101 Encouraging Words For Your Husband To Make Him Feel Loved

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Words matter. They have the power to evoke different emotions. While they can generate feelings of happiness or encouragement, they can also elicit pain and despair.

When it comes to happy and healthy marriages, couples understand the role verbal communication plays in the quality of their relationship. More importantly, couples understand that just as careless words can wound a relationship, a conscious use of words, especially affectionate, affirming, or appreciative words can further strengthen their love and marriage. And, this goes for both – whether you are a man or a woman. When words are carried by heart-felt intention, they automatically remind us of the good qualities of your relationship and encourage a more intimate and mindful connection.

Why Encouraging Words Are Important For Your Husband

Just like women, men also want to know that they are special in some way. When your husband knows he is #1 in your world, he knows you love him no matter what. In fact, being a loving spouse by believing in his capabilities can reenergize him in a big way. Let us see why these words matter:

  1. If, for example, your husband is struggling at work and feeling low, chances are strong he may withdraw into his own world. Hearing encouraging words from you can enable him to feel more empowered to open up and gradually believe in himself again.
  2. Men identify with strength. To encourage your husband means to place courage in your husband. Your kind words may provide just the courage and trust he needs to feel strong again.
  3. During difficult times it can be hard to see the bigger picture. Overthinking and analyzing can lead to confusion. Hearing words of affirmation can be very calming- alleviating stress and worry, and expand the ability to see a wider perspective of a situation again.
  4. Encouragement can not only boost your partner’s confidence, but also help build his self-esteem. By accepting, valuing and admiring him, he will know that you love him for the man that he is warts and all.

Encouraging Words for Your Husband

You may try the following words to inspire and encourage your spouse.

  1. I trust your choices/judgment.
  2. I love you.
  3. You are my rock.
  4. Thank you for doing or fixing ….. for us.
  5. Thank you for keeping our family safe.
  6. Thank you for helping around the house.
  7. Your hard work inspires us.
  8. You are a great dad/husband.
  9. You are very dependable.
  10. I believe in you.
  11. I am glad I got to spend my life with you.
  12. I am thankful to have you as my best friend.
  13. You lead by example.
  14. You are a man of honor.
  15. I admire your integrity.
  16. I’ve got your back.
  17. I care about you.
  18. You have my heart.
  19. I love it when you hug me or kiss me.
  20. I respect your perspective on things.
  21. I will always be with you, no matter what.
  22. I hope our kids grow up to be like you.
  23. I always count on you.
  24. You are a man of your word.
  25. You make us all proud.
  26. I know you can do it.
  27. I admire how thoughtful you are of others.
  28. You have my trust.
  29. You make me laugh.
  30. You always help me through difficult times.
  31. There is no place I’d rather be right now.
  32. You make things exciting.
  33. I learn so much by being with you.
  34. You look handsome.
  35. Thanks for caring/providing for our family.
  36. You inspire me to be my best self.
  37. When I am with you, time flies.
  38. You are amazing.
  39. I love sharing my life with you.
  40. I respect/admire your honesty.
  41. You were right about……
  42. I love that you are a man of conviction.
  43. You have so much to offer.
  44. I admire how you rise to challenges.
  45. You are doing so well.
  46. Thanks for listening to me.
  47. I feel calm and content with you.
  48. I desire you.
  49. We are not perfect, but we are made for each other.
  50. We can face all the ups and downs together.
  51. Your hard work wouldn’t go unnoticed.
  52. You are very special to me.
  53. Thank you for being patient with me.
  54. Thank you for an amazing night/date.
  55. What can I do for you to make you feel better?
  56. You did the right thing.
  57. You handled that situation really well.
  58. You are doing an incredible job.
  59. That is a great idea.
  60. I missed you. I miss……… (things about your husband)
  61. I am sorry. Please forgive me.
  62. I appreciate your views.
  63. Let us spend some sweet moments together.
  64. You are really fun to be around.
  65. Thank you for trying……. with me.
  66. I believe in your dreams and aspirations.
  67. I can handle anything that life throws at me if you are around.
  68. I value what you do for our family.
  69. I admire your perseverance.
  70. A brighter tomorrow is waiting for you.
  71.  I am blessed to have you as my husband.
  72. I am by your side.
  73. You have shown a lot of courage.
  74. Let me help you with……
  75. As you wish.
  76. Thanks for lifting me up during rough times.
  77. You understand me like no one does.
  78. You always make me smile, and I am thankful for that.
  79. You made my day.
  80. Your love gives me strength.
  81. I am glad you are mine.
  82. You are truly a gentleman.
  83. Everything will be fine; trust me.
  84. You will get what you want.
  85. Whatever you need, I am here for you.
  86. You did this like a pro/professional.
  87. What you do and say matters to me.
  88. I love the way you handle tricky situations.
  89. I admire how you keep me above everybody else.
  90. I am your biggest cheerleader.
  91. I appreciate your faith in us.
  92. Thank you for supporting my dreams.
  93. Our children look up to you.
  94. You are a man of action.
  95. Your enthusiasm to get things done is admirable.
  96. You are stronger than you think you are.
  97. Don’t worry. You’ve got this.
  98. You can make a difference.
  99. You have grown and learned so much over the years.
  100. You are an excellent problem solver.
  101. Your humility/humbleness inspires me.

Why Are Encouraging Words Important For Your Husband?

Words of encouragement can work as energy pills for your husband. Let us see why these words matter:

  1. If your husband is struggling at work or is at his lowest, he may withdraw from his surroundings. Encouraging words from you can make him feel empowered to take one step at a time.
  1. Your words of encouragement place trust and courage in your husband. He can feel the support and confidence you have in him.
  1. During difficult times, it can be hard to look at the bigger picture. Your husband may feel confused and lose focus. Your encouragement can calm his nerves to view situations or things in a wider perspective.
  1. Encouragement can not only boost your partner’s confidence, but also his self-esteem. Knowing that you believe in him, he can gear up for both physical and emotional challenges.

Your words of encouragement can mean a lot to both your husband and marriage. Always remind him of how much he means to you and you will most likely notice this encourages more of the same for you!

It is normal to struggle and find the right words to express your genuine feelings and emotions. You may want to try some of these statements to inspire and encourage both yourself and your spouse.

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