Emotional And Social Support During Pregnancy

Emotional And Social Support During Pregnancy

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Truer words were never spoken! Taking care of a new baby is a mammoth task, and the new mom does require immense support. But what about pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a life-changing event for most women. Unfortunately, today women are expected to do it all alone. The shower of support that comes with the birth of a baby is sadly missing during a woman’s most trying days – her pregnancy. Pregnancy support is as important as post pregnancy care.

When your body changes so dramatically, and hormones play havoc with your mind, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and lost. This is where the world needs to step in. You, yes you, need to help the pregnant woman in your life too. Support for pregnant women can go along way in enhancing them emotionally and keeping them in good health.Be it your wife/partner, daughter, friend, employee, or a random stranger, reach out and offer support.

The support a woman received during pregnancy can go a long way in preventing post-partum depression (1). It also improves the health, well-being, and quality of life of a pregnant woman (2). If a small action on your part can help make life easier for a human, how can that be a bad thing?

Wondering how you can support a pregnant woman? Let us guide you!

Pregnancy Support – How Can Partners Help?

A strained relationship between partners can be the cause of immense stress for expectant mothers. Stress during pregnancy can lead to several problems, including the development of ADHD in the unborn baby (3).Yes, it is normal for marriages to struggle. But when your partner is carrying your baby, the least you can do is have patience!

So, what can you do to help your wife or partner cope better with her pregnancy? Check out the list here and get started!

1. Offer Emotional Support:

Is her nagging getting on your nerves? Count till ten and let go. Try and understand her struggles. When the hormone induced tears begin to flow, just give her a hug. She does not need advice. All she needs is for you to be there for her.

2. Learn To Listen:

Spend time with her and ask her about her worries and fears. And most importantly, develop the habit of just listening. Don’t judge her, just listen. Her fears may sound unfounded to you but for her they are very real.

3. Attend Prenatal Classes:

If your wife asks you to come with her for prenatal classes, make time. Yes, she is the one who’ll do most of the grunt work. But she needs you to be there physically and feel like a team. This works like emotional support during pregnancy.

4. Seek Help:

If your marriage is struggling, seek help. Go for counseling and try to work it out. Don’t put it off for a later date. Once the baby comes, things are likely to become worse, not improve.

5. Help Out With Household Chores:

Your wife has taken care of the house for so long; now it is your turn! There are things that may become difficult for your partner to do once she is pregnant, like carrying heavy things. Offer help whenever you can. Don’t wait to be asked, just do it!

6. Prepare For The New Baby:

Your wife is doing her part to welcome your baby to the world. You do yours! Go out shopping (with or without your partner) to pick up things for your baby. You can try buying the heavy-duty products like crib, car seat, and high chair. You can also help build your baby’s nursery.

7. Cook For Her:

You don’t have to do it every day! But once in a while, surprise your wife with breakfast in bed. If she is working, let her come back to ready dinner.

8. Give Her A Massage:

Your wife is growing another human inside her! Yes, she is uncomfortable to a level you cannot even imagine. If she asks for a back rub, do it. Give her a massage even if she doesn’t ask for it.

Support During Pregnancy – How Can Family And Friends Help?

If your friend or a family member is pregnant try taking some small steps to help her. Here are a few ideas:

1. Be There:

The most important thing you can offer a pregnant woman is emotional support. Let her know that you always a phone call away. Hear her out, even if what she is saying makes zero sense to you!

2. Be Considerate:

If you are visiting a pregnant woman, avoid going during meal times. Why put her through the ordeal of cooking an elaborate meal when a cup of coffee will suffice?

3. Bring Her Food:

If possible, cook something for your friend or family member. It can be something nutritious. You can also take something that she is craving, like ice cream!

4. Offer Help:

Offer to help her with chores like doing the dishes! Or you can also offer to bring the grocery once in a while. Anything to take a little load off her shoulders.

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Support For Pregnant Mothers – How Can Employers Help?

Understand that your pregnant employee has special needs right now. So try to be flexible with her work hours. You can also take off a little of her workload to make things easier for her. No support during pregnancy does not mean that the woman might succumb under pressure but support just makes things easier for them.If you see her in tears or glossing over baby pictures, let it pass. These little things can go a long way in ensuring a happy employee who’ll deliver better results.

Society at large needs to be more understanding of pregnant women and their needs. If you see a stranger who is pregnant standing in a crowded bus, offer her your seat. Or if you see her struggling to carry a piece of baggage, offer to help. Small steps – but each one of them can make a person’s life a little easier.

How do you support pregnant women? Tell us!

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