32 Best Essential Oils That Improve Fertility In Men And Women

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Essential oils (EOs) are concentrated, aromatic, volatile oils extracted from different plant parts. They are commonly used in folk medicine and aromatherapy for treating and managing several ailments. For instance, using essential oils to improve fertility in men and women has been prevalent for ages.

However, clinical studies demonstrating their safety and efficacy are sparse. In this post, we tell you how essential oils promote reproductive health and increase the likelihood of conception. We also tell you the right ways to use EOs and apprise you of the precautions to observe while using them for fertility purposes.

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Essential Oils For Fertility In Women

You can use essential oils therapeutically, but know that it takes time for them to act and show results.

Here, we have listed the oils you may need for stimulating sex hormones and fertility in women. These oils will not only improve your fertility but also ease your mind, uplift your mood and lower stress.

Note: Consult a naturopath or aromatherapist for guidance before trying any of these fertility oils. Medical doctors, however, do not recommend essential oils as treatments.

  1. Anise seed: This oil is extracted from dried anise seeds and works significantly in promoting menstruation, easing the discomfort of menstrual pain and improving libido. The low levels of estragole compound help remove the excess estrogen, which would affect fertility (1).
  1. Calendula: The anti-inflammatory oil helps in regulating the menstrual cycle, treats menstrual pain and discomfort, treats uterine congestion and helps in the case of ovarian cysts. It, therefore, can be used to promote fertility (2).
  1. Clary sage: This oil influences the estrogen levels in the body and helps regulate hormones naturally. It boosts sex drive, which plays a key role in helping you conceive (3).
  1. Damiana: The sweet-smelling essential oil has aphrodisiac qualities, regulates the menstrual cycle, treats menstrual cramps and supports the endocrine system (4).
  1. Eucalyptus: The oil with a woody scent has a soothing effect on the mind and the body. It enhances the production of cervical mucus and treats uterine fibroids, cervical and prostate infections (5).
  1. Fennel: Sweet fennel oil is known to improve hormonal functioning and regulate menstrual cycle (6). The phytoestrogenic oil enhances estrogen production too (7).
  1. Frankincense: It relieves stress and restores energy, thus having a positive effect on fertility (8). It also helps relieve symptoms of uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and uterine inflammation that could affect your fertility (9).
  1. Geranium: This oil helps balance hormones, regulates menstruation, supports the uterus and thus treats endometriosis (10). It also calms you (11).
  1. German chamomile: This essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties that are known for reducing pain caused by fibroids and cysts, thus improving the chances of conception (12) (9).
  1. Jasmine: The intense floral fragrance is known to enhance sex drive, and gets you into a lovemaking mood. It also supports overall reproductive health (13).
  1. Lavender: It helps control mood swings due to hormonal imbalance. It also lowers stress and balances the endocrine system (14).
  1. Myrrh: Filled with a balsamic and earthy aroma, myrrh supports the body by regulating the menstrual periods, reduces the menstrual pains, and clears obstructions in the womb (15).
  1. Patchouli: The enriching and relaxing fragrance of patchouli oil is known to calm anxious feelings. It also improves your sex drive, thus promoting fertility (16).
  1. Rose otto: Relaxes the uterus, regulates the menstrual cycle, and treats premenstrual syndrome. It is an aphrodisiac, improves cervical mucus and is helpful for those having trouble to conceive (17).
  1. Sandalwood: Known to be aphrodisiac, it helps in enhancing the sexual drive. It regulates testosterone levels in the body which is essential for women as well (18).
  1. Tarragon: Effective in regulating the menstrual cycle and reduces menstrual pain. It will, therefore, improve your chances of conception by improving reproductive health (19).
  1. Yarrow: This detoxifying oil increases nutrient-dense blood flow around the pelvic region. It is an emmenagogue and stimulates menstrual flow (20).
  1. Ylang ylang: This essential oil boosts your sexual drive with its aphrodisiac properties. It helps balance hormones and boosts reproductive organs (21).

Essential Oils For Fertility In Men

Essential oils work in men by boosting sperm production, normalizing hormones and treating reproductive dysfunctions.

Some basic oils to consider for men include:

  1. Angelica: Relaxes the nervous system, allows you to enjoy improved intimacy, and energizes the reproductive organs (22).
  1. Basil: Improves sexual instincts, relaxes the mind and stimulates reproductive organs (23). A relaxing massage using the oil will benefit both physically and emotionally.
  1. Clary sage: Stimulates the pituitary gland to produce hormones. It is known to increase the sperm count and improve testicular structure (24).
  1. Cumin: Uplifts mood and relieves stress. It is known to improve sperm count and other fertility markers (25).
  1. Cypress: Raises testosterone levels. It stimulates circulation and improves the flow of energy throughout the body (26).
  1. Frankincense: Relieves nervous tension during sex, and helps improve sperm count (27).
  1. Juniper berry: Strengthens kidneys and thus increases the sperm count. It works on fertility by stimulating sperm production (28) (29).
  1. Patchouli: Stimulates sex hormones, and improves libido (30).
  1. Jasmine: Strengthens the sex organs and enhances reproductive health.
  1. Rose: Treats sexual dysfunction, elevates mood and strengthens sex organs.
  1. Sandalwood: Holds aphrodisiac properties, which improves sex drive and energy. Supports hormonal balance (31).
  1. Sweet orange: Improves libido and impotence. It eliminates fears associated with pleasure and self-gratification (32).
  1. Vetiver: Good for reproductive organs and eases sexual tension. It stimulates endocrine glands and circulatory system to support hormone production (33).
  1. Ylang ylang: Increases libido, treats impotence and improves sexual energy (34).

To get the desired results, you should know how to use these oils.

Ways To Blend Essential Oils

You can use essential oils in two ways (35):

  • Breathing the aroma
  • Absorption into the skin

The aroma of these oils can be breathed into the lungs through a bath, air fresheners, steam inhalation, and aromatherapy burners. During a bath or aromatherapy, the tiny particles in the vapors emitted by the essential oils pass down to the lungs. They are then combined with oxygen molecules in the blood and transported throughout the body through the circulatory system.

During a massage, the essential oil particles are absorbed into the skin and are carried throughout the body through blood. Our body system is smart enough to transport the essential oils to the areas that require healing.

How To Make An Essential Oil Blend?

A carrier oil is necessary to make any essential oil blend. Essential oils cannot be used in their concentrated forms when they are strong and powerful. Some of the commonly used carrier oils are:

  • Sweet almond
  • Avocado
  • Fractionated coconut
  • Jojoba
  • Apricot kernel
  • Olive
  • Hazelnut
  • Sesame
  • Macadamia
  • Castor
  • Grapeseed

You can mix two carrier oils or a carrier oil with essential oils. Here is how:

  • Take an amber or blue glass bottle that has a tight-fitting cap.
  • Sterilize the bottle and its lid in boiling water for about three minutes.
  • Let it dry properly since the oil may turn rancid when it mixes with water.
  • Fill half of the bottle with a carrier oil, and add some drops of essential oils of your choice.
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with carrier oil and cap it tightly.
  • Shake the bottle gently so that the oils are mixed properly.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place, and you can start using it after a day of preparation.

Fertility Essential Oil Blends

Given below are some oil blends for your idea. You can either try them or make one based on your preferences (36).

  • For a hot water bath, add a few drops of the oil to hot bath water to enjoy a soothing and relaxing body shower.
  • For a warm compress, put some drops of essential oil in two ounces of hot water. Drop a cotton cloth and use it as a compress.

Complete fertility enhancer (Good for everyday use)

Oil blend (4oz)DropsBathCompress
Sweet fennel1011
Rose Otto1011
Clary sage2022

Menstrual cramps (Good to use before ovulation or during painful periods, ovarian cysts, fibroids, and endometriosis)

Oil blend (4oz)DropsBathCompress
Clary sage2022
German chamomile1522
Sweet marjoram2021
Rose Otto1011

Heavy menstrual bleeding

Oil blend (4oz)DropsBathCompress
Clary sage2022
Sweet marjoram1011

Buy quality products

Research about the different brands of oil available and make sure they are of high quality before buying them. You can also ask your health specialist to recommend a good quality product.

Precautions To Follow While Using Essential Oils

  1. Do not apply concentrated essential oil on the skin directly. Go to a qualified aromatherapist for advice before trying any oil.
  1. Oil blends can be used every day unless you are trying to conceive or are already pregnant.
  1. Avoid using the oil immediately after ovulation.
  1. If the oil gets into your mouth, eye or an open wound, wash them with milk or buttermilk. This milk absorbs and washes off the essential oils. Using water directly can spread the oil around.
  1. Buy your essential oils from a qualified naturopath or aroma therapist. Using sub par essential oils can be harmful and increase your chances of having an allergic reaction.
  1. Do not use essential oils internally.
  1. Do not ingest essential oils without first talking to a naturopath and/or doctor.
  1. Always store essential oils out of reach of children, as are harmful not only if ingested but also on contact in large amounts.
  1. In people who are prone to nightmares, night terrors, or sleepwalking, lavender can increase and worsen these, disrupting sleep and decreasing rest. It is not recommended to diffuse or apply lavender before bed or even at all for those who are affected by such sleep problems.

As with any natural medicine, be mindful of what your body is telling you and if you begin to feel any adverse affect you suspect might be from the use of any essential oil, stop using it immediately and revisit with your doctor, aroma therapist or naturopath.

Self Care Tips While Using Essential Oils

While using the oils:

  1. Follow a nutritious diet
  2. Maintain an active lifestyle
  3. Manage stress levels
  4. Avoid exposure to toxins
  5. Sleep well
  6. Quit smoking
  7. Limit alcohol and caffeine intake
  8. Refrain from using processed sugars

You must have understood how essential oils work towards improving fertility by now. However, since clinical research of their effectiveness is sparse, you need to consult a naturopathic practitioner before using them. The different essential oils, including jasmine, lavender, rose, and yarrow, work in different ways to enhance reproductive health. Also, creating blends with these oils to see an improvement in your fertility is interesting. While using any of these oils, test for allergies and sensitivities. If you notice any discomfort, stop using them and check with a doctor.


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