5 Useful Tips To Handle Ethical & Moral Dilemmas For Teenagers

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Right from “Mom I don’t have anything to wear,” to “I am not sure he will like me”, the list of dilemmas a teen seems to face is endless. Helping solve your teen’s dilemmas can be a problematic situation for you. But, Momjunction has made the process simple. We have put together some common ethical and moral dilemmas that teens face, and how you can help her overcome them. Read our post below to learn more.

Common Ethical Dilemmas For Teenagers:

Here are some common ethical dilemmas that can make your teen’s life miserable:

1. Academics:

  • Your teen may face a moral dilemma when she has to perform well in academics.
  • Your teen may succumb to peer pressure, or be starstruck by the college’s name. And, they may try to cheat in their examinations or peek at other student’s answer sheet to get desirable grades.

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2. Drugs And Alcohol:

  • Teenagers have an inclination towards trying drugs and alcohol.
  • Your teen may be tempted to try drinking or smoking after observing the close friends.
  • They feel that the consumption of alcohol and drugs makes them cool, and remain popular among friends.
  • Parents and teachers always discourage teens from drug addiction, as an overdose can lead to nasty complications.

3. Lying:

  • Your teen may lie because she never wants to disappoint or hurt you or any of her closest friends.
  • Teens often lie to cover their faults like not attending school, addiction to drugs or to hide pornographic material.
  • Your teen lies to you; whenever she fears that you may overreact or scold her because of her academics.

4. Snitching:

  • Your teen often tends to snitch and practice tattle-tailing, as she may not want to betray or upset her parents or dear ones.
  • Sometimes your teen may follow this ethical dilemma to stay loyal to her loved ones and ensure her personal safety.

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5. Risk-Taking Behavior:

  • During teenage, the social environment is quite unstable, and your teen is under immense peer pressure.
  • It can lead to irresponsible and inappropriate behavior.
  • You may think that your teen may follow the social ethics before getting involved in any risky decision. But you should know that the teenage brain has less self-control and possesses poor decision-making ability.
  • As a responsible parent, you need to teach your teen social ethics to make her understand the value of life.
  • You can encourage your teen to go through question-and-answer sessions, to check her decision-making ability. (1)

Tips To Handle Ethical & Moral Dilemmas For Teenagers:

You can use the following tips to handle your teen’s dilemma:

  • Before handling any teenage dilemmas, you need to analyze the entire situation in a holistic manner and decide what should be done to control the action morally.
  • Parents and teachers play a pivotal role in solving dilemmas for teen, and they should prepare them to handle the scenario in a positive manner.
  • Try to guide your teen subtly and teach her should she can do, and what she should avoid. Make your teen understands the conceptual differences between ethics and morals in life.
  • It is important for your teen to make an accurate moral judgment and have a clear idea of the consequences.
  • Help your teen analyze the situations aptly and solve the dilemma ethically.
  • Always appreciate your teen’s hard work and don’t be judgmental. For instance, if your teen studies hard for exams try to appreciate her, but never tempt her with rewards.
  • Proper parental guidance can prepare your teen to face several moral dilemmas and cope with stress easily and not lose her mental peace.

Did your teen suffer from any ethical or moral dilemma? How did you handle moral dilemmas for teens? Tell us here.

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