103 Most Stunning And Riveting Autumn Baby Names To Fall For

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Crisp nights, swirling leaves, football, wooden smoke, freeze tags- the exhilarating and magical autumn is finally here. The days and nights are cold, and we start looking forward to freshly baked goods and warm soups. And, the anticipation of holidays puts us in the festive spirit.

If you are about to welcome an autumn baby to light up your Christmas, or autumn is simply your favorite season, why don’t you give your kiddo a name that channels the vibrant energy of this season? Below, we have collected some fall or autumn baby names to help you do just that. Some are unique, while others are classic names that many of you must have forgotten about.

Fall/Autumn Baby Names For Girls:

1. Autumn:

This beautiful name has a reputation for being a hippy classic. This name replaced the word Harvest in the middle of the 16th and since then, has been more popular as a baby name.

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2. Aurelia:

Aurelia, meaning ‘golden,’ reminiscences of the gold and yellow leaves of the autumn season. This moniker has been famous since the glorious days of the Roman Empire.

3. Bramble:

Fall is the perfect season to get sticky fingers from picking blackberries. So how about naming your daughter Bramble?

4. Hazel:

Fall is the perfect time to gather the ripe hazelnuts and eating them with the family over a cup of hot cocoa. So we think Hazel would make a great name for your autumn baby.

5. Amber:

Amber is the gorgeous fossilized tree resin found in jewelry. It is one of the most seen of all the autumn-hued colors. Amber is derived from the Sanskrit word, meaning ‘the sky.’

6. Rhea:

Rhea, meaning ‘a flowing stream’ conjured up images of peaceful, woodland streams, passing the trees in autumn bloom.

7. October:

If you are feeling a bit bold and brave, you can consider naming your baby after one of the autumn months. If you feel apprehensive using October as a first name, use it as a middle name.

8. Orla:

Orla, meaning ‘golden princesses would make a great fit for an autumn baby girl. Orla Lassus, the music composer, credited with several compositions is its most famous namesake.

9. Garnet:

Garnet is a lovely mineral that shines and glitters in shades of vibrant red, candied maple and crimson. These shades are favorite during the fall.

10. Persephone:

Persephone is the name of the goddess of Harvest in the Greek mythology. She was also the goddess of spring growth.

11. Olive:

How can an autumn baby girl name list be complete without the name Olive, whose fruits turn red during the fall?

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12. Maple:

Maple would be a colorful name for your baby girl. During the fall, the leaves of autumn take a bright and vivid reddish orange hue.

13. Laurel:

The season of autumn revolves around trees. So why not name your child after a tree, like Laurel. It would make a fresh alternative to Laura too!

14. Marigold:

Here’s another autumn color inspired name for your daughter. The sunshine colored petals of the marigold flowers cheer up even the most cynical of people. So a child with the name Marigold is sure to have a cheerful personality.

15. Raven:

Raven, the intelligent bird, revered as a spiritual figure, forages on an assortment of cereals, insects, fruits, berries and even food waste. During Autumn, a scarecrow is often implanted on the fields during the fall to keep the birds away from the crops.

16. Annona:

Annona is the Roman Goddess of the grain, which is found in abundance during the fall. The meaning of Annona is ‘of the harvest’.

17. Demeter:

Demeter is the name of the goddess of fertility, agriculture, and grain.

18. Apple:

How can we forget the fruit that is harvested during this season? This moniker is now made famous by Gwyneth Paltrow, who used this name for her daughter and made it extremely popular.

19. Saffron:

We choose this name for the rich, golden color that reminds us of fall or autumn. It is often used in aromatic and hearty fall dishes. You can use Saifi as the short form for Saffron.

20. Maize:

Maize, pronounced as May-zee would make a cute name for your daughter. Also known as, corn, this crop is domesticated by the Indigenous people during the fall. People even use corn to decorate their house.

21. Pumpkin:

Pumpkin isn’t often used as a first name, for obvious reason. So you can use it as a nickname for your baby girl.

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22. Arlet:

When it comes to fall, we love everything that is inspired by apples, including Arlet, a variety of apple related to Golden Delicious. This moniker has French roots and is commonly spelled as Arlette.

23. Aster:

Aster is the beautiful flower that blooms in the early Fall. This Greek word for ‘star’ is also the flower of the month of September.

24. Zarina:

Meaning ‘golden vessel,’ Zarina would make a great name for your autumn inspired baby.

25. Scarlett:

The name Scarlett reflects the bright red color of the maple leaves. This moniker has never looked back ever since Ms. Johansson entered the Hollywood.

26. Ruby:

We all know that autumn is full of different shades of red. So why not name your daughter after the red gemstone?

27. Sapphire:

Sapphire is a gem coming in several colors like orange and yellow. So we think Sapphire would make a great pick if you want your baby’s name to reflect the colors of autumn.

28. Aspen:

Aspen mountains are abundant in poplar trees, which take the yellowish golden hue during the fall. This nature name has begun to take off, entering the top 500 list this year.

29. Clove:

We think Clove would make a lovely and frill-free name for your daughter. Clove is the fragrant spice that we use to garnish our desserts, hot drinks, and holiday hams during this season.

30. Jora:

This Hebrew name, meaning ‘autumn rain,’ would make a sweet variation to Jorie, Jory, and Jorah. It would fit best for a girl born between the months September and November.

31. Sienna:

This earthy orange shade would make a perfect baby name as well. It conjures images of the brownish red color used by painters since ages. Actress Sienna Miller has made this name even more popular with the parents.

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32. Teresa:

The name Teresa has a lovely autumn connection with its meaning ‘harvest’. This name may be falling in popularity, but its short form Tessa is widely used.

33. November:

Here’s another spot-on, stunning fall baby girl name for your daughter. It isn’t much used now, but will soon be equal to September and October. Nova and Ember, both would make great nicknaming options for your child.

34. Phoenix:

Phoenix is a beautiful mythical bird that rebirth from ashes from time to time. This moniker, meaning ‘dark red’ symbolizes immortality. And it’s a fantasy name evoking the moon goddess for Halloween.

35. Octavia:

Octavia is a Latin name, meaning ‘eighth.’ Being the 8th month in the Roman calendar, October is called Octavia.

36. Honor:

Honor is a Thanksgiving inspired name that became popular when the gorgeous Jessica Aba chose it for her daughter. The meaning of this English name is ‘dignity’.

37. Baize:

Baize is an utterly unique French name, meaning ‘dark brown.’ Paul Baize, the French pediatrician, and astronomer is its most famous bearer.

38. Daphne:

Daphne is a classic and super-feminine baby name, meaning ‘laurel tree.’ This aromatic evergreen tree comes into its own during the fall season.

39. Opal:

Opal, the birthstone of the month of October would make a beautiful name for an autumn baby. This moniker is on the verge of recurrence, along with other jewel names Pearl and Ruby.

40. Perry:

This functional, chic and friendly name would work best on a baby girl. It means ‘pear tree.’

41. Sparrow:

When names like Phoenix and Lark can gain popularity, why not Sparrow. It’s usually a baby girl name, but was recently used by Nicole Richie, and Joel Madden chose it for their son.

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42. Willow:

Willow is a graceful and lovely name inspired by an ancient tree that is believed to possess magical powers. Will Smith and Michelle Monaghan chose this name for their daughters.

43. Aluma:

Aluma is a cute Hebrew name, meaning ‘a sheaf of grain at harvest.’ This moniker was at its peak in the 1930s, when it reached the 38th spot.

44. Ginger:

The reddish orange hue and the spicy scent of this vegetable bring to mind an autumn field. It originally started as a nickname for redhead as red hair is called ginger.

45. Pomona:

Here’s another yummy name for your fall baby. Pomona is the name of the Roman goddess of fruit trees and her name means ‘apple.’

46. Sorrell:

Sorrell, the name of the amber-hued herb is also used to describe the color of the meaning. The meaning of this French name is ‘reddish brown’.

47. Zea:

Zea is a Latin baby girl name, meaning ‘grain.’ This moniker would fit perfectly along with its cousins Leya and Tia.

48. Fern:

The name Fern is inspired by a plant and has Spanish and Portuguese origins. This name hasn’t moved from the nursery. Just 2738 babies were given this name in the year 2014.

49. Coral:

The name Coral reference to both the sea animals found in the oceans and their pinkish-orange color. Coral currently ranks #1164.

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50. Ivy:

The name Ivy denotes the autumn plant. It has been more popular than ever over the last few years.

51. Crisanta:

Crisanta, the short form of chrysanthemum would make a lovely and unusual alternative to Christine.

52. Ceres:

Ceres is the name of the Roman mythology goddess of the harvest. The Greek counterpart of Ceres is Demeter.

53. Goldie:

During the 1880s, Goldie was one of the saucy nicknames. And it could be making a comeback soon.

54. Topaz:

Topaz, the glowing birthstone of the month of November would make a sizzling name for your daughter.

55. Libra:

Libra is one of the usable Zodiac sign baby names. It’s also the name of the main character in DC Comics.

56. Leaf:

This lovely, autumn girl name would make a cool nickname or middle name for your daughter.

57. Gaia:

Gaia is the name of the Greek mythological goddess associated with harvest. Underused? Yes, but definitely not neglected.

58. Bruna:

Bruna, meaning ‘brown’ in Italian is a very autumnal color. It is feminine, soft and appealing, well suited to modern babies. You can even opt for its variation Brunella.

59. Blaze:

This moniker describes the fall foliage. As a current version of the French name, Blaise has been trending these days.

60. Russet:

Russet is a lovely reddish-brown color that is more popular now as a name. And it’s a variety of potato too!

61. Clover:

Clover, the shamrock symbol of Ireland is often associated with good luck. Clover is also considered the feminine variation of the name Clovis. We think it would make a quirky alternative to Lily and Rose.

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Fall/Autumn Baby Names For Boys:

62. Hunter:

Hunter is an English name, meaning ‘pursuer.’ This name reflects the age-old role of the hunter and gatherers. Hollywood actor Josh Holloway and his wife Yessica Kumala welcomed their son Hunter Lee in the year 2014.

63. Woodrow:

Woodrow, meaning ‘row of houses by a wood’ would make a great option for an autumn born baby.

64. Aurelius:

Aurelius is the male version of the name Aurelia and means ‘golden.’ Marcus Aurelius, it namesake was one of the most loved Roman emperors in history.

65. Radley:

Radley, meaning ‘red meadow’ captures the colors of autumn perfectly. Radley Balko, the American journalist, would be the most famous bearer of this name.

66. Adam:

Adam, meaning ‘of the red earth’ would make a cool name for your baby boy. Its most famous bearer is Samuel Adam, the American political philosopher who led h American Revolutionary Movement.

67. Rory:

If you want a princely name for your autumn baby, name your child Rory, which means ‘red king.’ It ranks in the top 100 baby names in England and Wales.

68. Oak:

During autumn, the oak trees drop a hundred of acorns. So you can use it as an inspiration for your autumn baby as well!

69. Archer:

Archer, meaning ‘bowman’ nods to the bow and arrow season that kicks off in the United States during the. Despite becoming more and more popular with every passing year, Archer is far from being overused.

70. Roux:

The colors of autumn would make a great source of inspiration, not just for boys, but also girls. Meaning ‘red,’ Roux sounds chic, friendly and charming.

71. Wheatley:

Wheatley, meaning ‘from the wheat meadow’ would make an apt fall inspired the name for your son. This elegant and poetic name brings to mind the warm baked good, sugar and spice served during the fall.

72. Arista:

Arista is an energetic Greek name, meaning ‘harvest. This name hits the mark as a unique, yet utterly stylish fall name for you.

73. Lugh:

Lugh, the name of one of the harvest gods, could also be considered.

74. Bean:

Bean is one of the most favored nicknames for boys born during Autumn. Do you know why? Because it’s harvested in the fall. Bean is a Scottish name and means ‘fair skinned.’

75. Frost:

Autumn also marks a fall in the temperature. So frost, meaning ‘born during the cold weather’ would be a perfect fit for your baby boy.

76. Kale:

Kale, the name of the green leafy vegetable harvested during the fall is finding favor with many parents these days.

77. Forrest:

Meaning ‘dweller amongst the woods, the name Forrest conjures the lovely autumnal setting in mind.

78. Sage:

Sage is a popular food spice, known widely for its use in the stuffing. It’s also one of the four sacred medicines in the Native culture. Meaning ‘wise’ and ‘healthy’, Sage also has associated with Wild West and sagebrush.

79. Hawthorne:

During autumn, the Hawthorn bushes take a beautiful yellow color. The meaning of Hawthorne is ‘lives where Hawthorne bushes grow’ would make a lovely choice for baby boys born during this season.

80. Bruno:

Bruno, meaning ‘brown’ would make a great match for autumn-born baby boys. It brings to mind the return of the crunchy brown leaves during this season.

81. Cedar:

During autumn, the leaves of cedar tree take a wonderful color. So why don’t you name your son after this sunset colored leaves of this tree?

82. Crispin:

The name Crispin is derived from the Latin word ‘Crispus’ and means ‘curly headed.’

83. Carmine:

Carmine, meaning ‘vivid red’ is a great way to reflect the bright and beautiful leaves of this season.

84. Rowan:

Rowan is the name of the flowering tree with tiny red berries. The meaning of this Scottish fall boy name is ‘little redheads’. Its most famous bearer is Rowan Atkinson or Mr. Bean, as he is fondly known as.

85. Hawk:

During the fall, thousands and thousands of hawks, along with falcons migrate to their winter dwellings. Hawk will make a tough and macho name for your baby boy.

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86. Birch:

This moniker brings to mind the graceful and strong white-barked tree. Its most famous bearer is Birch Evans Bayh, the former high-ranking senator.

87. Garner:

Garner is an unusual autumn baby boy name, meaning ‘to harvest grain’ in Latin. Two celebrity babies have Garner as the middle name- Haven Garner, daughter of Cash Warren and Jessica Alba and Samuel Garner, son of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

88. Oakley:

If you find Oak too simple for a first name, go with Oakley, the English name that means ‘oak clearing.’ This name is beginning to catch with the parents as well.

89. Jack:

Jack here references to Jack-o-lantern that we see during Halloween. And Halloween, as you all know, falls during the autumn season. The meaning of Jack is ‘god is gracious’.

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90. Brock:

Here’s another irresistible variety of apple that could make a great baby boy name. Brock is derived from an old English word and means ‘badger.’

91. Paisley:

This lovely name refers to the fresh autumn fabric that was originally designed and manufactured in Paisley, Scotland. And it’s the last of famous country singer Brad Paisley.

92. Griffin:

This Halloween or fall inspired name carries historical significance with itself. This Welsh moniker originates from Gruffydd and means ‘prince.’

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93. Linden:

There is something adorable about this moniker. It comes from the Old English word lind dun and means ‘Lime tree hill.’ Linden is yet to cross the top 50-baby boy name list.

94. Asher:

This moniker has become the new Rowan now. It is not overly popular, but is familiar enough to make a nice name. The meaning of this Hebrew name is ‘happy’.

95. Aki:

Aki is an unusual, yet stunning baby boy name meaning ‘autumn’ in the Japanese language. Aki Aleong, the American character actor, is its most popular bearer.

96. Cormac:

Cormac is an offbeat and evocative Irish baby boy name, meaning ‘tree trunk.’ Meaning ‘charioteer,’ this moniker also runs through the Celtic mythology. Unfortunately, this name has never made to the top 1000 list.

97. Dunn:

Dunn is a Gaelic name, meaning ‘brown.’ Ryan Dunn, the well-known television personality would be its namesake.

98. Woody:

Friendly and courageous, this autumn-inspired name is a diminutive of Woodrow and means ‘row of houses by wood.’

99. Lennox:

This powerful and aristocratic Scottish name is related to the elm tree. It conjures up images of crisp autumn days and falling leaves.

100. Rusty:

This moniker is associated with the gorgeous, brownish red color often associated with this season. It’s a variation of the name Russell and means ‘redhead.’

101. Ash:

This robust baby name comes from the Middle English word ‘asche’ and means ‘the tree.’ Isn’t it perfect for fall baby? You can even keep it as a short form for Asher.

102. Peregrine:

If you want an elaborate name for your son, go with Peregrine, an Old English name, meaning ‘someone living near a pear tree.’ This moniker ranked #1236 in the year 2014.

103. Crimson:

You can also consider Crimson for your baby boy. It was given to just 38 babies in the year 2014, hence, would make a different pick.

So which autumn or fall baby name is your favorite?

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