9 Emotional Challenges Every Mom Can Relate To

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Being a mom is no piece of cake. We see women taking on the role of a mother with so much ease without complaining much about it. But there are times when every mom turns into an emotional wreck. Here are 9 emotional challenges that every mother may have gone through.

1) You Can’t Always Be Present

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Now, your baby is so tiny, you can easily fit them in your arms. You can fulfill every need of your baby- feed them when they are hungry and comfort them when they are in pain. But as they grow into adults they will have to live on their own. Sure, they can always call you when they need you. But knowing you cannot always be there for them is tough for every mother out there.

2) Learning To Let Things Go

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A mother and her baby become the closest during breastfeeding. It is a strong bonding moment for them. And you may feel a bit sad when you have to breastfeed your baby for the last time. Our little angels are growing, and we have to accept that fact with a heavy heart at times. It doesn’t stop there. There are gonna be many more moments in a mother’s life when she wishes she can hold on to those moments a bit longer. Remember the scene from Modern family where Claire had a hard time sending Haley off to college?

3) Seeing Your Child In Pain

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We all remember the day when our child got their first vaccine. Seeing your little baby in pain and crying can be quite an emotional experience for a mother. When your kids fell and bruised their knee, or hit their head while running and came back to you crying for help, these are moments we wish we could be a superwoman and take away their pain.

4) Turning Into A Crybaby

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Ever since the news of pregnancy hits you, you’d have been like a water pipe left open. There’s no turning off now! You may have cried like a mad girl during your pregnancy, all thanks to your pregnancy hormones. You may have cried during labor, and also when the nurse handed over the baby and you held him/her for the first time in your arms- your own flesh and blood. It is an overwhelming feeling and it’s hard to hold back your tears. You never knew you were such an emotional person and you feel deeply for your child ever since.

5) The Feeling Of Having No Control

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Your baby is definitely a top priority in your life, and you may not have control over every aspect of your life as you did before. Going out for a spontaneous movie with your friends, or going for a shopping spree are some of the things that you may miss. You may not be able to stick to dates and timings because you’ll never know if you can make it for anything.

6) Putting Up With Their Temper Tantrums

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You are trying to guide them and teach them the right thing. Being a mother takes a lot of patience and understanding to know why they do what they do. But there are times where even moms lose their cool and go into a complete breakdown in the middle of the room.

7) Being Uncertain

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As a mom, there are days you wished you got a signal from your little one to know why they are crying. Is it because they are hungry? Or is it because their stomach hurt, or is it something else? You have to live with uncertainty lingering over your head. It’s not easy being a mom.

8) Trying To Be A Perfect Mother

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Perfection is a far fetched concept. As humans, we are destined to make mistakes and learn from them. But being a mother, you are constantly trying to do all things right. And yet, you are going to find yourself clueless in situations where you are not sure what is right for your baby.

9) Being Worried All The Time

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Being worried about your baby is something every mom does, all the time! Is my baby eating enough? Sleeping enough? Their first day at kindergarten, school and even college – the worrying never subsides.

Though motherhood makes you a ball of mess more times than you can count, no feeling can beat the feeling of being a mom. And I’m sure we would do it all over again in a flash.

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