banners in varying languages.
  • Let your kid write some Eid messages and make posters in three or four different languages. You can help your kid write Urdu, English and Arabic messages.
  • If you or your kids are not fluent with the same, you can also help find some meaningful messages from the internet.
  • Put them up around the house and add them to your decorations. It can be one of the best Eid activities for children.

2. Moon And Star Decorations:

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  • Help your kid cut various star and moon crescent shapes from colorful paper or old magazine papers.
  • To add some sparkle to the decorations some glitter on top or cut stars out of shiny metallic paper.
  • Hang them around the house with the help of strings to give it a festive Eid look.

3. Make An Arabic Corner:

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  • Let your kid create a fun Arabic corner at home with different materials in the house, or after getting some from the store.
  • You can use various items such as sheets to make tents, colorful lights, cutouts of date trees and such. To make it more fun, put on some Arabic music and dance to it. This is one of the best and interesting Eid games for children.

4. Costume Fun:

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Let your kids wear traditional Islamic costumes to celebrate the occasion.

  • Some interesting and easy costumes that you can help your kids dress-up in are headgear, turbans, scarves, long dresses and such.

5. Muslim Country Theme:

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  • Tell the kids about the various countries that follow the Muslim culture.
  • Now ask them to do some research and find out an object that can refer to each of the mentioned countries. Use these in your decorations. It can be one of the best and amazing Eid craft activities for children.

6. Fun Facts About The Muslim Culture:

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  • To make the day more special for your kids, teach them about various fun facts that are related to the Muslim culture.
  • Tell them about various facts and things related to the importance of prayers and charity as a part of the celebration on occasion of Eid.
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Convey the spirit of Eid to the children, so they understand the importance of Eid.

7. Read An Eid Story With Your Kids:

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  • Storytelling is the best way to educate your kids on the importance of celebrating Eid.
  • Sit down with your kid and read out some interesting and age appropriate stories that talk about the theme of Eid.

8. Muslim Food Platter:

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  • To complete the spirit of Eid, make sure that you involve your kids in creating a delicious and theme based platter.
  • A few items that you can ask your kid to include in the food list are dates, sweets made of dates, sherbet, pomegranates, olives and such. Muslim food platter is a wonderful Eid activity for kids.

9. Share The Joy:

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  • In the true spirit of celebrating Eid, help your kid share some joy with those who are lesser fortunate.
  • You can involve your kids in making some food donations to a nearby shelter or orphanage.

10. Kiddie Goodie Bags:

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  • Ask your kids to create small goody bags for friends and cousins that they can then hand out as Eid wishes.

These simple yet creative Eid activities for kids are a great way to allow some fun family times while enlightening them about the true spirit of the festival. Whether creating stunning moon and star decors, attractive goodie bags for gifts, or enjoying dressing up traditionally, your children will love these ideas. You may further engross them by sharing Eid stories or intriguing facts about the Islamic culture. So, choose an activity to involve your children and help them create beautiful crafts to share with your family and spread cheer and joy on Eid.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Eid mean in English?

Eid refers to a holiday, special event, or celebration. To wish or send greetings on Eid, you can say ‘Eid Mubarak.’

2. What kind of name is Eid?

Eid is an Arabic term that means “feast, festival, or holiday.”

3. How can parents help their kids understand the importance of gratitude and reflection during Eid festivities?

Parents can teach their kids about being thankful during Eid celebrations by talking to them about why Eid is special. Encourage children to be kind and help others and involve them in Eid’s customs and practices to help them understand the value of gratitude and self-reflection.

4. How can parents encourage their kids to embrace diversity and inclusivity during Eid celebrations?

Parents can help their children appreciate and accept different people during Eid celebrations by enlightening them about various traditions and teaching them to be open-minded and respectful. Motivate them to join events or activities that celebrate different cultures, so they can learn about diversity and understand its value.

5. What are some eco-friendly ways to celebrate Eid with children and teach them about sustainability?

Choose decorations that are good for the environment, use things that can be reused or made from recycled materials for crafts, and be mindful of what we consume. Take part in activities like planting trees or supporting environmental causes to help children understand the importance of sustainability and protecting nature.

6. How can parents organize a virtual Eid party or gathering for their children and their friends?

Parents can plan a fun virtual Eid party for their children and friends via video calls or online platforms and organize enjoyable activities such as games or talent shows. They can also send digital invitations to make it a festive and exciting celebration online.

7. How can storytelling and reading books about Eid traditions engage and educate children?

Telling stories and reading books about Eid traditions helps them understand and appreciate the importance of Eid celebrations in various cultures while also developing empathy towards others.

Infographic: Eid Activities For Children Of All Ages

The celebration of Eid brings together family and friends, and parents need to educate their children about their religion and culture. You can plan easy and enjoyable activities at home to make the festival memorable. Check this infographic for some Eid activities for your child that might make your Eid cheerful for them.

fun activities to do with your children on eid (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • The celebration of Eid presents a great opportunity for parents to educate their children about their religion and culture.
  • Decorating the house with message banners in multiple languages, creating moon and star decorations, and having children wear traditional Islamic clothing are effective ways to teach the significance of Eid.
  • Reading an Eid story to children, encouraging them to make small goody bags for loved ones, and donating to an orphanage can help educate children about the true meaning of the festival.
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