Top 10 Fancy Dress Ideas For Teen Girls And Boys

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Fancy themes and costumes make teen parties exciting. Your teen begins preparing for the party much in advance and eagerly waits for the day to come.

You can help him/her in dressing up for the party. Wondering how? We give you a list of teen fancy dress ideas, which you can try on your boy and girl, to make him stand out among his friends.

10 Cute Fancy Dress Ideas For Teenage Girls And Boys:

1. Superman Costume:

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Superman fancy teen dresses are undoubtedly the strongest contender for the number one spot among superheroes. He is a well-mannered reporter named Clark Kent, but when there is trouble, he transforms himself into the American superhero.

Only a man of steel like your teen can fit the shoes of Superman. So have him rock the fancy dress party by dressing him up as the superhero. A Superman costume requires a blue and red jumpsuit, red boots, a red cape, and belt. Insert some foam in the jumpsuit for extra muscle definition.

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2. Commando:

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Every teen dreams of being a man of action. So let your boy live his dream with this commando suit. Wearing this suit, your child can carry out reconnaissance and secret missions at the party.

The commando suit teenage fancy dress costumes are available at almost every major online store. You just have to accessorize it well. A khaki backpack and black shoes are a must. Inflatable machine gun with bullet belt will also make a great addition. Commando is one of the best fancy dress ideas for teenage parties.

3. Batman:

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This fancy dress for teens will definitely be a favorite. Let your teen turn the other boys in the party green with envy with this amazing Batman costume. This caped crusader with a Batmobile is a huge hit with teenagers.

While the Batman costume is suitable for any themed party, we would suggest your teen to wear it for the movie, superhero and Marvel themed parties.

4. Michael Jackson:

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What can we say about Michael Jackson? Everybody knows what an incredible pop star he was and how he continues to inspire millions of performers. This fancy dress for teenage girl will be a perfect costume, if your she has a movie, retro, icon or 80s themed fancy dress party to attend. So, let him turn up for the party as Michael Jackson.

Achieving the Michael Jackson look is easy. You just need a leather jacket (red is preferred), black jeans and black shoes. The Michael Jackson wig will add value to the look.

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5. Maleficent:

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Teens find Sleeping Beauty boring and Maleficent darn cool. The Maleficent costume would be pretty tricky to make at home, so we’d suggest you to rent it. Accessories and a perfect Maleficent are imperative for achieving this look. So hand her a wand as she heads to the party. The Maleficent teenage girl fancy dress is perfect for Disney, Pirates and Princess, movies, and Fairytale themed parties.

6. Catwoman:

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Here’s the ultimate costume for a TV/film or superhero themed event. Catwoman is sassy, strong and her outfit is recognizable, despite the several changes the catsuit has gone over the years. The most famous catsuit was of Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns. To create a similar look, you’ll need a shiny black jumpsuit, gloves, molded belt, boot tops and eye mask with attached ears to transform your teen into Batman’s archenemy.

Try to get a jumpsuit that has a zip up the front, long sleeves and a high neckline. These types of jumpsuits are readily available at most of the Halloween and online stores.

7. Tinkerbell:

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Every girl dreams of being a fairy, no matter how old she gets. So why not make her dreams come true, even if it is just getting dressed up for a costume party? Tinkerbell costumes are simple, cute and fun for kids of all ages. She is instantly recognizable with her beautiful green dress, blonde bun, wand and ample supply of fairy dust.

To transform your child into Tinkerbell, you’ll need a green dress and green fairy wings. Wand and wig are essential to complete the look. Tinkerbell costume will suit several themes, especially the Disney, Peter Pan or Pirate themed party.

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8. Tiger/Tigress:

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Your teen will feel like a real tiger/tigress as soon as they slip into this outfit. This orange pajama costume with black stripes is ideal for the environment, zoo or jungle themed fancy dress competition. It has a button up front and an attached tail in the back. The costume does not even require any accessories, except for shoes or boots. It looks comfortable and snug too! So your teen can do all the moving and dancing wearing this costume. Tell your teen to make a few convincing tiger sounds to be the center of attraction.

9. Princess Leia:

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Princess Leia was the bravest and feistiest fighter the Star Wars universe had ever seen. She Jabba, the Hutt, fought the Stormtrooper and was even sarcastic to Darth Vader. Does your teen want some of that? Then have her dress like Leia for the costume party. It’s a knockout idea for the film or television themed parties. The Force will be with her when she dons the Princess Leia dress, wig, and belt. You can even hand her a toy weapon.

Your teen can ask all her friends to dress as a Star Wars characters and go to the party as a Star Wars themed mob.

10. Wonder Woman:

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How cool does this Wonder Woman fancy dress ideas for teenage girl? Your teen will be clubbing beauty with brawn when she walks down in the Wonder Woman costume.

To give the amazing prowess and powers of this Amazonian superhero, you have to arrange a red and blue strapless mini dress with Wonder Woman logo, red cape, star accents, gantlets, and a gold tiara with stars.

We hope you liked our collection of teenage fancy dress costume ideas. In case we missed out your favourite, tell us by commenting below.

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