27 Exciting Baby Shower Prizes For Guests


Food, fun, games, and prizes. That’s the essence of a baby shower.

Playing games and getting to know each other in the process is a great way of welcoming the baby. And to make these games exciting, you need to plan them and buy some awesome prizes. Agree? Then read on.

MomJunction gives you some amazing ideas for baby shower prizes.

Baby Shower Prize Ideas For Games

Here are some interesting and varied prize ideas for you:

1. Baked goodies:

Baked goodies prize for baby shower

Image: Istock

A basket of baked goodies such as banana bread, muffins, an almond cake is what everyone usually loves. You may either bake them at home or buy from the local bakery.

2. Handbags/sling bags:

Hand Bags for baby shower prizes for guest

Image: Istock

Women can never have enough handbags as they need a different bag for a different occasion. They simply love to add to their collection.

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3. Succulent plants:

Succulent Plants Inexpensive Baby Shower Prizes for Games

Image: Istock

Plant lovers will love this! Little succulents in ceramic pots are what your guests will love to take home; they will remember you every time they water the plant.

4. Pedicure gift set:

Pedicure Gift Set Game Prizes for Baby Shower

Image: Istock

A set of pedicure goodies will leave your female guests all pleased.

5. Candies/ jelly beans/chocolates in a jar:

Baby Shower Candies for Games

Image: Istock

Fill a jar with jelly beans, M&Ms or candies. If you want a healthy substitute, fill it up with chocolate-coated nuts or berries.

6. Piggy bank:

Piggy Bank coed baby shower prizes

Image: Shutterstock

These blue or pink piggy banks can remind your guests of your baby every time they save some money.

7. Potpourri mesh bags:

Potpourri mesh bags for Baby Shower

Image: Istock

You can make these mesh bags at home with an old fabric and fill it with some scented sachets.

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8. Photo frame:

Bbay Shower Photo frame prize for games

Image: Istock

A photo frame or a photo album can be a charming gift. A Polaroid photograph with the mum-to-be can be even better.

9. A box of tea and coffee bags:

A box of tea and coffee bags prize for games after baby shower party

Image: Istock

You can buy a paper or wooden box or a basket and fill it with tea/coffee bags. For a healthier option, add green tea bags.

10. Bottle trophies:

Bottle trophies gifts for guest after baby shower

Image: Shutterstock

If you want to gift something unique, then consider bottle trophies. Paint the baby bottles in gold or copper, and wrap a ribbon with a thank-you note.

11. Wish bracelet:

Wish bracelet for Women during baby shower

Image: Shutterstock

Buy a multicolor bracelet that matches with any costume.

12. Scented candles:

Scented Candles Prizes for baby shower that you can give for winners

Image: Istock

Scented candles of strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, and Greenleaf wrapped with a thank-you note make for a pretty neat prize.

13. Ceramic mugs:

Ceramic Mugs for Guest on Baby Shower

Image: Shutterstock

You can get coffee mugs from the dollar store at a low cost. You may make a variation of these mugs by filling them with coffee beans, candies or gummies.

14. Fleece:

Fleece Baby Shower Prize for Guest

Image: Shutterstock

Fleece is inexpensive yet classy. You can buy them in bulk from the dollar store.

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Coed Baby Shower Prizes

Coed prizes are common for both men and women. If you are planning for a coed baby shower, here are some prize ideas for you:

15. Gift voucher/certificate:

Coed Baby Shower Prizes Gift voucher certificate

Image: Shutterstock

A gift voucher or a certificate gives your guest a choice. They can buy something that is useful to them.

16. Books:

Books for baby shower games

Image: Shutterstock

Nothing like gifting books. The best prize you can ever give your guests.

17. Scratch cards:

Scratch Cards Winners Gifts for Baby Shower

Image: Shutterstock

You can buy a scratch card/ticket and tie it to a bottle of beer or wine.

18. Wine/ liquor:

Baby Shower Prizes for Guest Wine liquor

Image: Shutterstock

It need not be a branded one. Wrap it with a golden paper and a ribbon at its neck or just place it in a basket and fill it with cake and savories.

19. Diary:

Diary one of best selection for prize during baby shower

Image: Istock

If your baby shower is towards the end or beginning of a year, a diary would be a useful gift.

Baby Shower Door Prizes

Baby shower door games begin as the guests enter the venue. The fun and excitement start right at the door. Here are some of the popular baby shower door prizes for you:

20. Onesie sugar cookies:

Onesie sugar cookies prizes for guest

Image: Istock

Your guests don’t get to taste these yummy cookies all the time. So when they find out that these sugar cookies are the baby shower prize, they will give the games their best shot.

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21. Cupcakes:

Cupcakes that you can give as a prize

Image: Istock

Who doesn’t love the sweet little cupcakes? Wrap three to five assorted cupcakes in a transparent sheet and tie it up with a ribbon.

22. Hand lotions/shower gels:

Hand Lotion Prizes

Image: Shutterstock

Pamper your guests with personal care and fragrance. Body wash, hand lotions, and shower gels will make them feel special.

23. Manicure basket:

Manicure basket Prizes for Guest

Image: Shutterstock

Every woman will love this! A manicure basket filled with a nail filer, hand lotion, scrub, and nail polish sounds perfect to be pampered for the day!

24. Necklace:

Necklace for baby Shower Games Prizes

Image: Shutterstock

A multicolor beaded necklace that can go with any attire is something you can give away as a door prize.

25. Hair accessories:

Hair accessories for womes

Image: Shutterstock

This can be a simple gift but comes in handy for women. They will just love them.

26. Homemade soaps:

Homemade soaps That you can give on baby shower for that winners

Image: Istock

You may make homemade soaps by using glycerin and fragrance, and store them in rectangular or bottle molds. Give them to welcome your guests at the door.

27. Homemade scrubs:

Homemade Scrubs

Image: Istock

Honey and sugar scrub and green tea body scrub are simple to make at home and something your guests will love to enter the party with.

Aren’t the ideas aplenty? But this brings a question to your mind.

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How Many Baby Shower Prizes Should You Buy?

Before you buy the prizes, you need to know the number of guests you will have and the number of games you are planning for them. Also, you need to plan for ties and runners-up prizes.

Baby Shower Prize Presentation

Not just the gifts but the way you present the prizes is important too. Wrap the gifts with a beautiful transparent sheet or a glitter paper to make it look attractive.

You can use a:

  • curly satin ribbon
  • ribbon flowers on the prize
  • a transparent sheet with the baby or the mother’s picture on it
  • pictures of baby accessories such as pacifiers and rattles on the wrap

Make your guests feel special with these special prizes and the mother-to-be will feel grateful for the efforts you put into the baby shower.

Do you have any baby shower prize ideas to share? Leave your comments below.

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