19 Awesome Facts About India That Your Kids Will Love!

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If you’ve ever been to India, you will probably be awestruck by the beauty and diversity it harbors. The landscapes, monuments, architecture, picturesque mountains, rivers, plains, and beaches, along with the colorful festivals and celebrations, make India one of the richest cultural heritages the world has ever seen. There is a reason why it’s on the bucket list of so many travelers. The mouth-watering cuisines, fascinating stories of origin, mythological tales, and historic architecture are just a few reasons people from near and far hold India in high regard. There is a story for all ages, and that’s what makes the country what it is. If your kids do not appreciate our country enough, here are 19 facts that will make them stand up straight with pride and patriotism and embrace India in all its glory:

  • Wettest Place On Earth Inhabited By Humans
Wettest Place On Earth Inhabited By Humans

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If you plan to visit Meghalaya, be sure to pack an umbrella because their monsoon season lasts for up to six months! It has won the Guinness World Record title for the wettest place on earth and highest rainfall recorded in the world.

  • First Form Of Medicine
First Form Of Medicine

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Ayurveda is a form of medicine system that uses herbs, roots, and nature’s goodness to treat illnesses. It originated in India over 5,000 years ago and was the first form of medicine.

  • Temple Of Rats
Temple Of Rats

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You read that right. There is a temple dedicated to rats in Rajasthan called the Karni Mata Temple and has over 25,000 black rats.

  • Snakes And Ladders
Snakes And Ladders

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Did you even have a childhood if you did not play snakes’ n ladders with your cousins, siblings, and friends? This awesome board game originated in India as a way to teach children about morals.

  • Spa For Elephants
Spa For Elephants

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There is a spa and rejuvenation center in Guruvayur, Kerala, dedicated to elephants. They receive baths, massages, and food.

  • Water On The Moon

In 2009, scientists used Chandrayaan 1 to discover water on the moon after decades of work.

  • Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury

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The greatest singer of the iconic rock band Queen, Freddie Mercury, is of Indian origin. He was born a Parsi with the name Farrokh Bulsara.

  • Mining Diamonds
Mining Diamonds

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For about 1000 years, India was the first and only source of diamonds. They were found in the Krishna Delta River.

  • World’s Highest Motorable Road
World’s Highest Motorable Road

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All you road trip junkies, this one’s especially for you! At 19,300 feet above, the world’s highest motorable road is located in Ladakh.

  • No Locks, No Doors, No Fear Of Safety

A village in Shani Shingnapur in Maharashtra is popularly known for not locking any of their doors. Most houses have only door frames, not even doors, and they hold a record for no criminal activity for over 400 years.

  • Shampoo Discovery

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The word ‘shampoo’ originates from the Sanskrit word ‘champu’, which means to massage. The first shampoo was created in India using mixed herbs and water.

  • Highest Population Of Vegetarians
Highest Population Of Vegetarians

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Due to religious reasons or personal choice, India’s population has the highest number of vegetarians globally, making it the largest vegetarian-friendly country.

  • World’s First Country To Consume Sugar
World’s First Country To Consume Sugar

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India is the first country to consume sugar by developing an extraction and purification technique.

  • World’s Largest Sundial
World’s Largest Sundial

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The largest sundial in the world, about 90 feet tall, is constructed with beautifully polished stones and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in Jaipur and attracts thousands of tourists every year.

  • Kumbh Mela Is Visible From Space
Kumbh Mela Is Visible From Space

Source: BBC

A pilgrimage site in India that sees millions of people gathering during festivals, the Kumbh Mela has the highest number of gatherings on earth every four years. During this time, the number of people coming together is so large that the crowd is visible in satellite photos taken from space.

  • 70% Of The World’s Spices Come From India
70% Of The World’s Spices Come From India

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Every recipe that includes pepper, turmeric, chili, saffron, and cumin powders, should thank India because these spices are produced in India. They are the largest producer of spices globally.

  • Bandra Worli Sea Link Cables Could Stretch Around The World
Bandra Worli Sea Link Cables Could Stretch Around The World

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The iconic bridge in Mumbai was completed in 2010. Its enormous steel cables hold up the bridge, which could reach around the circumference of the earth when laid out from end to end.

  • World’s Highest Rail Bridge
World’s Highest Rail Bridge

Source: India Times

If you are scared of heights, you might not want to experience this magnificent rail bridge. Situated 1,178 feet above the water, the Chenab bridge in Jammu is the world’s highest rail bridge.

  • Floating Post Office
Floating Post Office

Source: TOI

Situated in Dal Lake, Srinagar, the floating post office serves as a tourist attraction for curious travelers from all over the world. India also has the largest postal network globally, with over 1,55,015 post offices across the country.

These are a few incredible facts about India, and they are just the tip of the iceberg. If you haven’t already visited this magnificent country, make sure you put it on your bucket list to witness its fascinating culture. What are some of the facts that surprised you? Comment below and let us know.

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