60 Eclectic And Popular Eritrean Baby Names For Girls And Boys

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Eritrea is situated quaintly on the bank of the Red Sea in Eastern Africa. The country has rich history and heritage. If you have your roots here, you may choose Eritrean baby names for your newborn. Newborn babies in Eritrea are given two names; a birth name and a Christian name given during their baptism. Eritrea has adorable names that are perfect for your baby as it has diversified communities around it. For instance, it is bordered by Ethiopia in the south, Sudan in the west, and Djibouti in the southeast. In this post, we bring you some beautiful Eritrean names that you can pick for your newborn.

Eritrean Girl Names With Meanings

1. Faven:

Faven is an adorable name for the baby girl and means ‘light.’

2. Ella:

Ella is a beautiful ‘la’ ending name, meaning ‘fair maiden, all.’

3. Helen:

The moniker Helen is extremely popular in Eritrea. It means ‘shining light.’

4. Sesuna:

Sesuna sounds like a variation of Susan, but its meaning is entirely different (popcorn).

5. Senait:

Senait is one of our most favorite Eritrean names. It means ‘good luck.’

6. Mariam:

The moniker Mariam is familiar with the Muslim population of Eritrea.

7. Sophia:

The name Sophia is as popular as it is in European and American countries. No wonder it held the top spot for the baby name for years.

8. Fatimah:

This moniker has made a big comeback in the last few years. And it’s a classic too!

9. Semira:

Semira is the tantalizing variation of Samira and means ‘highest heaven.’

10. Asmarina:

This name is inspired by Eritrea’s capital. It means ‘united.’

11. Arsema:

This Eritrean is all glitz and glamor. It means ‘clever.’

12. Awate:

This moniker remained in the top 30 Eritrean names in the history. It means ‘victory.’

13. Segan:

It is a retro and spicy Eritrean name.

Image: Shutterstock

Here’s a retro, fun and spicy Eritrean name for your daughter. Segan means ‘ostrich”

14. Salma:

Salma is a classic Arabic moniker used widely in Eritrea.

15. Lemlem:

Lemlem was one of the most beloved and popular Eritrean names of the past century.

16. Madihah:

Madihah is one of those names that grow with the child.

17. Aatifa:

Aatifa exudes a mystical sense of elegance and calmness. It means ‘sympathy.’

18. Hyiab:

A slightly dated name it is, but still sounds amazing. The meaning of Hyiab is ‘gift’.

19. Fnan:

Sophisticated, elegant and worldly, that’s what this name is. Its meaning is ‘pride’.

20. Winta:

The meaning of Winta is ‘need’. It also has a chock full of cute nicknames, Winnie being one.

21. Sarah:

Sarah pronounced as ‘Say-rah’ has surpassed the cuter and more old-fashioned Sara regarding popularity.

22. Zula:

Zula is one of the freshest ‘z’ sounding Eritrean names for you to choose from. It means ‘brilliant.’

23. Bisrat:

Bisrat is a sweet and lovely name suitable for girls who likes playing the piano or knitting.

24. Jamila:

If you want an old-fashioned Eritrean name for your daughter, Jamila could be a potential name for you.

25. Feaven:

It is a soothing name for your daughter.

Image: Shutterstock

Just hearing this name would send you into a reverie of gentle breeze over the sea. Feaven means ‘light.’

26. Senait:

Here’s an evocative name for your quiet and calm girl.

27. Zehra:

If you want a winsome, two- syllable name to go with the long last name, go with Zehra.

28. Kedija:

The meaning of this Eritrean baby girl name is ‘early baby’.

29. Semret:

This alluring Eritrean name is ‘good luck’.

30. Haben:

This quaint name brings to mind a devout, religious girl.

Eritrean Boy Names With Meanings

31. Yonas:

Yonas is the variation of biblical name Yonah. This moniker came into the limelight via Yonas Anderbrhan Kifle, the Olympic distance runner.

32. Isaias:

Isaias is the Eritrean version of Isaiah. Its popular namesake is Isaias Afwerki, the President of Eritrea.

33. Tesfay:

It is a perfect name for your little boy.

Image: Shutterstock

Tesfay is a lovely Eritrean baby boy name, meaning ‘my hope.’

34. Jemal:

Jemal is the variation of the Arabic name Jamal. Jemal Abdu, the famous Eritrean footballer, is the popular bearer of this name.

35. Kidane:

The sassy‘d’ in the middle makes Kidane a very popular name with the Eritreans.

36. Selassie:

This sassy, three-syllable name gives the parents a lot of options for nicknames.

37. Ali:

This moniker is often chosen by parents who are naming their son after a relative.

38. Mebratu:

This elegant name is a perennial favorite with the Eritreans.

39. Dawit:

Dawit makes a sophisticated alternative to David.

40. Muhammad:

Muhammad is indeed timeless. It has remained one of the top baby boy names over the centuries.

41. Samuel:

Samuel sounds old-fashioned and dapper, just like a berobed Supreme Court justice.

42. Sheshy:

Sheshy is a vivacious Eritrean baby boy name, meaning ‘jubilation.’

43. Tekle:

Tekle is an inspirational baby boy name and means ‘to plant.’

44. Saare:

It is an excellent Eritrean name for your little champ.

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The ‘Re’ ending makes it sounds more intriguing than other names. Saare means ‘winner.’

45. Fikru:

This classic name has become super trendy of late. Fikru means ‘his love.’

46. Hayat:

The elegance and clarity of this name have made it one of the top five baby names for the last few years.

47. Anbessa:

Anbessa, meaning ‘lion,’ exudes brisk confidence.

48. Adonay:

Adonay, meaning ‘secret name of God’ makes it a fresh addition to the ‘ay’ ending name.

49. Abraham:

The moniker Abraham has a widespread popularity. It means ‘father of multitude.’

50. Amanuel:

Amanuel sounds powerful and regal. It means ‘god is with us.’

51. Mewael:

Mewael has zoomed past the favorites to become one of the top ten names. It means ‘long life.’

52. Hamid:

Hamid is a smart and appealing name, meaning ‘praise.’

53. Robel:

Robel is a dignified Eritrean name, meaning ‘prince.’

54. Teodros:

Teodros has a dark and somewhat literary feel to it. It means ‘expensive gift.’

55. Petros:

This lovely name for an artistic boy.

Image: Shutterstock

Meaning rock, Petros will make a lovely name for an artistic boy.

56. Semere:

Semere is a regal name that commands respect. It means ‘fulfil.’

57. Massawa:

This mellow sounding name would make a winning first name for your son. It is inspired by an Eritrean City and means ‘shout loudly.’

58. Mustafa:

Mustafa is a strong and aristocratic name meaning ‘chosen.’

59. Negassi:

Negassi, meaning ‘king’ , has an outdoorsy charm to it.

60. Yusef:

The meaning of Yusef is ‘the Lord will increase’. It was one of the most popular Eritrean names for boys in the 1990s.

We hope you find our list helpful. If you think we missed your favorite, share your suggestions in the comment section below.

Eritrean culture is rich and is known for its unique and interesting customs and traditions. Several people from other communities who are impressed by the culture may also want to name their child based on the tradition. A name is a gift your child will carry with them all their lives. A name with a strong cultural identity will help your child stand out. Pick a name from this comprehensive list of beautiful Eritrean baby names, and make sure it goes with your child’s personality.

Infographic: Diverse Eritrean Names For Girls And Boys

Eritrean names are also derived from various ethnicities and carry a unique feel and meaning. If you are inclined towards the traditions and ancient feel of this country, check out the infographic below on aesthetic Eritrean names. You may choose a name for your baby from the list!

popular eritrean names for your little one [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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