15 Epic Birth Photos That Prove The Gender Reveal Is Worth The Wait

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The journey of pregnancy is littered (pun-intended) with various moments of – in random order – joy, happiness, caution, pain, surprise, and suspense! Yes, you’ve read that right, suspense it is – of knowing the gender of the baby. While some countries have a total ban on gender reveal to prevent feticides, there are some who leave the choice to the new parents. So, those of you who went for it, we’re sure it was a happy moment at the sonogram ward. But, for those who’ve waited it out for 9 months, we salute your patience, people! Because more often than not, the suspense is worth the wait. As many couples might have discovered it already. What’s even more precious is the expression upon knowing the gender of the baby seconds after delivering! These moments were ably captured by some of the best birth photographers. We share some of their personal favorites here. Have a look, and make sure you have a box of tissues around:

1. Surprise! Surprise!

Aspen, a mother of two boys, thought it would be a boy the third time around as well. But, she was in for a real big surprise when she delivered a girl!

2. Is It A Boy? Really?

The mother, Kim Guiley, thought she was carrying a girl for the second time. Her expression is proof enough of her utter shock when she was told it was a boy!

3. The First Boy Of The Family

When Dara Crouch was pregnant, she did not expect a boy since everyone on her mom’s side had girls. To her utter surprise, she had a boy!

4. Is This For Real??!

Natalie was so focused on giving a natural home-birth in the water tub, she almost forgot that she didn’t know the gender of the baby. Of course, until he arrived!

5. A Girl? Are You Sure?

When Adrienne delivered for the third time, she was sure it would be a boy as she already had two sons. She couldn’t believe it when she saw it was a girl!

6. When Nature Calls!

When Ashlee went to attend her nature’s call just before her labor, no one had an idea that her baby would just ‘drop in’! But daddy dear was there! He caught her right there in his arms.

7. The Wait Was Worth It!

This mother labored for more than a day. But when her baby girl finally arrived, both mommy and daddy were elated!

8. An En-Caul Arrival!

This naughty little boy surprised his parents by arriving with his amniotic sac intact. The tears of joy are evident in the mother’s eyes.

9. That Look Of Excitement (And Relief)!

Lizzy McMillan waited 37 weeks to know the gender of her baby. Yet, those 3 seconds seemed like hours until someone announced: “Its a boy”!

10. It’s A Boy, Again!

Although it was her fifth baby, after 3 girls and 1 boy, the excitement was still the same for Amy and her family!

11. That Glow Says It All!

After two boys, this mother sure was glowing with happiness when she gave birth to a beautiful little girl!

12. A Rainbow Girl It Is!

Candice has had a miscarriage earlier, which is why this time it was precious for her. That it was a girl, only made it worth the wait!

13. Those Tears Of Joy.

Even the photographers are not immune to emotions this high! Watching this mother cry after knowing the gender of the baby welled up the photographer too.

14. Cheers To The New Girl!

During her second pregnancy, everyone convinced Heather it’ll not be a girl since she already had one. But then, surprise, it was a girl! Everyone in the labor cheered for her.

15. A Surreal Moment

It was Connie’s second time and she decided to do everything differently – from first home water delivery to not finding out the gender early. No wonder her joy knew no bounds when she delivered a girl!

We are sure these powerful pictures have moved and inspired you all. If you are in the family way and your due date is around the corner, try keeping the gender of the baby a suspense. You’ll be grateful for this decision for the rest of your life!

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