40+ Exciting And Fun Engagement Party Games

Engagement party games spice up the engagement party and keep the guests entertained. Engagement parties are occasions where the family members get to meet each other and have a good time together. Traditionally, after the newly engaged couple completes all the formalities, the party ensues with food and drinks to celebrate the forthcoming nuptials. However, in this modern age, some merriment is necessary to make it a memorable one. Read on for some ideas of activities to spruce up your engagement party.

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41 Fun Engagement Party Games

1. Ring hunt                                                                                                         

Who doesn’t love an Easter hunt? This close relative of the scavenger hunt activity will surely raise celebratory moods and bring the guests to the edge of their seats. Well, we can make it into a game for the engagement party. First, make rings out of plastic, and whoever finds most of these rings will be declared the winner. And make sure you have some prizes on the side, such as a miniature bottle of Champagne or a gift card.

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Ring toss is another interesting game that can be played at engagement parties where the guests can lay hoops on interesting objects to score points.

2. Memory lane

Each guest is asked to write down some memories about the couple on an index card, and they’re all mixed up in a bowl. Then, the couple reads out the cards, and the guests can guess who wrote that note. The participant who correctly guesses most cards wins the game. This is a fun and entertaining game for all. Some games with the similar theme that you may consider trying for the engagement party are – guess the celebrity or name the tune.

3. Wedding bingo

Wedding theme bingo

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Who doesn’t enjoy a classic game of Bingo is a classic game for all occasions. It’s ideal for customization, especially for an engagement party. Design bingo cards with well-known wedding themes and symbols instead of numbers, and see who can fill their card fast. The winner will get to call the engagement party favor.

4. Wedding relay race

Lighten up the engagement party with a relay race customized for your theme with a few wedding-themed props and garters, rings, and bouquets. The team which crosses the finish line first without dropping their prop is declared the winner. Let your guests dress up in wedding-themed outfits for the race to add an extra layer of fun.

5. Take wedding song requests

Get a head start for your wedding reception music playlist. Distribute a sheet of paper to your guests, and ask them to write down their top music suggestions for the reception. And the songs the couple picks will be played on the wedding day as their special song dedicated to them by the guests. You can also play these songs and make the guests and the to-be couple play fun games like musical chairs or pass the parcel.

6. Put a ring on it

Ring game, engagement party games

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This one is a lovely outdoor game idea. To make it an engagement-themed game, use bottles. Create two teams and take turns to rack up points by tossing plastic or rope rings around the neck of the bottles. For a fun spin, ask guests to slip messages into each bottle as a keepsake.

7. Find the guest

This game is one of the best ice-breaker activities to start the celebration. Ask guests to write fun facts about themselves in advance and then pass a copy of the list to every guest. Ask the guests to go around and find out if fit they match correctly, with a small prize for who gets it right.

8. The newlywed game

Play a new live version of the newlywed game, which shows how well the couples know one another. Invite one of the guests who will read questions from a cue card about the couples, and both partners have to answer and see if they get it right.

9. The shoe game

This game is for the to-be-married couple. Ask them to take a seat facing each other and swap one of their shoes. The host can ask questions like “who has the best musical taste?” The couple can answer the question by holding up the shoe of the person who is best suited for the answer.

10. Mad libs

Try this popular party game to add a pinch of excitement to the event. Make a game out of the couple’s stories. Feel free to embellish and dramatize details to make it even funnier by leaving blanks for the guests to fill in. Set a prize for the best answer. This would ensure a lot of laughter and a cheerful night for everyone.

11. Two truths and a lie

Another awesome game that you can play at the engagement party is the two truths and a lie. This game goes by asking guests to list two truths and one lie about themselves. Once they’ve made the statements, others can guess which are true and which one is false. The person who gets the most points wins the game.

12. Perfect match puzzle

Here’s a delightful engagement party game about the future bride and groom. Get photos of the happy couple and cut them in half. Place each half in an envelope and distribute it among the guests, who can guess the other match. While having mismatches makes it more fun, the couple explains the picture’s significance after matching.

13. Pop the question

Pop the balloon

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Invite the to-be bride and groom to answer trivia questions like, “who made the first move”? Each question should be written on a helium balloon and filled with confetti corresponding to the bride or groom. To reveal the answers, pop the balloons, and the table with the most right answers wins mini-champagnes. Alternatively, you can club the fun balloon pop activity with other games like truth or dare to come up with unique game ideas for the engagement party.

14. Engagement charades

This is a creative twist to the old classic game of charades by theming it around weddings. Divide the guests into teams, and the person who guesses the person, movie, or TV show fast emerges as the winner. You may also make a simpler version for the children.

protip_icon Point to consider
You can play the famous couples game where all guests write down ten famous romantic couples and put them in a bowl. Split the guests into pairs. One person from the couple gives a clue and their partner should guess the name of the couple.

15. How many kisses are in the jar?

This is another engagement party game that will add fun to the event. Fill a jar with Hershey’s kisses and ask everyone to guess how many are there. Create your own sign and guess cards using free printable. Whoever guesses the correct number will be declared the winner.

16. Bridal jeopardy

This is an exciting and cheerful game. Create a board of six categories (like wedding, groom, bride, etc.). Decide who gets to choose the category and how much they wager by having the game’s host like the maid of honor. Determine who raises their hand first. The game is won by the player who has the most right answers/points.

17. Signature cocktail challenge

Signature cocktail, engagement party games

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Divide the guests into teams, give them the same supply of cocktail ingredients, and ask them to come up with a signature cocktail that reflects the marriage. Before announcing a winner, the couple tastes each drink. Increase the stakes by including the winning cocktail on the wedding menu!

18. Wedding wishes

The guests can take this opportunity to share their experiences in love and marriage and some tips for the new couple. Give the printable advice cards to each guest to write the tips, suggestions, or wishes. These will be a memorable keepsake for the future bride and groom to remember the special occasion.

19. Apple of my eye- apple bobbing battle

This fun engagement game is enjoyable for both children and adults. Divide guests into the team of bride or groom. Allocate a color — green or red — to each team, and fill a large galvanized pail or through with an equal quantity of green and red apples. See who can get the most apples in a certain amount of time.

20. Photobooth king and queen

Engagement party games with props

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One of the coolest engagement party props is a photo booth. Each of the guests is given some wedding-themed props and accessories to take some snaps. Ask the guest of honor to vote and choose a winner and award them with the title Photo Booth King or Queen.

21. Romantic movie quiz

This classic game can also be customized to your theme or liking. For example, you can use crisscross pieces of rope to create your own grid, then divvy up cutouts of xs and os (fittingly, the classic shorthand for “hugs and kisses”), and toss from a distance. Customization can also be done by using the cutouts of future bride and groom names and starting a healthy competition.

22. Beanbag toss

This game is a classic for outdoor parties. It is easy to set up and fun to play as well. All you have to do is toss bean bags into a box that is placed at a distance. Go all out with bridal themes while decorating the box and the bags. You can add a romantic touch by asking the couples to kiss each other every time the bean bag lands in the box.

23. Engagement Jenga


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Jenga is a fun game for all ages and times. But you can make it more personalized and fun for engagements by asking the guests to write sweet wishes or wedding advice on each block. Every time a block gets pulled out, the couple reads what is written on the block together. You can use giant Jenga blocks for an outdoor engagement party as well.

24. Tie the knot

As the couple gets ready to tie the knot in a few days, this game can be used to practice for the main event in jest. Use cherries with stems for this game. The couple has to tie the cherry stems in knots within a set time limit. The partner who manages to tie the most stems is the winner. You can soak the cherries overnight in vodka for some extra fun.

25. Message in a bottle

This is not a game but rather a warm way to let the guests wish the new couple. Place a mason jar on a center table with some paper slips and a pen beside it. Ask the guests to write their wishes, advice, and good thoughts on the paper slips and drop them into the jar. You can choose to open them during the party or at leisure.

26. Couple’s quilt

If you are ready for some fun crafting session with your guests, this activity is great for an engagement party. Give each guest a patch of cloth with some decorative items and fabric paint. Let them decorate their patch as they want. Later, you can get the quilt stitched together and give it to the couple on their wedding day.

27. Casino games


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You do not need to travel to Vegas to visit a casino. Bring Vegas home by creating casino games right at your engagement party. You can start from basic Poker and increase the stakes as you go by, including Russian roulette and Blackjack.

28. Where were they?

This is a fun game for both the couple and the guests. The couple has to show the guests the photographs they clicked at different locations. The guests have to guess where the photograph was taken. To add a bit more fun, you can also ask the guests to guess who clicked the photograph, especially if it is not a selfie.

29. Scattergories

Scattergories is a fun game in which the players have to guess the names of objects belonging to certain categories from the letter given to them. During an engagement party, all the guests have to do is guess objects starting with R, I, N, and G. Give them different categories and let them go wild.

30. You don’t say!

Once you are engaged, it is inevitable for people to start talking about your wedding. To deter your guests in a fun way from doing this, arrange this game at your engagement party. Give each guest a ring when they arrive at your party. Then, you can tell them that if someone hears another person saying the word “wedding,” they can confiscate their ring. You can also add other words, such as marriage and honeymoon, to the list. The person who manages to collect the maximum number of rings wins.

31. Match the songs


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Plenty of movies have love songs that you can use for this game. Get a list of song names printed on embellished card paper and ask the guests to match the songs to the movies. If you are a Disney fan, you can use the songs from the animated movies for your list.

32. Find the guest bingo

If you are interested in games that will serve as icebreakers for your guests, this is one for you. In this bingo, you can include several attributes you can find in your guests. Some of them can be “a couple who met on a beach” and “a couple who have been married for 15 years.” Call out the name of each guest, and everyone crosses out the attribute related to that guest. The first person to cross out all the boxes gets the Full House.

33. Over or Under

This is a twist on the “How well do you know the couple?” game. In this game, you print out a list of statements about the couple along with two boxes saying “Over” and “Under.” The guests have to check either of the boxes against each statement, and you can see which guest has got the maximum correct answers.

34. What’s on your phone?

This fun game will have your guests looking at their phones for some time. Print out a list of things and apps you might find on a phone, with points allocated to each. For example, you can print out a list of apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, and other things such as “Battery less than 10%” or “Wallpaper of your kid.” The guests must tick whichever is applicable to them and then tally the scores.

35. Emoji Pictionary

Emojis are the rage these days and why not? They convey a lot more than words do. Use these emojis to convey love phrases to your engagement couple. Get a few phrases such as “head over heels in love” or “love at first sight,” and get them printed in emoji form. The guests have to guess the correct phrase from the emojis.

36. How old were they?

Another game involving photographs, this one is enough to take everyone on a trip down memory lane. Present a set of photographs of the newly engaged couple’s childhood. If there are any photos of them together at a young age, all the better. The guests have to guess the age of either partner in the photograph.

37. What’s in your bag/wallet?


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Though this is usually played more by women (as they carry bigger purses), you can make it inclusive for all your engagement party guests. Simply include things you will find in a wallet (receipts, credit card bills, cards, and cash) and you are set.

38. Never have we ever

“Never have I ever” is a classic game played at almost all parties and get-togethers. Now, add things the couple might or might not have done and distribute these lists among the guests. The guests must tick the things they think the couple might have done. This game is great for the guests to know interesting details about the couple.

39. Family Feud

Family Feud is a popular TV game that will have your guests in splits. Divide them into teams (bride’s and groom’s sides) and ask a number of questions. The answers can make this game hilarious. This game is a great way to unleash the funny side of your relatives.

40. Who has the bride/groom?

You will need to do some preparation beforehand for this game. But your guests are sure to enjoy it to the fullest. Get some scratch cards with the faces of celebrities behind them. Only one card will have the face of the bride or groom. As you call out the name of each guest, they scratch the film on the face for some hilarious results.

41. Activity books

This is for people of all ages who will attend your party. Activity books have something for everyone. You can also customize the books according to your guests’ ages. For example, children will have coloring and drawing activities, while older guests can have riddles and logic puzzles. This activity will give your guests a chance to sit down and relax while employing their intelligence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are engagement parties fun?

Yes, engagement parties can be fun when you incorporate enjoyable games and activities and a lip-smacking menu into your party. Apart from the games, you may also arrange for a karaoke evening and include some dance challenges for your guests, and plan to surprise your significant other by proposing to them with flowers, a ring, and soothing music to make the party memorable.

2. What is needed for an engagement party?

You may plan to celebrate your engagement intimately in your household with your close ones or make it grand by hosting a party at a larger venue. Either way, it is a good idea to decide on a date, a host, a beautiful theme, an exciting menu, a stunning invite, and an amusing list of activities to make the event enjoyable and unforgettable.

3. How do you make an engagement memorable?

Select a location that holds significance for you and your partner. Add an element of surprise by hiring professional musicians or planning an engagement getaway following the proposal. Consider involving close family and friends in the event and hire a professional photographer to capture the beautiful moments of the proposal.

4. Do engagement parties have a theme?

Engagement parties can have themes, but it’s not a requirement. The decision to have a theme for an engagement party is entirely up to the preferences of the couple and the host. Generally, party themes can help set the mood, create a unique atmosphere, and provide a framework for decorations, invitations, attire, and even the menu. You may try a romantic or vintage theme or play around and try something different like a garden, beach, or tropical theme to make the event more special.

We have put together this exciting list of engagement party games for you that will surely spruce up the celebrations. You can include these games during the party so that you and your fiance can enjoy it together. Including these games will also help the guests bond and get to know each other better. We have also included games that can be played along with the little members of the family so that they do not feel left out and can enjoy the celebrations in the same way.

Infographic: Fun Engagement Party Games

To help you add more fun, laughter, and exciting times to your engagement and give your guests a memorable experience, we have a list of fun and exciting games. Give it a read and choose the ones you like. These games are sure to keep the couple and the guests entertained for hours.

games to play at an engagement party (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • Spice up your engagement party with a round of the ring hunt game where you use a handful of plastic rings and whoever finds the most is the winner.
  • Among other games, the most special ones have to be the memory lane and wedding song requests.
  • Add some more fun and frolic with a quiz on the most romantic movies and don’t forget to place a King and Queen photo booth.

Engagement parties are a great way to celebrate love! Join us for Episode 8 of Wedding Games and Activities to learn fun and exciting engagement party games!

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