Is It Normal To Have Excess Facial & Body Hair During Pregnancy?

Excess Facial & Body Hair

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Pregnancy – is a lovely, scary, satisfying, terrifying and sometimes annoying stage. The myriad of changes in your body can leave you dizzy. But, the sheer joy of childbirth is worth the wait and the drastic changes as well.

Apart from other visible and subtle changes, you will notice a huge change about your facial and body hair. If you are an expecting mother and are eager to find out about the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of facial and body hair growth during pregnancy, here is a post to serve your purpose right away. Read on to know more.

Why Am I Experiencing A Sudden Hair Growth/Loss?

It is common to experience an increase in hair growth or hair thinning during pregnancy. The first thing you need to understand is – the change is temporary. During pregnancy, your body also produces the male hormone androgen. Androgens lead to a sudden spurt in the body and facial hair (1).

Higher levels of estrogen in your body prolong the growth of hair. It brings about a reduction in your hair loss rate and makes your hair grow even faster.

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What Changes To Expect:

Generally, during pregnancy, your hair goes through two stages.


The first stage is that of growth. So you will find your hair growing faster than usual. Expect hair growth on your belly, face, breasts, back and the pubic area too. The hair on your head will become fuller and may also grow thicker. But this will go away within two to three months after your delivery.

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The second stage arrives after you deliver. You call it the resting phase. Once you deliver your baby, you will find you are losing hair. You will notice a huge hair thinning phase soon after. But, it shouldn’t bother you as it temporary.

You may also experience a change in the texture of your hair – straight to curly and vice versa. Though the change isn’t permanent, many women claim that their hair texture changed forever after pregnancy. Your hair color might change as well.

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Is It Safe To Wax During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to tweeze, wax or shave during pregnancy! You need not feel embarrassed about the sudden hair growth and can opt for salon services. However, you may feel a change in the intensity of pain that you experience during waxing. It is because of the increased sensitivity due to hormonal changes.

You may know more about waxing during pregnancy here.

Is it safe to bleach body hair during pregnancy? Well, you must try and avoid methods like bleaching and depilatories to remove unwanted hair from your body. Experts advise avoiding the methods to stop chemicals from entering your blood stream and hence your womb.

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Many women opt for permanent solutions like laser and electrolysis. But these cosmetic procedures may darken your skin permanently. The excess pigmentation leads to an increase in hormones in your body. So to avoid yourself any discomfort during pregnancy, it is best to not let yourself be bothered by this hair growth.

Some women may grow a moustache during pregnancy, but don’t worry, it isn’t permanent. It is best to accept these changes as they come without feeling embarrassed, we know it’s easier said than done. It is but a part of your pregnancy, and most women undergo the experience.

Again, not all women experience such drastic changes. So in case, you still haven’t, do not worry, everything is normal. Every pregnancy is unique, and your body undergoes a plethora of changes in every possible way. So relax and enjoy the phase.

Tell us about your experiences about your increased facial hair during pregnancy. We would love to hear from you.

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