187 Most Popular Exotic Names For Your Baby Boy

Naming a baby boy is quite a big responsibility for parents. Exotic names for baby boys are sassy and make your little one stand out from others. Sounds fun, right?

But picking the right one with a beautiful meaning can be a draining task when you have many names to choose from. In this post, we share some cool and exotic names from around the world to pick for your baby boy.

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187 Most Popular Exotic Boy Names

1. Aaren

You want your little boy to always stand tall. What better name than Aaren which means ‘high mountains,’ ‘mountain of strength,’ ‘exalted,’ or ‘lofty.’ Aaren is a unisex name and is a spelling variant of Aaron.

2. Akio

The name Akio has a beautiful sound and an interesting meaning. It means ‘a bright man’.

3. Alaois

Alaois is the Irish form of the name Aloysius. It is the combination of the Latin word ‘Aloys,’ and the Occitan form of ‘Louis.’ It means ‘famous in war.’ It is a Catholic name borne by the Italian saint, Aloysius Gonzaga.

4. Aldric

Every little boy is a king in his parents’ eyes. Aldric is a rare German name made up of two elements, ‘alt,’ meaning old and ‘rih,’ meaning king or ruler.

5. Alessandro

If you are looking for an exotic version of Alexander, then Alessandro can be your pick. The name became popular due to Alessandro Volta, an influential physicist known for the invention of the battery.

6. Alfie

Alfie is the 11th most popular boy’s name in the United Kingdom. The name became popular due to the cult comic series “Archie”. You can also choose Alfie as an ultra-trendy nickname for your child.

7. Alistair

This angelic-sounding name is a unique Scottish respelling of the name Alexander. It means ‘defender of men.’

8. Amadeus

This theophoric name is simply divine. Made up of two Latin elements, ‘amare,’ meaning to love and ‘Deus,’ which is a reference to God, it can be interpreted as ‘love of God’ or ‘someone who loves God.’

9. Amit

Amit is a simple, yet exotic boys name name popular in Israel and India. The name may be unknown in the English-speaking world, so it will make a unique name for your kid.

10. Ammiras

Ammiras is a classic name with a modern appeal. It is related to Amir and Amira.

11. Anastazy

A rare Polish form of the name Anastasius which means ‘resurrection.’ It is made up of two elements ‘ana,’ meaning ‘up’ and ‘stasis,’ meaning ‘standing.’

12. Anders

Anders is an Old Country version of the name Andrew. It is a Greek name meaning ‘strong and manly’. The name Anders is very popular in Sweden.

13. Apollo

A powerful name found in Greek mythology. Apollo is the God of archery, music, dance, light, and more. The name can mean ‘strength’ or ‘to destroy.’ It is also associated with the Anatolian God, whose name means ‘father lion’ or ‘father light.’

14. Ardghal

If you’re looking for rare Irish names, Ardghal is a name with Old Irish elements associated with it. Made up of ‘ard,’ meaning high and ‘gal,’ meaning ‘valor,’ Ardghal is a name that symbolizes courage and bravery.

15. Arzhel

The Breton form of the Old Welsh name Arthmail. It is composed of two elements, ‘arth,’ meaning bear and ‘mael,’ meaning prince or chieftain. Arzhel is a fierce name which can be interpreted as bear prince.

16. Astraeus

The masculine form of the name Astrea, a Greek Goddess. It is derived from the Greek word ‘aster’ meaning star. It is also associated with the Greek astrological deity, Astraeus, god of the dusk.

17. Altey

A spelling variant of the name Atlee. It is derived as a topographic name for someone who lives near a clearing or a meadow. It is taken from the Old English word ‘leah,’ that means wood. The meaning of the name evolved by the Middle English period to grassy meadow.

18. Atticus

A famous name in literature. Atticus is a Greek name which means ‘from Attica.’ It is borne by one of the characters in J. D. Salinger’s novel, The Catcher in the Rye and the eponymous British-Canadian poet.

19. Aurelius

A name reminiscent of Roman royalty. Aurelius is a Roman family name derived from the Latin word ‘aureus,’ which means ‘golden’ or ‘gilded.’

20. Avel

Avel is the Russian version of the Hebrew name Abel.

21. Axel

Axel is a Danish name meaning ‘father of peace’. The popularity of this name has been rising steadily. It ranked 167 among top baby names for boys in 2014.

22. Azrael

The exotic name Azrael is of Hebrew origin. It was the name of an angel in Jewish and Muslim belief.

23. Balder

A powerful Old Norse name taken from the name Baldr which means ‘hero,’ ‘prince,’ or ‘lord.’ It can also carry meanings such as ‘bold’ or ‘brave.’

24. Balfour

Place names are making a comeback as first names. Balfour is a Scottish place name which derived from two Gaelic words ‘baile,’ meaning village and ‘pòr,’ referring to ‘pasture,’ ‘crop,’ or ‘cropland.’

25. Bear

A cute cuddly name which can develop and grow into a source of strength and power. It has its roots in the Old English language ‘bera,’ which means brown.

26. Beaumont

This beautiful sounding name is taken from a French surname and place name, Beaumont means ‘beautiful mountain.’

27. Blue

Blue is a unisex name which refers to the color. It can be associated with the different symbols of the color blue such as calmness, stability, and productivity. It is also the name of singer Beyonce and rapper Jay-Z’s first daughter.

28. Bodhi

For a more spiritual name, Bodhi is inspired by Buddhism and derived from the Sanskrit language. It is associated with the concept of enlightenment.

Youtubers Kian and Kyle Wolfgang list out some boy names they like. Talking about Bodhi, they say the name has a hipster, boho vibe. Kyle also likes how Bodhi comes off the tongue (i).”

29. Bran

Bran is a cool and exotic name that does not sound over the top. The name is easy to spell too. The meaning of Bran is ‘raven’.

30. Bronte

If you are a lover of literature and want to pass it on to your little one, a name is a great way to start. Bronte can have two different meanings, from the Irish word ‘bronntach,’ it means generous and the Greek meaning of the name is ‘thunder.’

31. Cadell

A strong and powerful Welsh name which means ‘spirit of battle,’ or simply ‘battle.’ The name was borne by two kings of Powys in Wales.

32. Caelus

Caelus is a name inspired by Roman mythology. It is the name of the Roman God of the sky. It is derived from the Latin word ‘caelum,’ which means ‘sky’ or ‘the heavens.’

33. Cairo

A name that will stand the test of time like the ancient pyramids of Egypt. Cairo is the capital of Egypt and it means ‘victorious,’ or ‘triumphant.’

34. Calixto

Calixto is the Spanish and Portuguese form and spelling variant of the name Callistus. It has its origins in the Greek language and it means the ‘most beautiful.’

35. Camden

A modern name with English roots. It was a surname derived from a place name. Camden means ‘enclosed valley,’ or ‘winding valley,’ and was borne by the English historian, William Camden.

36. Carver

Carver is originally an English surname that is derived from the occupation of a wood carver. It is an artistic name for one who takes pride in craftsmanship.

37. Caspian

This name was made famous by C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia series. The name Caspian belonged to a prince who was the rightful heir to the throne of Narnia. Caspians are also a group of people who live along the shores of the Caspian sea.

38. Daan

Daan is a short form of the Scandinavian name Daniel. It is the most popular name in the Netherlands and among the top ten in Belgium.

39. Dacre

A rare name taken from an English surname and place names in Cumbria and Yorkshire. Dacre means ‘trickling river.’

40. Dash

Your little boy is a ball of energy? Dash can be a perfect choice since it means ‘to run quickly.’ It is derived from the English word ‘dash,’ but can also be a nickname for names beginning with ‘Dash-’

41. Daxton

Daxton is a name that appears to have no exact meaning but is derived from the French town of Dax. The name ultimately takes on the meaning of ‘from Dax.’

42. Deryck

Want to add a little twist to a traditionally spelled name? Deryck is the spelling variation of Dereck and it means ‘ruler of the people,’ or ‘gifted ruler.’

43. Devin

The exotic baby boy names get more unique. Devin is an exotic name with an utterly romantic sound. It is a great choice if you are looking for a unique and cool name for your child. It means ‘helper’.

44. Dior

A name that sounds chic, exclusive and luxurious. Dior is a unisex name and is also the name of a luxe fashion house founded by Christian Dior. It means ‘golden.’

45. Dmitry

Dmitry is a variation of the name Demetrius. It is a cool and exotic Greek name. The double consonant beginning of this name makes it even more intriguing.

46. Eaden

What is more exotic than paradise? Eaden is a spelling variation of the name Eden which is found in the Old Testament of the Bible. It is a unisex name which means ‘pleasure,’ or ‘delight.’

47. Easton

This modern English name is derived from an English surname. It is a gender-neutral name which literally translates to ‘east town.’

48. Eiel

A rare Norwegian name derived from the name Egil, which means ‘awe,’ or ‘fear.’ Other interpretations of the name include ‘one who is born to inspire fright.’

49. Elian

This Dutch name is unisex and is a diminutive of names starting with Eli, such as Elijah or Elisabeth. Taking its meaning from the name Elijah, it means ‘my God is Yahweh.’

50. Emil

The Latin name Emil has a friendly appeal to it. It is popular among parents from different ethnic backgrounds.

51. Enzo

Enzo is an Italian version of the name Henry. You can also use it as a short form for names ending in –enzo like Vincenzo and Lorenzo.

52. Ethan

If you are looking for a name with a spiritual background, then Ethan will make a great choice. The Biblical exotic boy baby names means ‘the gift of the island’.

53. Evander

The name of a Trojan war hero fits your little warrior. Evander is the Latin form of a Greek name. It comprises two elements, ‘eu’ meaning good and ‘aner,’ meaning man. Evander can be interpreted as ‘good of man,’ or ‘good man.’

54. Everest

A name inspired by one of the tallest mountains in the world. The mountain derived its name from the British surveyor George Everest. It can also mean ‘dweller on the Eure river.’

55. Fabian

Fabian is an ancient saint’s name meaning “one who grows bean”. The name got a widespread exposure through an American doo-wop singer- Fabian Forte.

56. Fale

This Old Norwegian name can also be spelled as Fahle. It is the shortened form of Farþegn which means ‘traveler,’ or ‘wanderer.’ From its Hawaiian or Polynesian roots, the name carries another meaning, ‘house.’

57. Faure

This surname-turned-given name was considered to be an occupational name. It is a variant of the name Fèvre with Occitan or French roots, the name means ‘blacksmith,’ or ‘ironworker.’

58. Felipe

Felipe is a fancy way to spell the conventional Phillipe. If your baby is an animal lover, Felipe can be a great choice. Made up of two elements, ‘philos,’ meaning friend and ‘hippos,’ meaning horse, the name can be interpreted as ‘friend of horses.’

59. Feon

This sweet-sounding name is a Russian variant of the name Theon. The exact meaning is uncertain but it could be derived from the Greek word ‘theos,’ meaning God or from ‘theo,’ meaning ‘to run fast,’ ‘to fly,’ or ‘to gleam.’

60. Florian

Florian means flowering

Image: Shutterstock

Florian is a popular male name in Austria and Germany. It is a name inspired by a female name Florence. Florian means ‘flowering’.

61. Fox

This short and sharp name is derived from the animal itself or from the surname borne by George Fox, who founded the Quakers. The name refers to a fox catcher or a fox den.

62. Francesco

Francesco is the most popular baby boy name in Italy. It is a variation of the name Francis. Francesco means a ‘free man’.

63. Fynn

Fynn is a modern respelling of the Old Irish name Fionn. The meaning of the name is ‘blessed,’ ‘white,’ or ‘fair.’

64. Gael

This delightful and pleasing name is considered to be a modern appellation. It has no specific meaning but is used to refer to people who speak Gaelic languages.

65. Ganesa

Ganesa is a Hindu name that originated from Sanskrit. It is a rare variant of the name of Lord Ganesha who is the Indian god of wisdom and good luck. Ganesa means ‘lord of multitudes.’

66. Gatlyn

If you are looking for an extremely rare name, Gatlyn is your pick. A variant of the English surname Gatlin, it means ‘companion,’ or ‘kinsman.’ In 2018, the name was given to only 15 boys and 8 girls.

67. Geo

The earthy sounding name is a diminutive of the traditional name George. This can be a great choice if you are looking for short or one-syllable names. Geo means ‘farmer,’ or ‘earthworker.’

68. Graysen

A modern respelling of the name Grayson. Derived from the Middle English word ‘greyve,’ which means steward. Graysen can be interpreted as ‘son of the steward,’ or ‘son of the gray haired-one.’

69. Gunner

A name fit for a little soldier. Gunner is derived from two Old Norse elements, ‘gunnr,’ meaning ‘war,’ and ‘herr,’ meaning ‘army.’

70. Hadziq

A popular Muslim name in Indonesia and Malaysia. Hadziq is a variant of Haziq which means ‘skillful,’ ‘intelligent,’ and ‘clever,’ in Arabic.

71. Haedyn

If you like the name Hayden, you might like this modern respelling of the name. It means ‘hay hill,’ or ‘hay valley.’ It can also mean ‘heathen,’ or ‘fire.’

72. Haidan

Haidan is a Chinese name with meanings that can vary with different character combinations. It can be derived from the Chinese elements ‘hǎi,’ which means sea and ‘dān,’ meaning red or cinnabar.

73. Hans

Hans is a diminutive of the names Johannes. It means ‘God is gracious’.

74. Hayes

Hayes is commonly used as a surname but can also be given as a first name. It contains two possible origins, the first being from the Old English word ‘hæg,’ which means ‘enclosure’ or ‘fence.’ It can also be an anglicized form of the Irish name Ó hAodha which means ‘descendant of Aodh.’

75. Hendrix

If you want to add a little rockstar flair to your little one’s name, Hendrix is the surname of the musician Jimi Hendrix. A distant variant of the name Henry, it means ‘home ruler,’ or ‘estate ruler.’

76. Holden

Taken from a surname derived from a place name, Holden is an Old English name. One of the main characters in J.D. Sallinger’s novel, The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield. It means ‘hollow in the valley,’ or ‘deep valley.’

77. Horus

Want to incorporate Egyptian culture into your little one’s name? Horus is a prime example. Derived from the Egyptian God of sky and light, Horus is also associated with the falcon.

78. Humphrey

Humphrey is a royal and exotic name in Britain. It came to England after the Norman Conquest.

79. Icare

A name from Greek mythology that is not too on the nose. Icare is the French variant of the famous Icarus. The exact meaning is unknown, but he is the son of the famous craftsman Daedalus who constructed wings made of wax to escape imprisonment.

80. Ilor

Your little one is like a little light that brightens your world. Ilor is a variant of names, Elor or Lior, which signify light. Elor means ‘God of light,’ and Lior means ‘light for me.’

81. Istred

Inspired by the famous and well-respected sorcerer in the city of Aedd Gynvael. Istred is a fictional character’s name from the Witcher series.

82. Ivan

Ivan is a form of the name John. It is very popular in Belarus. If you have European roots, then you will love this name for your child.

83. Izaiah

If you like the significance of the meaning of the name Isaiah, Izaiah is the modern respelling. It means ‘Yahweh is salvation.’

84. Izan

A unique variant of the Biblical name Ethan, derived from the Hebrew name Eithan, meaning ‘strong,’ ‘enduring,’ or ‘firm.’

85. Jai

A short and crisp name with a twist to the traditional Jay. It is of Hindu origin and it means ‘win,’ ‘victory,’ or ‘victorious.’

86. Jase

Shortened names will never go out of style. Jase is a spelling variant of Jace which is a shortened form of Jason. It means ‘healer,’ or ‘to heal.’

87. Jax

Another shortened name that was made popular by a character on the series Sons of Anarchy. Jax is the diminutive of the name Jackson. It means ‘son of Jack.’

88. Jazz

A unique unisex name which can be a reference to the music genre or as a diminutive of names like Jasper or Jasmine. Jazz means ‘excitement,’ ‘energy,’ or ‘of excellent quality.’

89. Jensen

The name emerged as a Danish surname and it means ‘son of Jen.’ It was one of the popular last names in Denmark in 2001. It is also the name of Supernatural actor, Jensen Ackles.

90. Jett

The name Jett comes from a black semi-precious stone Jade. The name is perfect if you are an adventure freak.

91. Jibri

Jibri is a name popular in Africa and the entire Arabic speaking world. It is an Arabic form of the Hebrew name Gabriel.

92. Jonas

Jonas is the Slavic variant of the Hebrew name Jonah. The name is deeply rooted in the Bible and is one of the names of the prophets swallowed by a whale. Jonas means ‘dove,’ and when elaborated, it carries the connotation of a ‘peaceful being.’

93. Julian

Julian is a Roman name derived from the name Julius. It means ‘youthful,’ ‘shiny,’ or ‘downy-bearded.’ It is also the name of the last pagan Roman emperor.

94. Kadan

This captivating unisex name is the Hebrew word for the grape hyacinth plant. It is also a name borne by Kadan or Qadan, grandson of Genghis Khan.

95. Kai

Kai is a name with a plethora of meanings and origins. As a unisex Navajo name, it means ‘hazel,’ or ‘willow.’ As a Japanese name, it means ‘forerunner,’ ‘harbinger,’ or ‘to charge ahead.’ As a Hebrew name, it is an acronym for ‘The Holiness of The Land of Israel.’

96. Kaidence

This unique respelling of the feminine name Cadence evolves the name into a unisex appellation. It is a fairly recent name with English roots and it means ‘rhythm,’ or ‘flow.’

97. Kairos

Kairos is a Greek name with many possible meanings. Taken from the Green noun ‘kairos,’ it means ‘proportion’ or ‘due measure.’ It can also mean ‘time’ or ‘season.’ Many have interpreted the meaning of Kairos as ‘the opportune or right moment.’

98. Kaitz

This short and sweet name is the perfect fit for a summer baby. Kaitz is a Hebrew name which means ‘summer.’

99. Kean

Kean is a spelling variant of the Irish name Kane. It is both a surname and a first name. It is the anglicized form of the name Ó Catháin and it means ‘battle.’

100. Kevin

Kevin means handsome

Image: IStock

It is the name of a 7th-century saint who established a scholastic monastery near Dublin. Kevin means ‘handsome’.

protip_icon Trivia
American comedian and actor Kevin Hart is a famous namesake.

101. Killian

Killian is an Irish name meaning ‘church’. It is also the name of several Irish saints. It is a trendy name in France and is gaining popularity in the United States too.

Kyle says about the name Killian, “I actually have never met or heard of anyone named Killian.” “I feel like it’s kind of strong, but that’s probably the word ‘kill,’” she adds playfully.

102. Lake

A name directly connected to nature. Lake is an English name derived from the word ‘lake,’ which refers to the body of water. It is considered to be a unisex name.

103. Lachlan

Lachlan is a Scottish name popular all across the world.

104. Lars

Americans see this Scandinavian name as old-fashioned, but Lars is very popular in Sweden, Netherlands, and Belgium.

105. Lavr

This Russian name is the masculine form of Laura and a variant of Laurus. It means ‘laurel.’

106. Lazar

The name Lazar is a version of the name Eleazar, which means ‘God helps’. The name is very popular in Serbia. The other forms of Lazar-Laszlo, Lazaro, and Lazarus are also popular in the United States.

107. Lennox

Lennox is gaining popularity with baby names. Derived from a district in Scotland, the name means ‘place of elms.’ It is also born as a surname by singer-songwriter, Annie Lennox.

108. Leon

Leon, Exotic names for boys

Image: Shutterstock

Leon may not be very popular in other places, but is a top name in Germany. With the resurgence of lion related name, even this one has a chance. This name comes in the category of exotic names for boys.

109. Linus

Don’t you think Linus is a musical name? Linus is a mythological name popular in Finland.

110. Luca

Lucan is a popular name in Europe. It is a substitute for Lucas and Luke. Luca is a unisex name.

protip_icon Trivia
Luca Pacioli, Italian mathematician and an early contributor to the subject of accounting, is a famous bearer of this moniker.

111. Lucien

Lucien is the French variant of the name Lucius. It has its roots in the Latin language, taken from the word ‘lux,’ meaning light.

112. Lyall

Scottish names always have strong and powerful connotations associated with them. Lyall is no different, derived from the Old Norse name Liulfr, where ‘ulfr,’ it means ‘wolf.’

113. Lyric

Your little one makes your heart sing? Lyric is a unisex name derived from the Greek word ‘lyrikos,’ which means ‘lyric,’ or ‘songlike.’

114. Maddox

Taken from a Welsh surname, Maddox translates to ‘son of Madoc.’ Madoc, however, means ‘fortunate.’ It is the name of a Welsh prince in Welsh folklore.

115. Madrid

Madrid is a unisex name inspired by the capital of Spain, Madrid. The city is also known as the city of the ‘bear and the strawberry tree.’

116. Matheo

This spelling is the Norwegian and Swedish form of Mateo or Matteo, variants of the name Matthew which means ‘gift of Yahweh’ or ‘gift of God.’

117. Mathis

If you are looking for an uncommon variation of Mathew, then you can consider Mathis. You need to pronounce it as Mat-Tees.

118. Mazin

If your child arrived in your arms in the month of monsoon, then you can name him Mazin. Mazin is an Arabic name derived from the Arabic word ‘muzn’, which means ‘rain’.

119. Mekhi

If you like the name Michael, but want a twist, then name your child Mekhi.

120. Melkhior

A magical-sounding name with Hebrew roots. It is made up of two elements, ‘melekh,’ meaning king, and ‘or,’ meaning ‘light.’ It is also one of the names of the three wise men who visited Jesus in the Bible.

121. Milan

If you are a fashion lover, then you can name your child Milan. Milan is the name of Italy’s fashion capital. The name is popular in Belgium and Rome.

122. Miller

Miller is a stylish name popular in the United States. Miller is also popular as a surname.

123. Montana

Influenced by the mountainous state of the United States. Montana is derived from the Latin word ‘montanus,’ which means ‘mountainous.’

124. Nazir

An Arabic or Urdu name with many meanings. Nazir can mean ‘herald’ or ‘warner,’ but it can also mean ‘alike’ or ‘counterpart.’ Nazir is also a term used to refer to an administrator or overseer.

125. Nero

Nero is an Italian name that means ‘black.’ It could also be a short form of Raneiro, a variant of Rayner. The name means ‘counsel’ or ‘advice.’ It is also associated with Nero, the Roman emperor.

126. Niall

The exact meaning of this Irish name is unknown, however, it can possibly mean ‘passion,’ ‘cloud,’ ‘champion,’ or ‘hero.’ The name is also born by former One Direction member, Niall Horan.

127. Nikolai

Nikolai is the Bulgarian or Russian respelling of the traditional name, Nicholas. It means ‘victory of the people.”

128. Nuriel

An angel’s name in Judaism accountable for hailstorms. It is also the name of the archangel Uriel. The name means ‘God is my fire,’ or ‘God is my light.’

129. Oak

A name that means exactly as it sounds. Oak is a topographic name for someone who lives near an oak tree or a grove of oak trees. It is a symbol of strength and endurance.

130. Onyx

Looking for a name as unique as this gem. Onyx is derived from the Greek word ‘onyx,’ meaning ‘claw’ or ‘nail.’ It can come in black and red.

131. Orchen

This beautiful name is the result of a combination of two Hebrew names, Or and Chen. Or means ‘light,’ while Chen means ‘graceful.’ Orchen is interpreted as ‘graceful light.’

132. Oren

Oren is a name with a unique sound. It has its roots in the Hebrew language and it means ‘ash’ or ‘pine tree.’

133. Orion

A name that incorporates the beauty of the heavens combined with Greek mythology. Orion can mean ‘boundary’ or ‘limit.’ It can also mean ‘light of the heavens.’ Orion is the name of a constellation inspired by the legendary Greek hunter who shares the same name.

134. Oshry

For a little bundle of joy. It is a variant of the Hebrew name Osher. Oshry is a unisex name and it means ‘my happiness.’

135. Osiris

If you are interested and admire Egyptian mythology, Osiris is the name of an Egyptian God. He is known as the God of fertility, afterlife, agriculture, and more. The name is transcripted from ancient hieroglyphics as ‘wsjr,’ which can mean ‘the mighty one’ or ‘seat of the eye.’

136. Ozias

Here is an unusual name for your baby boy. Ozias was the name of several minor figures in the Bible.

137. Paxton

Paxton is an Old English name derived from a place name which means ‘Pœcc’s town.’ It is also the character name of Darren Barnett in the Netflix series Never Have I Ever.

138. Paziel

This unique Hebrew name is a combination of two names, Paz and El. Paz carries the connotation of ‘gold’ whereas El means ‘God.’ The name is interpreted as ‘gold of God.’

139. Per

If you want a short and sweet name for your boy, then you can opt for Per, the variation of the name Peter. The name is simple yet exotic, an amazing combination.

140. Pfeiffer

This German surname-turned-given name is considered to be an occupational name. It means ‘whistler,’ ‘pipe player,’ or ‘fife player.’

141. Phoenix

Name your kid after a mythical bird that rose from ashes. It will inspire hope and idealism in your child. The name is both classic and exotic.

protip_icon Trivia
American actor, producer and musician Joaquin Phoenix and English singer-songwriter Naomi Phoenix are famous bearers of this name.

142. Quan

This unisex Chinese name contains many meanings depending on the characters. It can mean a ‘spring’ or ‘fountain,’ but it can also refer to ‘power’ or ‘authority.’ It can also mean ‘fine cloth’ or ‘whole.’

143. Quentin

Names beginning with Q have a certain flair to them. Quentin is a French name derived from the ancient Roman name Quintus. It was originally spelled as Quinctus and it means ‘the fifth.’

144. Quinlan

Quinlan is the anglicized form of the Irish surname Ó Caoindealbháin. It is composed of two Old Irish elements, ‘caín,’ meaning handsome and ‘delb’ meaning ‘image’ or ‘form.’ The meaning of the name can be interpreted as ‘handsome face.’

145. Rasmus

Rasmus is a variation of the ancient name Erasmus. Erasmus was a Dutch philosopher of Estonia, Finland.

146. Reign

This unisex name thrums with regality. Reign is derived from the English word reign that means ‘royal power.’

147. Ren

Ren, Exotic boy names

Image: Shutterstock

Ren is a unisex name popular in Japan. It means water lily.

148. River

River is a modern unisex name that gives off a bohemian vibe to it. Derived from the Latin word ‘ripa,’ it means riverbank.

149. Rocco

Rocco is an Italian name that is among the top 500 names for baby boys. Even though the name Rocco means rest, it does not sound sleepy at all.

150. Roman

For a rich historic feel, the name Roman is derived from the Latin name Romanus. It is usually used as a reference for a member of the Roman empire.

151. Ronan

Ronan is the anglicized form of the Irish name, Rónán. It is found as a given name and a surname. It can mean ‘little seal,’ ‘pledge,’ or an ‘oath.’

152. Roscoe

The name Roscoe is inspired by the name of a town in Lancashire. It is derived from the Old Norse elements, ‘rá,’ meaning roebuck and, ‘skógr,’ referring to the woods or forest. Roscoe can also be spelled as Roscow, Ruscoe, or Rosco.

153. Sage

Sage is an uber modern unisex name. It can have two polarizing meanings, one which means sage, the herb, and the other meaning one who is wise or a prophet. Sage can also be spelled as Saige or Sayge.

154. Saint

A name that carries honor, virtue, and noble qualities. Saint is derived from the Latin word ‘sanctus,’ which means ‘holy,’ or ‘saintly.’ It is a name borne by Kim Kardashian’s second child, Saint West.

155. Santiago

Santiago is a Spanish name meaning “Saint James”. The name is very popular among Hispanic and Argentinean parents. Santiago is also a place.

156. Soren

An anglicized form of the Danish name Søren. It is derived from the Roman family name Severus and it means ‘strict’ or ‘stern.’

157. Sylvester

Sylvester is another exotic name that you can pick for your child. It was also the names of three early popes and became popular due to the Italian Stallion hero of the Rambo movies.

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158. Sem

Sem is a favorite name among the Dutch. It is a variation of the Biblical name Shem, who was the son of Noah. Sem is an alternative to Sam.

159. Talon

A name that evokes fierceness and strength, Talon is ready to take on every challenge. It is derived from the English word ‘talus,’ that means ankle bone. It also carries the connotation of ‘claw,’ or ‘talon.’

160. Tameron

A phonetic twist to the usual Cameron. Tameron is a unisex name and carries the same meaning as Cameron which is ‘crooked nose.’ The other forms of this name can be an elaboration of the name Tamara.

161. Timo

A short and sweet nickname derived from Timothy. Timo has very strong roots in the Bible and it means ‘honoring God.’ Timothy was a follower of Saint Paul during his journeys as a missionary.

162. Thijs

The pronunciation of this name is way simpler than its spelling suggests. The name Thijs rhymes with nice. Thijs is very popular in the Netherlands.

American actor, producer and musician Joaquin Phoenix and English singer-songwriter Naomi Phoenix are famous bearers of this name.

163. Ulysses

A name reminiscent of the legendary Greek hero. Ulysses is the Latin name of Odysseus and is borne by American president, Ulysses S. Grant. It is also the title of James Joyce’s masterpiece novel.

164. Umberto

Umberto is a popular Italian name meaning ‘bright bear cub’. It is an Italian version of the German name ‘Humbert’.

165. Uriah

A name with a steadfast presence. Uriah is a Hebrew name which means ‘God is my light.’ It is a name that embodies the guidance of God.

166. Valentino

Valentino is the Italian form of the Roman name Valentine. It means ‘healthy,’ ‘strong,’ and ‘vigorous.’ It is also the name of famous Italian designer, Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani.

167. Vance

Vance is a name with an air of mystery and sophistication. It is derived from an English surname and it carries the connotations of ‘marsh’ or ‘bog.’

168. Vasu

The name is a reflection of the warm and prosperous nature of the bearer. Vasu is a name with Sanskrit roots and it means ‘bright,’ ‘excellent, or in reference to the ‘bright ones.’

169. Warrick

A variation of the name Warwick that is also the name of a town in England. The name means ‘dam settlement.’

170. Weston

A strong and timeless name, derived from an English surname taken from a place name, Weston means ‘west town.’

171. Wilder

A name that combines English and German elements. Wilder is a fun name for an energetic little boy. It means ‘wild,’ ‘uncontrollable,’ or ‘untamed.’

172. Wolfgang

Like a lone wolf howling in the moonlight, Wolfgang is a Germanic name derived from Old German elements like ‘wolf,’ referring to the animal and ‘gang,’ which means path or way.

173. Xander

Xander is the short form of the name Alexander. This captivating name means ‘defender of man.’

174. Xenos

For a truly enigmatic entity, Xenos has an air of mystery to it. Derived from the Greek word ‘xenos,’ it means stranger or foreigner.

175. Yasir

This Arabic name can also be spelled as Yaseer, Yaser, or Yassir. It can mean ‘to be rich’ or ‘to become easy.’

176. Yug

This Indian name contains several meanings. In Hinduism, it usually indicates the age of time. It can also mean ‘linking or joining something together.’ In Hindi, the word yug means ‘world.’

177. Zac

Zac is the shortened form of Zachary. It is derived from Hebrew words like ‘zakhar,’ meaning ‘to remember’ and ‘yah,’ meaning God. The name is interpreted as ‘Yahweh remembers.’

178. Zadok

This Hebrew name can be spelled in various ways, including Zadoc, Zadock, Sadaqat, Sadok, or Sadokat. It means ‘just’ or ‘righteous.’

179. Zahi

This Arabic name exudes elegance and determination. It means ‘beautiful’ or ‘brilliant’ in Arabic.

180. Zaire

Based on the second largest country in Africa, Zaire is a name derived from the Kikongo word ‘nzadi o nzere,’ which means river swallowing rivers.

181. Zane

Do you love the name John, but prefer something unique for your child? Then you can consider Zane, a Hebrew version of John. The name means ‘Gift of God’.

182. Zayden

Zayden is a fresh and modern name which is invented by adding the suffix ‘den.’ It is an Arabic name which means ‘growth’ or ‘increase.’

Luca Pacioli, Italian mathematician and an early contributor to the subject of accounting, is a famous bearer of this moniker.

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183. Zenon

Zenon refers to a great thinker

Image: Shutterstock

Zenon is a variation of the name Zeno. It is a Greek name related to Zeus, the supreme God in Greek mythology. The name means ‘great thinker’.

184. Zephyr

Inspired by Zephyros, the Greek God of the west wind. The name Zephyr shares the same meaning as ‘west wind’ or ‘light wind.’

185. Zian

Zian has different meanings in Arabic and Malayalam. It carries the connotations of ‘adornment’ or ‘decoration’ in Arabic. While in Malayalam it means ‘life strong.’

186. Zion

A name which evokes resilience and spiritual elevation. Zion is one of the names of Jerusalem. In Rastafari, the name means a utopian place of freedom, peace, and unity.

187. Ziyad

Ziyad can also be spelled as Zeyad, Zyad, Zijad, or Ziyad. It is an Arabic name which means ‘growth.’

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What tips can parents use when selecting an exotic boy name?

Parents must consider how the name sounds, the meaning of the name, its roots in a tradition or culture, and the uniqueness of the name.

2. Are there any cultural or societal implications of giving a child an exotic name?

Since exotic names come from different cultures, origins, and traditions, it’s a good idea to know if the chosen name has any social implications before picking one.

3. What are some of the unique benefits of choosing an exotic boy name?

Exotic baby names are less popular and less known to people. Thus, picking them for your baby may make them come across as unique, making people remember them better.

Exotic boy names set your child apart from other children with common traditional names. You may give a unique name to your baby boy based on his personality. It is also possible to find exotic names with deep meanings, which are synonymous with popular or religious names in other languages. Unusual names could compel anyone to pay attention to the name and person as soon as they hear it. You may also try popular names in other languages or places but unusual in your native language or residence.

Infographic: Most Popular Exotic Boy Names

Do you want a unique name for your little one? We got you. In the following infographic, we listed a few exotic names to help your baby stand out from the rest. So, share it with your partner and other family members and take their help while deciding the name.

exotic names for your charismatic son (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • The term exotic is not limited to beautiful foreign places; it can also be an attribute of graceful names.
  • For instance, Aaren, Enzo, Feon, and Jax are some examples of attractive and exotic boy names.
  • Choosing an exotic name adds a unique edge to your child’s name, distinguishing them from traditional names.
  • Be sure to learn the history and connotations of the selected name to ensure it aligns with your cultural and personal preferences.

exotic boy names_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Looking for an exotic name for your bundle of joy? Discover unique baby names from around the world! Find the perfect name for your little one with our list of exotic boy and girl names.

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