Top 40 ‘Eight Letter’ Names For Your Baby

There are many features a parent looks for while naming their baby- the alphabet, meaning, length, and for some, the number of characters. If you look for characters and search for names with a particular number, here is our list of eight-letter baby boy and girl names. The following names in the list have been selected after scavenging through many languages and cultures. We have selected names with class and style that would define your baby. Since these names have eight letters each, you can create many nicknames for your bundle of joy. Check out the list for your selection.

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Top 20 ‘8 Letter’ Baby Names For Girls

1. Adelaide

The baby girl name Adelaide has its origin in the French language. It gained prominence through the ‘Good Queen Adelaide’, a British Queen. The meaning of Adelaide is ‘nobility.’

2. Aahliyah

The name Aahliyah has its origin in Hebrew and means ‘ascending’ or ‘going up’. It is chosen by Hebrews and Muslims.

3. Bayleigh

Bayleigh is an old English name, meaning ‘city fortification’, ‘bailiff’ or ‘berry clearing’. It is an uncommon first name for girls.

4. Beatrice

The name Beatrice has a long literary association. Both Dante and Shakespeare’s names have lead heroines of the name Beatrice. Parents these days are also viewing this classic name with fresh eyes. Beatrice means ‘bringer of joy’.

protip_icon Did you know?
Beatrice comes from the Latin name ‘Beatrix.’ Its Spanish and Portuguese variant is ‘Beatriz,’ while its Welsh version is ‘Betrys.’

5. Celestia

Celestia is a heavenly name that sounds ethereal. It will make a distinctive choice if you are considering feminine names like Seraphina or Angelina. Celestia means heavenly.

6. Cheralyn

The name Cheralyn has its origin in Hebrew and is a variant of name Sherilyn. It is also a familiar form of English and German name Cheryl. It means ‘coral’ in English, ‘maiden’ or ‘virgin’ in old Greek and ‘singer’ in Hebrew.

7. Daniesha

Daniesha is an English name and is a rare name used in the US. The meaning of Daniesha is ‘gentle’ or ‘calf’.

8. Fantasia

The name Fantasia has its origin in Greek. It is commonly used in English-speaking countries. The meaning of the name is ‘inventive’ or ‘fantasy’.

9. Georgina

It is a feminine form of the boy name George and the Anglicized form of Greek name Georgios. The Greek meaning of the name is ‘farmer’, ‘earthworker’ or ‘tiller’.

10. Isabella

The name Isabella feels both modern and traditional. It appeals to a wide number of parents. Isabella is a name of Hebrew origin. It means ‘Devoted to God’.

11. Jacintha

The name Jacintha is of Dutch origin and it is commonly used in English-speaking countries. The meaning of the name is ‘hyacinth’.

12. Jennifer

Jennifer is one of the forever pretty sounding names. It means ‘white wave’. Jenny is an appealing nickname for Jennifer.

13. Kanishka

Kanishka is of Indian origin and is a Hindu name. Its meaning in Sanskrit is ‘gold’.

14. Ladeidra

The name Ladeidra has its origin in America. The rare name is a combination of prefix La and Deidra meaning ‘melancholy’.

15. Madelina

The name Madelina has its origin in French and its meaning is a ‘woman of Magdala’, ‘tower’. It is a diminutive of Madeleine.

16. Magnolia

Magnolia is a floral moniker. It is the name of the flowering shrub. This sweet smelling name earned fame via Edna Ferber’s novel ‘Snowboat’. Mollie and Maggie are cute nicknames for this one.

17. Narcissa

Narcissa is a name of Greek origin. It is a feminine version of Narcisse that derives from a beautiful Greek youth, who became enamored of his reflection, hence the word narcissism. The meaning of Narcissa is ‘daffodil’.

18. Penelope

Penelope is one of the classic names that are leaping up the charts. Instead of the traditional Penney, Nell or Poppy will make excellent nicknames for this one. This stunning Greek name means ‘true image’.

19. Veronica

The name Veronica is sensuous, saintly and strong, all at the same time. Veronica was the name of the woman who wipes Jesus’ face when he was on his way to Calvary. The cloth miraculously imprinted his image. The meaning of Veronica is ‘weaver’.

20. Waveline

Waveline is one unique female baby name that was first used in the US. It is thought that Waveline leads and directs others and establishes her individual identity. The meaning of the name is ‘loyal’, ‘miracle’ or ‘watchman’.

One Syllable Middle Names for 8 Letter Baby Girl Names

Short and sweet middle names are often desirable for a girl. The middle name can perfectly balance your daughter’s first name. Here are some fantastic one-syllable middle names that you can complement with your baby girl’s eight-letter first name.


Top 20 ‘8 Letter’ Baby Names For Boys

1. Abdullah

Abdullah is one of the most favorite Islamic names. It is the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s father. The name Abdullah is perfect if you are looking for a traditional Arabic name. And don’t worry. The name Abdullah will never fade out.

2. Augustus

This is one of the popular 8 letter baby names. The name Augustus will surely make a strong statement. It originated from a title given by a Roman Senate to the first Roman Emperor, Octavian, Julius Caesar’s son. The variant Augustin is also an excellent option. Augustus means ‘great’.

3. Benedict

If you like the name Ben, but find it too common, then you can consider Benedict as a possible alternative. Benedict was the name of a saint who formed the Benedictine Order. The meaning of Benedict is ‘blessed’.

protip_icon Trivia
English actor Benedict Cumberbatch, Marvel Universe’s “Doctor Strange,” is one of the famous name bearers.

4. Branston

Branston has its origin from old English and is a derivative of the English name Branton. It is a rare names with the meaning ‘son of Brand’, ‘broom town’ or ‘town covered with broom’.

5. Chadrick

Chadrick is a baby boy name that has its origin in old English. It is an alternative name of Chad with the suffix –Rick. The meaning of the name is ‘mighty warrior’.

6. Chandler

Guess who popularized this name around the globe! Of course, Chandler from the popular sitcom FRIENDS. Chandler is a French occupational name of a candle maker.

7. Deitrick

Deitrick has its origin in the English Gothic languages. It is a derivative of German, Romanian and English. It is a rare name for boys, meaning ‘ruler of the people’.

protip_icon Did you know?
Deitrick is a derivative of the German name Dietrich and also a variant of Derek.

8. Emmanuel

Emmanuel with double ‘m’ was very popular with the early Jewish immigrants. The name is now in its full glory. The meaning of Emmanuel is ‘God is with us’.

9. Franklin

This is one of the interesting 8 letter boy names. The meaning of Franklin is ‘free landholder’. The name Franklin also has literary ties. It was the name of the main character in Wilkie Collins classic novel “The Moonstones”. Have you ever noticed that two of the United States’ Presidents share the name Franklin- Franklin Pierce and Franklin Roosevelt? We bet you didn’t! Frank would make a perfect diminutive for this name.

10. Gildardo

Gildardo has its origin in The German language. The name reflects masculine, magnetic and strict nature. The meaning of Gildardo is ‘good’.

11. Harshith

Harshith has its origin in India and is mostly opted by the Hindus.The name reflects individualism, independence, and leadership. The meaning of the name is ‘good person’.

12. Hartford

The name Hartford has an English origin. The meaning of the name is ‘from the stag’s ford’. The name reflects passionate, intuitive, compassionate and magnetic personality.

13. Jeremiah

Jeremiah is a biblical name with its origin in Hebrew. Jeremiah is one of the great prophets of the Old Testament. The variations of the name include Jeremy and Jeremias. The meaning of the name is ‘appointed by God’ or ‘raised up’.

14. Kendrick

The name Kendrick is a popular name in the English language and is of Welsh origin.The meaning of the name is ‘greatest champion’ and ‘high summit’.

15. Lawrence

The name Lawrence has survived the Roman time. The name comes from Laurentium, a city noted for its laurel trees. Lawrence was at its peak from the 1890s to the 1950s. The nickname Lauro or Lauri further perks up the name. The meaning of Lawrence is ‘from Laurentium’.

16. Maclaine

Maclaine has its origin in the Scottish language. Baby boys named Maclaine are often careless or adorable. The meaning of the name is ‘son of the servant of John’.

17. Nehemias

Nehemias has its origin in Hebrew and is a variant of English name Nehemiah. The meaning of the name is ‘comfort given by God’. He was the leader of Jews who was responsible for rebuilding Jerusalem after their return from Babylonian captivity.

18. Philemon

Philemon is a Biblical baby name with its meaning ‘who kisses’ in the Bible. It has its origin in Greek and means ‘affectionate’.

19. Reinhard

Reinhard has its origin in The German language. The English and French variant of the name is Reynard. The meaning of the name is ‘brave’, ‘mighty’ or ‘warrior’.

20. Santario

Santario is a popular American baby name. The meaning of the name is ‘dew of the sea’ or ‘bitter rose’.

One Syllable Middle Names for 8 Letter Baby Boy Names

One syllable baby boy names are cool and edgy. You may try to match his first name sound or give a certain rhythm; you can choose the below great ideas. The following one syllable middle names can perfectly complement your baby boy’s eight-letter first name.


Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any eight-letter baby names that are gender-neutral?

Names such as Brighton, Channing, Brooklyn, and Campbell are some interesting unisex eight-letter names.

2. Can you suggest some eight-letter baby names that have musical inspiration?

Some eight-letter baby names connected to music are Serenade, which means a musical performance in honor of a person, and Madrigal, which refers to a form of music popular in the Renaissance period. One meaning of the feminine name Rhapsody is a structure-less music composition that is high on emotions.

This list of selected eight letter baby names can help you find a suitable name for your little one based on your numerical preference. Meaningful names with diverse origins have been included. Georgina, Penelope, and Philemon are Greek in origin, Gildardo and Reinhard are German, while Bayleigh, Daniesha, and Hartford are English. If you want your child’s name related to devotion and blessings from the Almighty, you may select Emmanuel, Isabella, or Jeremiah. The list has ample options for choosing the best name for your baby.

Infographic: Sweet Baby Names With Eight Letters

An eight-letter name usually has two or three syllables, which makes it easy to pronounce. So, whether you want to give your baby an eight-letter name following a family tradition or religious beliefs, the infographic below has the best names to fit your description. Keep reading!

adorable eight letter baby names with meanings (infographic)

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