10 Essential Items Every Mom Should Have In Her Purse

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If you’ve ever seen a mom frantically looking for something in her bag, you’re probably aware that she carries the whole universe in it. From old worn out chocolate wrappers and baby tissues to bills that date back to a decade, moms carry a hella lot in their big bag. And yet sometimes, despite our best efforts, we always miss out on a few necessities we should have in our bag all the time. If you’re wondering what they are, continue reading our post as we have rounded up the top 10 essential items every mom should carry in her purse besides their phone and wallet.

1. Tissues

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Tissues are handy not just for little ones but for the mommy as well. Wiping your kid’s chocolate smeared mouth or runny nose, when using a public restroom or after having a snack on the go, there are numerous instances when a tissue comes to your rescue. Buy a pack of tissues and throw them in your purse now!

2. Snacks

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Now, this is a no-brainer if you are a mom. Whether you are going for a movie with your kids or running a 30-minutes errand, you never know when your babies turn from cute adorable beings into devilish creatures. Because once the hunger pangs hit and they become fussy, there’s no going back.

3. Bandages

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Bandages are both a bag and a home necessity. Young kids easily get injured by scraping their knee or getting their finger stuck somewhere, and bandages can be pretty useful in such situations. They take up very little space and cost only a few bucks, so don’t go stingy on this one.

4. A Plastic Zipper Bag

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A plastic zipper bag is one essential item that most mommies overlook. But once you start using one of these babies, you’d start to wonder how you were ever able to function without it. They are ideal for storing soiled clothes, used tissues, and even as a puke bag. This multi-purpose item is a must in every mom’s purse.

5. Antibacterial Wipes

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These are perfect if you ever find yourself in a tricky situation with no water or soap. While tissues would do the job in most cases, an antibacterial wipe is ideal if your hands get really messy or sticky. You can also use them to wipe down the handles of anything used by a hundred other people.

6. Deodorant

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You never know who you might run into in the grocery store. Having a travel-size deodorant in your purse ensures that you always smell nice and fresh. If you feel that you’re starting to stink, simply go to the nearest public loo and rub it down your underarms.

7. Lipstick/Kajal

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Nobody wants to look like a raccoon even though they are behind on a week’s sleep. And who has time to spend on makeup when you’ve got a fussy infant on your hands? But you still want to look presentable. A nice shade of your favorite lipstick and kajal might do the trick in such cases. If you suffer from chapped lips, carry a tinted lip balm that works for you.

8. Feminine Products

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If you’ve ever dreaded not having a tampon or pad in your bag when you got your period while out and about, don’t make the same mistake twice. Always carry a tampon, pad, or cup, whatever you use, and restock it whenever you run out.

9. Hand Sanitizer

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Carrying a hand sanitizer is absolutely essential in these unprecedented times. So, make sure you carry an alcohol-based sanitizer in your bag at all times.

10. Toilet Seat Sanitizer

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While you might have mastered the art of squatting in public loo’s, your 5-year-old might be too young for that. All you need to do is spray the product on the toilet seat or handles that are likely to have germs and wait for 5 seconds before you sit down.

If you have ever felt that an outing with your kids somehow ends up as a disastrous, messy, and sticky affair, being prepared is like winning half the battle. What are some of the essential items that you carry in your purse? You can also check out our post on 13 Hilarious Things Actually Found In Moms’ Purses.

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