175 Wonderful European Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Europe is a dream destination for many, and people from around the world visit Europe to experience the culture and beauty. If you’re searching for European baby names for your little one, multiple options are available. After all, Europe is not homogenous but a melange of various countries with different cultures, languages, customs, and traditions.

Earlier, people in Europe had a few basic names for girls and boys that they repeatedly used for generations, such as Mary, Alice, William, and more. However, with the increase in interaction among various European countries due to trade and politics, different unique names became popular. So, people started opting for such exotic, fancy names instead of the old family names.

Our list includes such beautiful names that sound sophisticated, meaningful, and attractive. From French to Spanish influences, choosing the right name can be challenging. So, browse our light to find suitable and trendy options for your child.

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Top 85 European Baby Names For Girls

1. Abella

Abella is one of the most romantic and the most exotic Spanish names that you can bestow on your darling.


Here’s another quintessential European name meaning ‘my father is joyful.’ Abigail, the wife of David, was renowned for her wisdom, beauty, and prophetic powers.

3. Adelina

Like a sweet serenade, Adelina means ‘noble’ in German and adds a touch of elegance to any melody.

4. Adriana

Besides windmills and tulips, the Netherlands is also known for its distinct monikers. Adriana is a beautiful Dutch name to consider for your baby. Rie would be a perfect nickname for Adriana.

5. Agnes

Agnes, originating from Greek, means ‘pure’ or ‘chaste.’ This name reflects a sense of innocence and virtue, evoking an image of purity like a gentle breeze on a sunny day.

6. Alice

Alice is another sweet and strong European name. The name got a big bounce when Tina Fey chose it for her daughter.

7. Alzbeta

The Czech language has some of the most alluring and striking baby names. One of them is Alzbeta, which is the Czech form of Elizabeth.

8. Anna

Exotic, classic, and simple, Anna is the most dominant variant in the Ann family. The name has been used throughout Europe for generations.

9. Annabelle

This charming name is on the rise along with other ‘Elle’ ending names like Isabelle. This saucy and fancy name sounds both lively and melodious.

10. Arianna

Arianna would be a smooth and exotic choice for your daughter. It’s also one of the top names in Italy.

11. Audrey

Audrey is one of the European names that have been rising mainly due to its connection to the chic and radiant Audrey Hepburn. The meaning of Audrey is ‘noble strength.’

12. Aurora

Originating from Latin, Aurora means ‘dawn.’ It encapsulates the mesmerizing beauty of the first light, promising a bright future filled with endless possibilities.

13. Autumn

Colorful and crisp, Autumn is the most preferred season name in Europe. Even Jennifer Love Hewitt named her daughter Autumn.


Ava is the Latin for Eve and means ‘life.’ It is epidemically popular in Hollywood. A dozen of high profile parents chose Ava for their daughters. A fascinating thing about this name is that it is much more ancient than its sleekness suggests.

15. Beatrice

Derived from the Latin name Beatrix, Beatrice translates to ‘blessed one’ or ‘she who brings joy.’ This name exudes warmth and kindness, like a gentle ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

16. Bianca

Of Italian origin, Bianca signifies ‘white’ or ‘pure.’ It evokes a sense of innocence and tranquility, reminiscent of a pristine snow-covered landscape.

17. Cassandra

With Greek origins, the name Cassandra means ‘to excel’ or ‘to shine.’ Cassandra was a Trojan princess in Greek mythology.

18. Caroline

Caroline is a perennial classic European name. It also sounds a lot more feminine than its trendier cousin Carolyn. The meaning of Carolyn is ‘free man.’

19. Celeste

Derived from Latin, Celeste embodies heavenly beauty and serenity. Like a celestial lullaby, this name brings peace and tranquility to weary souls.

20. Charlotte

Charlotte is the recent European royal name to join the bandwagon along with Olivia, Emma, and Sophia. This unique European baby names sound sophisticated yet lush, feminine yet mature.

21. Chiara

Chiara, meaning ‘light’ in Italian, is the perfect illustration of the light your baby girl will bring in the lives of many.

22. Clare

Clare, a variation of the common name Clara, is popular in Italy. Despite being a downright European name, Clara is extremely popular in America.

23. Clementine

With French origins, Clementine represents mercy and forgiveness. This name is a perfect choice for instilling values such as kindness and compassion in your little one.

24. Coralie

Derived from French and Latin, Coralie represents a coral and symbolizes the beauty and wonder of the sea. Like a mermaid’s song, this name enchants with its aquatic magic.

25. Dana

Dana, a versatile name of English origin, carries a delightful air of mystery. With possible connections to Danish heritage, Hebrew roots, Celtic goddesses, and even Arabic elegance, Dana sparkles like a precious pearl, representing bravery and daring.

26. Delia

With Greek origins, Delia signifies ‘of Delos.’ The name Delos is the epithet of the Greek goddess Artemis. Delos is also the name of an island in Greece, thus conjuring images of sun-kissed shores and gentle sea breezes, encapsulating a spirit of wanderlust and adventure.

27. Diane

We’ve got a perfect moniker for your little mademoiselle, Diane it is. The name is steeped in glamor and class. And it’s a fresh change from the commonplace Diana.

28. Eleanor

This formal name keeps coming in and out of fashion right from the time Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine brought it to England from France.

29. Eliana

Eliana is a rhythmic and poetic name that is beginning to catch along with names starting with El. Eliana means ‘God has answered.’

30. Elisa

Originating from Hebrew, Elisa means ‘my God is an oath.’ It emanates a sense of devotion and faith like a quiet prayer whispered in the depths of the heart.

31. Emery

This gender-neutral gem has roots in Old German, where it represents courage and strength with its meaning of ‘brave’ or ‘powerful.’ Its diverse origins give it additional layers of significance, as it can also symbolize a ‘powerful home’ in German and Anglo-Saxon or exude love with its Latin connection to Emmerich.

32. Emily

Emily is strong, classic, simple, feminine, pretty- everything that parents look while selecting a name for their daughter. It also has some great literary namesakes like Emily Bronte and Emily Dickinson.

33. Emma

Emma, meaning ‘universal’ has made a surprise return to the top  list, all because of the legion of ‘Emma’ heroines. This top European baby name also got a big boost when Ross and Rachel bestowed it on their daughter in ‘FRIENDS.’

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Internationally acclaimed actors Emma Watson, Emma Stone, and Emma Thompson are some popular bearers of this name.

34. Esmeralda

Esmeralda, meaning ‘emerald’ in Spanish is climbing the charts briskly, all thanks to the Disney’s film ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame.’ You can even shorten it to Esme. We loved both!
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35. Eva

Derived from the Hebrew word Chawah, Eva means ‘to breathe’ or ‘to live.’ It embodies the essence of vitality and growth, like a seed blossoming into a vibrant, flourishing flower.

36. Evangeline

Derived from Greek, Evangeline means ‘good news.’ This name is a herald of hope, spreading joy and positivity wherever it goes.

37. Flora

Originating from Latin, Flora represents flowers and nature’s abundance. Like a vibrant meadow, this name breathes life into the world, celebrating the beauty of creation.


Originating from Old Irish, Fiona denotes ‘blessed’ or ‘white.’ It exudes an ethereal charm and carries the echoes of Irish mythology.

39. Freya

With Norse origins, Freya symbolizes ‘lady.’ It carries a regal grace and strength, like a valiant warrior queen leading her people to victory.

 40. Gabriella

More than  girls were given the name Gabriella last year in Europe. That speaks enough about its popularity. The name sounds super sweet and graceful, just like your little angel.

41. Giselle

Derived from Germanic roots, Giselle embodies a pledge and a promise. Throughout history, this name has graced the lives of illustrious individuals, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of time.

42. Grace

Grace is a popular name in Northern Ireland. Some parents love its simplicity, while others adore its meaning.

43. Hannah

Hannah is a soft and gentle name with an aristocratic and homey image. The TV sensation ‘Hannah Montana’ did a great deal to popularize this name. It means ‘grace.’

44. Hazel

Originating from Old English, Hazel signifies the hazel tree. This name is a connection to nature, grounding its bearer and reminding them of their innate strength.

45. Illona

Illona is a Greek name that sounds pretty when it rolls off the tongue and looks beautiful when written. The meaning of Illona is ‘torch of light.’

46. Ingrid

Here’s a Danish name for your little princess. The meaning of Ingrid is ‘Ing’s beauty.’ But do you even know who Ing was? Ing was the god of earth’s fertility.

47. Isabella

Isabella sounds like a superstar name. This European name has been raising the popularity chart like no other. It’s feminine, and a classic. Bella is the best nickname for this one, remember Isabella Swan from Twilight?

48. Isla

Isla, coming from the name of a Scottish River, is a beautiful name to consider for your daughter.

49. Katherine

Katherine is one of the most diverse, royal, powerful, simple and adaptable European names. It also has a myriad of spelling and namesakes, including the famous Catherine Zeta Jones.

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Some other variants of this name include Kathryn, Katharine, Katheryn, Katharyn, Kathryne, Katheryne, Katherin, Kathrine, Catharine and Cathryn.

50. Kennedy

Before you start raising eyebrows, Kennedy is a unisex name. This charismatic name manages to sound classic and trendy, both at the same time.

51. Kiana

The name Kiana, with its captivating origins, brings together the rich cultural heritage of both Hawaiian and Indo-European traditions. Kiana meaning ‘Moon Goddess,’ and ‘divine’ becomes a perfect choice for parents seeking a name that combines a sense of celestial wonder with a deep connection to ancient wisdom.

52. Lillian

Lillian is considered by many parents as a subdued cousin of the popular Lily. It originated as a pet name of Elizabeth but later became an independent name.

53. Lilou

If you are fond of names like Louise or Lily, then you will adore Lilou, a combination of both. You can even shorten this name to Lee.

54. Logan

This name Logan has enjoyed great success in the recent years. But its meaning is not the best of all. It means ‘hollow.’

55. Lola

Lola is one of the best French names meaning ‘sorrow.’ The meaning isn’t the most pleasing one, but the name is gorgeous.

56. London

Could there any name more European than this one? This place-name is an unusual and attractive name with a lot of substances.

57. Madelyn

Madelyn or Madeline is an all-time favorite baby girl’s name with the French people. If you want to go the French way, then Madeleine is the original spelling.

58. Maja

Your daughter is sure to love you for giving her this name. Maja, meaning ‘pearl’ is one of the most popular European baby names from Sweden. And going by its popularity, we don’t see it fading anytime soon.

59. Mareike

Mareike translates to ‘bitter,’ but it sounds nothing like it. This beautiful name is a German variation of Mariah or Mary.

60. Margot

With French origins, Margot embodies a pearl. This name is a timeless treasure, representing elegance and sophistication.

61. Matilda

Of Germanic origin, Matilda signifies ‘mighty in battle’ or ‘strength in battle.’ It exudes a warrior spirit and a fierce determination, like a valiant shieldmaiden fearlessly facing her foes.

62. Maya

You don’t have to be Spanish to appreciate the beauty of the Spanish name. Maya is a ‘nombre’ that has the correct doses of sweetness and spiciness.

63. Mia

Mia, meaning ‘mine’ is a favorite with Germans. Now could there be a perfect name for your daughter signifying what she is to you?

64. Michalina

Michalina is a Polish variation of Michaela. It means ‘no one compares to the Lord.’

65. Nadia

Derived from Russian and Slavic, Nadia means ‘hope.’ It emanates a spirit of optimism and resilience, like a ray of sunshine breaking through stormy clouds.

66. Natalia

Originating from Latin, Natalia represents Christmas and the spirit of giving. This name is a celebration of love and joy, reminding us of the beauty in sharing.

67. Olivia

"Olivia, European baby names "

Just like its cousins Sophia and Isabella, Olivia is a lovely Shakespearean name with a balance of feminity and strength. The name has also been a favorite star baby name for the last decade. The meaning of Olivia is ‘olive tree.’

68. Ophelia

Derived from Greek, Ophelia means ‘help’ or ‘advantage.’ A famous fictional character includes Hamlet’s love interest in the Shakespearean play titled Hamlet.

69. Penelope

Penelope, weaver

Penelope is a classic European name meaning ‘weaver.’ Nell or Poppy would be great nicknames instead of the traditional Penny.

70. Peyton

Peyton, meaning ‘fighting man’s estate’ is a unisex name growing in popularity because of its softness combined with the naughtiness.

71. Phoebe

With Greek origins, Phoebe signifies bright and radiant. This name is a sunbeam, casting its warm glow on all who bask in its light. Phoebe Buffay from the television series Friends is a famous fictional character who bears this name.

72. Quinn

Derived from Irish and Gaelic roots, Quinn means ‘sense,’ ‘reason,’ ‘head,’ or ‘chief,’ and embodies intelligence and wisdom.

73. Samantha

Samantha is a feminization of Samuel. Sadly, it’s beginning to fade after years of use. But it sounds lovely.

74. Sarah

Sarah is as stylish as it is traditional. It is widely used in Europe, but with a range of variations. Our favorite is Sarah, which means princess.

75. Serenity

Serenity is soft, sweet and far from shrinking. It means ‘peace,’ something that is lacking greatly in the world.

76. Sophia

Sophia is a winner. It has a sensuous sound and a lovely meaning. This European baby name appeals to a broad range of parents, from intellectuals to film stars. Sophia is the most preferred spelling, but Sofia can also be considered.

77. Stella

The name Stella manages to be both earthy and heavenly at the same time. One of the most notable bearers of this name is Stella McCartney, the renowned designer.

78. Tiana

Tiana, meaning ‘princess,’ has a diverse and fascinating background. With origins in Greek, Spanish, Malagasy, Romani, and Catalan, it carries meanings of ‘loved,’ and ‘favored,’ making it a delightful choice for your little one.

79. Valeria

Originating from Latin, Valeria signifies strength and valor. This name is a fortress of resilience, empowering its bearer to face any challenge with unwavering courage.

80. Victoria

With Latin origins, Victoria represents victory and triumph. This name is a testament to resilience, inspiring others to overcome any obstacle in their path.

81. Violet

Violet is one of the prettiest floral and color names. It was chosen by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, the high profile Hollywood celebs.

82. Vivienne

Originating from French, Vivienne means ‘alive’ and embodies liveliness and vitality. This name is a burst of energy, infusing life with its infectious zest and passion.

83. Willow

With English origins, Willow represents a tree. Like a gentle breeze rustling through the leaves, this name carries a sense of tranquility and adaptability.

In one of their videos, new parents and YouTubers Dallin and Bella share their thoughts on the name Willow for a baby girl. The couple says, “Willow is such a pretty name. I feel like it’s just so timeless. It has that Whimsical vibe to it, which I think is so cute. I could just picture such an adorable little girl named Willow. I like that one a lot (i).”

84. Xenia

This name of Greek origin embodies the essence of hospitality and kindness. acts as a gateway, graciously inviting hearts in with an embrace of warmth and genuine compassion.

85. Zoe

Derived from Greek, Zoe means ‘life.’ This name is a symphony of joy, celebrating the boundless energy and zest for life that resides within us all.

Top 90 European Names For Boys

86. Adam

Adam, derived from the Hebrew word ‘adamah’ meaning ‘earth,’ holds a profound significance as it represents the first man created by God. It is also believed to mean ‘Son of red earth.’

87. Adelmo

The German language can be rough to the ears, but its names are very pleasing. Adelmo is a beautiful German name meaning ‘noble protector.’

88. Adorjan

The Finno-Ugric language of Hungary makes the English version of the names look unique, fiery, and anything but boring.

89. Adrian

Originating from Latin, Adrian means son of Adria.’ It evokes images of strength and resilience, like the mighty Adriatic Sea, inspiring your little one to conquer challenges with determination.

90. Alban

Alban is an extremely unusual name that means ‘white.’ It was the name of an early ‘martyr’ in Roman Britain. You can also opt for its alternate spelling Alben. A notable bearer of this name is Alben W. Barkley, one of the Vice Presidents of the United States.

91. Alejandro

Alejandro is a softer variation of Alexander. This classic Spanish name made a smooth transition to this culture and currently ranks . And to add to its current popularity is Lady Gaga’s song ‘Alejandro.’

92. Apollo

Apollo, a name of divine origin, brings together the enchantment of Greek and Roman cultures. Derived from ancient Greek words like ‘apelo’ symbolizing strength, ‘apollymi’ signifying destruction, Apollo offers a captivating choice for parents seeking a name steeped in mythology and valor.

93. Armand:

Meaning ‘soldier,’ Armand has been considered one of the most romantic male names since the first producing of ‘Camille.’ Armand is not much heard outside European countries. So if you belong to Asia or any other continent, it will make a unique name for your child.

94. Aspen

Introducing Aspen, a captivating name that dances with nature’s rhythm! Originating from Britain and America, it signifies a ‘shaking or quaking tree.’ With its wintry charm, this gender-neutral name traces its roots back to Old English, where ‘aespe’ or ‘aepse’ represented the vibrant poplar tree in motion.

95. Baptiste

Baptiste, meaning ‘Baptist’ comes from the Greek word ‘bapto,’ which means dip. The name has an association with the handsome male model ‘Baptiste Giabiconi.

96. Barnaby

Barnaby, originating from an Old English surname, combines the Saxon element ‘beorn,’ meaning ‘young warrior,’ with the Danish suffix ‘by,’ meaning ‘settlement.’ As a given name, Barnaby carries the meaning of ‘son of consolation’ and is etymologically connected to the New Testament name Barnabas.

97. Bence

Bence is a Hungarian variant of Vincent. The name that was used quietly for centuries is now viewed as a seemingly stylish name along with the other B names. The meaning of Bence is ‘conquering.’

98. Benjamin

Of Hebrew origin, Benjamin translates to ‘son of the right hand.’ Symbolizing good fortune and favor, this name bestows a sense of optimism and grace upon your little bundle of joy.

99. Benito

Benito is the Portuguese version of Benedict. It is an fitting name if you want a break from the usual Ben and Benjamin. The meaning of this distinctive name is ‘blessed.’

100. Blaise

Blaise may sound contemporary, but is actually the name of an ancient Christian martyr. The name gives out a fiery feel. Even Amanda Beard named her baby boy Blaise.

101. Casimir

Originating from Polish and Slavic origins, Casimir translates to ‘proclaimer of peace.’ This name embodies a peaceful and harmonious spirit, inspiring your child to promote tranquility in their surroundings.

102. Cyrilo

Portuguese names have a distinct rhythm that makes it sound so beautiful. Cyrilo is a Portuguese version of the name Cyrillus, meaning ‘lordly.’

103. Damien

Derived from the Greek word ‘damazo,’ meaning ‘to tame,’ Damien represents strength and control. This name carries an air of mystery and intrigue, reflecting a charismatic and influential personality.

104. Daniel

Daniel is a timeless name with Hebrew origins, meaning ‘God is my judge.’ The name has a rich biblical history, associated with the story of the prophet Daniel, known for his wisdom, integrity, and unwavering faith.

105. Davide

As you all must have guessed by now, Davide is an excellent alternative to David, meaning ‘beloved.’ The name Davide is a classic in Italy with many parents going for it.

106. Dominic

Derived from the name Dominicus, Dominic means ‘of the Lord.’ With its roots in Latin, Dominic evokes qualities of leadership and a deep commitment to a higher purpose.

107. Edgar

With English origins, Edgar signifies ‘wealthy spear.’ This name combines strength and prosperity, reflecting a determined and successful individual.

108. Elias

Originating from Hebrew, Elias is a variant of Elijah, meaning ‘my God is Yahweh.’ It captures a sense of divine connection and spirituality, instilling a sense of purpose and devotion.

109. Emilio

Dashing Emilio is a Spanish and Italian favorite. It is a variation of Emil and means ‘rival.’ Even its cousins Emiliano would make a good pick. The meaning of Emiliano is ‘work.’

110. Enzo

Just like Leonardo is the short form of Leo, Enzo is the short form of Lorenzo. This captivating and confident name has begun to be used by parents of all ethnic backgrounds. The meaning of Enzo is ‘estate ruler.’

111. Eryk

In Polish, Eryk translates to lovable; exactly what your baby boy is to you. The Norse meaning of this name is ‘eternal ruler.’

112. Etienne

Here’s another European name meaning ‘crown.’ Fashionistas associate this name with the popular designer Etienne Aigner.

113. Evan

Evan, the Welsh of John has a nice-guy feel to it. This European name for babies has been popular in Wales since the 19th century and surprisingly, holds the th spot for boy’s names in France. The meaning of Evan is ‘Lord is gracious.’

114. Fabian

Derived from the Roman family name Fabius, Fabian means ‘bean grower.’ This name symbolizes patience and fertility, bringing to mind an image of a nurturing and nurturing soul.

115. Felix

Originating from Latin, Felix means ‘lucky’ or ‘successful.’ This name embodies a cheerful and positive disposition, serving as a reminder your child to embrace life’s joys and seek happiness.


The name Ferdinand has a profound legacy. It was the name of several Italian and Spanish kings. Three Roman emperors have borne this name too. Now that’s one cool name to bestow on your child.

117. Florian

Not just Florence and Flora, even Florian has returned with full force. It is the trendy Latinate ending that has made it so popular in Europe. As a first name, Florian may sound a bit feminine, but would make a great middle name; especially if you have a granny or mommy named Florence.

118. Gabriel

Gabriel was the name of the archangel who heralded the news of the birth of Jesus Christ. He appears in Jewish, Muslim and Christmas texts. This biblical name means ‘God is my strength.’

119. George

Of Greek origin, George translates to ‘farmer’ or ‘earthworker.’ This name signifies diligence and hard work, inspiring a strong work ethic and perseverance in your little one.

120. Giotto

The name Giotto has a creative legacy. It was born by Giotto di Bondone, as Italian architect and painter from Florence. Besides, it sounds great, doesn’t it?

121. Giovanni

Giovanni is an Italian classic name. This fresh and cool sounding name is now in the top  names in the United States. Giovanni also has plenty of notable namesakes, Giovanni Boccaccio being one of them.

122. Gustav

The name Gustav is very popular in Germany and Sweden. Meaning ‘staff of the Goths’, this European name will make an uncommon pick for your son.

123. Hector

In the early days, the name Hector was used primarily by the Latino families. It was the name of the hero of the Trojan War. Today, it’s considered by parents who want to give a distinguished name to their son. The meaning of Hector is ‘holding fast.’

124. Henrik

Henrik is a variation of the name Henry. After hovering and fluctuating around the latter half of the Top  for  years, Henrik is now at its highest point since the World War . And the fact that Henry is very common has increased Henrik’s popularity substantially.

125. Hugo

Hugo, the Latin variant of Hugh sounds more hefty than original. The rich history behind this name makes it even more appealing. And we even love names that end with ‘o.’

126. Ignatius

Originating from Latin, Ignatius signifies ‘fiery’ or ‘ardent.’ This name represents a passionate and enthusiastic nature, igniting a spark within your child to pursue their dreams with fervor.

127. Isak

Isak is the Russian variant of the name Isaac. This Hebrew name, meaning laughter, leaped into the Top , where it has been for the past few years. It even shows signs of heading higher. Ike or Izzy would make cute nicknames for Isak.

128. Jan

If Nordic culture is something that enamors you, then why don’t you consider picking a Danish name for your child? Jan, pronounced as ‘yahn’ would make an excellent pick. It’s the Danish version of John.

129. Jasper

Jasper, bringer of treasure

Despite being a European name, Jasper has been rocketing up the ranks in the United States. Jasper is considered a charming and posh name in England. Its meaning is ‘bringer of treasure.’

130. Javier

Javier, pronounced as hah-vyee-AIR, embodies for many people the charismatic persona of Javier Bardem, the Spanish-born Oscar-nominated actor.

131. Jonas

With Hebrew roots, Jonas means ‘dove.’ This name symbolizes peace and innocence, reflecting a gentle and compassionate soul.

132. Julian

Derived from the Roman name Julianus, Julian means ‘youthful’ or ‘downy-bearded.’ This name exudes a sense of vitality and youthfulness, embracing the joy and energy of childhood.

133. Jupiter

With Latin origins, this captivating name pays homage to both the legendary deity Jupiter and the awe-inspiring planet. Just like the powerful king of the gods in Roman mythology, your little Jupiter may bring a touch of heavenly wonder to your family.

134. Kevin

Originating from Irish, Kevin translates to ‘handsome’ or ‘beloved.’ This name embodies charm and kindness, evoking a warm-hearted and likable personality.

135. Kieran

Originating from Irish, Kieran carries the delightful connotations of ‘little dark one’ or ‘black-haired,’ adding an air of mystery and charm.

136. Kristian

Kristian is the Greek variation of the name Christian. It is a great variation if you find Christian overtly pious and tradition. Did you know that in Middle Ages Kristian was a female name?

137. Kristoffer

The Scandinavian version of Christopher means ‘bearer of Christ.’ The name has so much more Debonair than plain Christopher.

138. Lawrence

With Latin origins, Lawrence signifies ‘from Laurentum,’ a city in ancient Italy. This name represents strength and valor, echoing the image of a courageous and determined individual.

139. Leon

Leon is one of the hottest leonine names in Europe. The name peaked in ’s and then declined. Now its slowly making its way back to the baby name world. It has already made a place in the top  names list. The meaning of Leon is ‘lion.’

140. Liam

Derived from the Irish name, a short form of William, Liam means ‘resolute protector.’ With associations to will, desire, and protection, Liam embodies the qualities of a true guardian, ready to shield and safeguard those dear to him.

141. Lotte

Lotte sound so classy and chic. No wonder people are opting for this name all over Europe. Meaning ‘masculine,’ the name Lotte always remains in the top  baby name list in the Netherlands.

142. Lucas

Lucas, derived from the English form of the Latin name Lucas, traces its origins back to the Greek name Loukas, meaning ‘from Lucania,’ a region in southern Italy. This name is also interpreted as ‘bringer of light,’ representing a person who illuminates the lives of others with their presence and radiance.

143. Luis

Luis, meaning ‘famous warrior’ will make a decent name for your son. Even the spelling is a cool variation of the common Louis.

144. Marcel

Marcel is currently on the brink of style resurgence. Marion Cottilard, the French Oscar winner named her son Marcel. The meaning of this soothing name is ‘little warrior.’

145. Marcello

Marcello, pronounced as ‘mar-che-llo,’ is one of the most attractive and lush Latin and Spanish names. It is obtained from the ancient name Marcellus, derived from Mars, the god of war. The meaning of Marcello is ‘young warrior.’

146. Martin

Martin is a timeless and classic name with origins in Latin. Derived from the Roman name Martinus, it means ‘of Mars,’ the Roman god of war. With a rich history and widespread usage, Martin has stood the test of time, making it a popular choice for parents seeking a name that exudes character and tradition.

147. Matteo

Matteo is an energetic Italian variant of the good ol’ Matthew. It is moving further into European nomenclature in terms of popularity. Mateo is a nice spelling alternative to Matteo.

148. Maximilian

Derived from the Latin name Maximus, Maximilian means ‘greatest.’ This name reflects ambition and excellence, encouraging your child to strive for greatness in all aspects of life.

149. Mikel

The European form of Michael, Mikel has simplified and streamlined spelling. The meaning of this name is ‘who is like God.’

150. Nathan

Of Hebrew origin, Nathan translates to ‘gift from God.’ This name conveys a sense of gratitude and appreciation, reminding your child of their inherent worth and unique qualities.

151. Nicholas

Nicholas translates to ‘victory of the people.’ This name of Greek origin carries a sense of triumph and popularity, suggesting a person who inspires and leads others.

152. Noah

Noah is a name of biblical origin, derived from the Hebrew word ‘noach’ meaning ‘rest’ or ‘repose.’ It holds significance biblically as the name of the righteous man who built the ark to survive the Great Flood.

153. Odin

Inspired by the supreme Norse God of wisdom and art, Odin carries a powerful connotation, symbolizing the god of frenzy and poetic fury, making it an enchanting choice for your little one.

154. Oliver

Oliver, meaning ‘affectionate,’ is topping the chart of baby names in Sweden.

155. Oscar

Oscar, derived from Gaelic roots, means ‘deer lover’ or ‘friend of deer.’ This name is associated with Irish mythology and represents a brave warrior with a strong connection to nature.

156. Paolo

Paul never sounded so exotic before. Paolo is an irresistibly romantic Italian variation of Paul. The most notable bearer of this name is Paolo Acerbis, the famous football player.

157. Patrick

Derived from the Latin name Patricius, Patrick means ‘nobleman.’ This name evokes images of dignity and refinement, suggesting a person of high status and honor.

158. Phillipe

Phillipe, pronounced as fill-eep, was the name of one of the apostles. The name is favored by parents who are in search of a classic name for their son. A slight twist in the spelling is making it look and sound exotic.

159. Pietro

European baby name meaning rock

Pietro is an appealing Greek variation of Peter. It translates to ‘rock.’

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Originating from Italy, Pietra or Petros are two less popular variants of this name.

160. Quentin

The French form of the name Quintinus, Quentin represents the fifth-born child. This name exudes a sense of individuality and distinction.

161. Raphael

Of Hebrew origin, Raphael translates to ‘God heals.’ This name carries an aura of restoration and protection, reminding your child of their capacity to bring comfort and solace to others.

162. Raymond

Though Raymond has been long dormant, some parents, especially celebs, are finding it cool. Ray will make the coolest nickname for Raymond. The meaning of Raymond is ‘wise protector.’

163. Remy

Remy entered the popularity list, quickly becoming one of the fastest-rising names on the list. The name came into the spotlight via the  Disney film ‘Ratatouille.’

164. Rhys

Reese, Reece, and Rhys all mean the same, but we particularly like the Welsh spelling Rhys the most. Rhys is a high-ranking name in Scotland, Ireland, and England. The meaning of Rhys is ‘ardor.’

165. Rocco

Rocco is a favorite with the hipster parents. We love it too. The meaning of this quirky Italian name is ‘rest.’

166. Ryan

Ryan is a name of Irish origin that exudes an air of strength and charisma. It is derived from the Irish surname Ó Riain, meaning ‘little king.’

167. Samuel

Derived from the Hebrew name Shemu’el, Samuel means ‘name of God’ or God has heard.’ This name carries a sense of divine communication and guidance, inspiring your child to listen and respond to their inner voice.

168. Sebastian

With Latin roots, Sebastian is derived from the Greek name Sebastos, meaning ‘venerable.’ It evokes images of strength and dignity, hinting at a noble and respected character.

169. Stefan

Stefan, crown

Stefan is an elegant, continental name meaning ‘crown.’

170. Theodore

Originating from Greek, Theodore signifies the ‘gift of God.’ This name reflects the idea of a child as a precious blessing destined to bring joy and love to those around them.

171. Trey

A spirited English name with a touch of numerical delight. Its one-syllable simplicity reflects its meaning of ‘three.’ From thrilling card games to legendary musicians like Trey Azagthoth, this name exudes playful energy and a sense of rockstar legacy.

172. Victor

Victor is one of the earliest European Christian names. It was borne by several popes and saints, symbolizing Jesus Christ’s victory over death. The name is favored greatly by the fashionable parents of London.

173. Vincent

With Latin roots, Vincent translates to ‘to conquer.’ It embodies strength and determination, suggesting a person who overcomes obstacles. The Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh Paul is a famous bearer.

174. Xander

Xander is a sassy Geek name meaning ‘defender of people.’ With such a powerful meaning, Xander is bound to be a hit with everyone. It sounds great when you call it too.

175. Xavier

Xavier is one of the few X names that most people know and use. It’s often paired with Francis as a middle name. The meaning of Xavier is ‘brightness,’ which your kid brings into your life with his arrival.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any differences between male and female European baby names?

There are no significant differences between male and female European names. But some minor clues can help – names ending with an ‘a’ or ‘ia’ are mostly female. Also, the names of celebrities directly correspond to their gender. So, if someone is named ‘Harry,’ he is probably a male.

2. What are the tips for choosing the perfect European baby name?

When looking for a European baby name, you first check how it sounds. If the sound appeals to you, then check for the gender and its meaning. If the name represents the qualities you want your child to imbibe, you will have the perfect European name.

3. What are the differences between European and American baby names?

The main difference is Americans usually opt for Biblical names. Names such as ‘Noah, ’ ‘Sophia,’ and ‘Saint’ have topped the popularity charts for years in the US. On the other hand, European names are strongly influenced by various European cultures and are often an amalgamation of different languages.

4. What are the benefits of choosing a European baby name?

European names are believed to be exotic, sophisticated, and attractive. Therefore, giving your child a European name can make them stand out and appear to have the above qualities.

If you want to pick a short and sweet name for your newborn, this wonderful list of European baby names can help you. These fancy names for baby boys and girls are unique and have beautiful meanings. Go through the names and their meanings, and pick a name that you find most suitable for your little one. Remember, your baby’s name is an integral part of their identity. So select a name that can complement their personality and add a special shine to it.

Infographic: Popular European Baby Names

Europe is a large peninsula with different cultures blended in it beautifully. The infographic below includes various names from different places that are popular throughout Europe and could be just the right name for your baby girl or boy.

popular baby names from all over europe (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • European baby names blend diverse languages, cultures, and rich traditions.
  • These names showcase varied influences from Latin, ancient Greek, and Roman origins.
  • Popular European choices for girls include Alice, Eva, Isabella, Hannah, Sophia, and Violet.
  • Consider options such as Lawrence, Martin, Oscar, or Samuel for a fabulous European name for your son.

Discover the 20 most wonderful European baby girl names! From classic to unique, find the perfect name for your little one.

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