Essential Winter Tips To Protect Your Baby’s Tender Skin

Essential Winter Tips To Protect Your Baby’s Tender Skin

Winter is back. The cold mornings, pleasant weather in the days and chilly nights are something we love. And if you have a baby at home, just hug her to experience the warmth that passes between you both. But winter comes with its own set of woes and the skin is the first to get affected.We all know that a baby’s skin is too delicate to withstand the vagaries of winter. In fact, a baby’s skin losesmoisture up to five times faster than an adult’s skin making it prone to dryness and damage.

But don’t you worry! We bring to you expert tips from Baby Dove to help sail through the season with nourished and moisturized skin.

Keep the baby warm:

The winter air is dry and cold. Exposing your baby to this air makes her skin dry and parched. Keep your baby warm by keeping her well-clothed. However, do not clothe her so much that she sweats!

Skin care regime:

This winter, follow a skin care regime using products that are mild and provide superior moisturisation to keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth.

Incorporate the Baby Dove Rich Moisture baby bar to her bathing ritual to ensure that essential nutrients lost during cleansing are replenished. Unlike other baby bars, the Rich Moisture baby bar contains ¼ moisturising cream that leaves tender baby skin soft, nourished, and delicately scented. Plus, the bar is hypoallergenic and its pH neutral formula respects skin’s natural pH balance.

And remember, do not let your baby soak in the water for too long, as this can make her skin even more dry.

Use warm water for bath, and wrap and dry your baby in a soft towel.

Post bath, give a massage with a nourishing moisturizer. It improves the blood circulation, will keep your baby warm by retaining the moisture in her skin.

Use the Baby Dove Nourishing Baby Lotion that gently moisturizes baby’s skin for 24 hours. It soothes dry skin from first use and is hypoallergenic, and so clinically proven to minimise allergy risks.

Make sure that your hands are warm before you touch your baby. For winters, use the lotion at least twice during the day to ensure that her skin gets round-the-clock protection in these cold months.

Diaper changes:

Every time you change your baby’s diaper, you need to clean the region. Exposure to water and the cold can make the area dry and itchy. Baby Dove Moisture Baby Care Wipes effectively remove impurities while instantly moisturising baby’s delicate skin. The wipes are alcohol free and as gentle as water.

Once you clean your baby’s body with the wipes, apply Baby Dove diaper rash cream to protects her skin from redness and irritation. The cream neutralises pH in seconds and provides instant comfort from the first use, and immediate protection from the diaper rash. Apply the cream every time you change the nappy.


Keep the baby warm

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When you take your baby outdoors, tick these check boxes: warm clothes, caps, mittens, and socks. To know if your baby is warm and ready to go out here is a small test you can do:

Touch her belly and toes. The belly must be warm, and the toes must be slightly cool. If the belly is cold, your baby is not warm enough, and if the toes are warm or hot, then you probably overdressed the little one.

Follow these simple tips every day to keep your baby safe and healthy during winters.

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