200 Cool Last Names For Girls And Boys, With Meanings

We rarely get a chance to pick our own first name, never mind the last. But if you have an opportunity to do so, you should make a shortlist of cool last names before choosing one.

Whether it’s for yourself, your baby, a character in a story, or simply for fun, you could choose from several names out there that sound cool and have an air of authority. This list includes a variety of last names for girls and boys along with their meanings. Read on and pick one.

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Cool Last Names For Girls

1. Abella

Abella means bee, cool last names

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Derived from the Galician, Abella means a bee. This last name was usually given to someone who worked as a beekeeper or sometimes as a nickname for a small, active person.

2. Amana

Amana is a popular female surname of Hebrew origin. It means trust, faithful, or loyal.

3. Ashley/Ashleigh

Ashley is an Old English last name. It is acquired from the Anglo-Saxon words æsc or ash and lēah. The combination of the two words translates to “someone who lives in a meadow near the ash tree.” The feminine form of the surname is Ashleigh.

4. Bardot

Bardot is a noble surname from France. The family name finds roots in the French town of Périgord in the late Middle Ages. Brigitte AnneMarie Bardot is a former singer, actress, and now a well-recognized French animal rights activist.

5. Barlowe

Barlowe (bahr-loh) is a habitational surname related to a town in Derbyshire by the same name. It refers to a person “who lives on a bare hill.”  EmilieClaire Barlow is a famous Canadian voice artist and jazz singer.

6. Bassey

 The surname Bassey suits a short person. It is a derivation of two Old English words, ‘bas and basse,’ meaning short or low. The root of these words is the Latin word “bassus” referring to thickset. Shirley Bassey was a famous British singer from the early and mid-20th centuries.

7. Beaumont

With roots in Norman English and France, ‘Beau’ refers to beautiful, fair, or lovely, and ‘mont’ denotes a hill. Beaumont means a ‘beautiful hill.’ Andrea Beaumont, aka the Phantasm, was a fictional villain character from the Batman series.

8. Bennet

Bennet in Latin origin means “one who is blessed.” A famous reference to the name is Elizabeth Bennet, the leading lady of the much-publicized novel ‘Pride and Prejudice.’

9. Caddel

As a last name, Caddel originated from the Welsh patronymic “ap Cadell.” The surname means “battle.” A famous female personality with this surname is American actress Ava Cadell, born in 1956.

10. Cadieux

 With roots in ancient France, Cadieux is derived from the Old French word cad, meaning “a small but strong fighter.” The Breton surname finds its source in Brittany in a family that owns manors, lands, and estates.

 11. Cassidy

The popular Irish surname refers to “Caiside’s descendant.” Famous women with this surname include Elaine Cassidy, an Irish actress and Eva Cassidy, an American singer.

12. Cromwell

Cromwell is a geographical surname derived from the Parish locality or village Cromwell in Nottingham shire. Adelaide McGuinn Cromwell, an American sociologist was the co-founder of the African Studies Center in Boston University.

13. D’Angelo

A surname of Greek origin, D’Angelo is acquired from the Greek word “angelus.” It refers to an “angel” or a “messenger (of God).”

14. D’Arcy

D’Arcy is a derivation of the original Gaelic name-form “O’Dorchaidhe,” It roots from the word dorcha, meaning dark. It could also be a habitational name from a place called ‘Arcy’ in Normandy. The female protagonist of Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice, was called Elizabeth Darcy.

15. Ellis

The family name Ellis finds its roots in the Anglo-Saxon culture of ancient Britain. The first recording of the surname was in Lincolnshire, England in 1202. Adrienne Ellis was a famous American-Canadian actress from the early 1900s.

16. Elsher

The last name Elsher is a Russian name found mostly in Egypt.

17. Fox

Fox is a surname that refers to someone “cunning”. This last name originated in Ireland and England from Old and Middle English and was first recorded in the 13th century. Vivica A. Fox is a famous actress who acted in movies like Independence Day and Kill Bill.

18. Francis

The word Francis means free. It is an English family name with Latin roots. Anne Francis was an award-winning American actress, well-known for her role in the Forbidden Planet.

19. Gardner

Gardner is an occupational surname of Irish, Scottish, and English origin. It refers to one who works in the garden. This last name can be used for both boys and girls. Catherine Gardner is an American actress born in 1982.

20. Gomez

Gomez is a Portuguese surname from medieval times with likely Visigoth origins. This surname is also common along the west coast of India. It has Spanish origins referring to the son of Gomesano, a man of his own path. A famous woman with this surname is the singer, Selena Gomez.

21. Gonzales

This Spanish surname is also spelt as González. It is the second most popular surname in Spain and a common last name in the entire Spanish community of the world.

22. Green

This feminine last name of Anglo-Saxon origin, means someone who lived in the greener area of a village, which is usually the central or main square region. Alternatively, it can be used as a nickname for someone who wears a lot of green.

protip_icon Trivia
John and Hank Green are two famous American authors and YouTube vloggers.

23. Guiliani

Guiliani is a surname of Italian origin. The word refers to someone who is “youthful.”

24. Hansley

This surname was introduced in England in the 7th century. It finds roots in Old English and is a local surname derived from Hanna’s or Han’s “leah.”

25. Harper

In England, Scotland, and Ireland, this last name was an occupational surname given to someone who played the harp.

26. Hart

This surname finds roots in Old English, German, Dutch, and Swedish cultures. The bearer of the name was believed to have the personality of a “stag.” She was expected to be brave and strong.

27. Hendrix

This last name refers to the “son of Hendrik.” The patronymic surname finds its roots in the lands of Dutch and Germany. The name also means “home-ruler.” Amanda Hendrix was a notable American planetary scientist, born in 1968.

28. Hope

Hope means desire. This English-Scottish surname is topographic and refers to someone who lives in an enclosed area or valley. In Middle English, it is a habitational name and one of the most common surnames in Ireland, Scotland, and Northern England.

29. Jenkins

This surname originates from Cornwall, but was popularized in Southern Wales. Jenkins means “John’s son” or “small John.” The word “kin” is derived from the Dutch word kijn, which was popular in England. Kathryn Jenkins was a famous Welsh scholar and hymn writer.

30. Katz

Katz families are known to have originated near the Katz Castle. This common German surname is also found among the Jews, and is denoted by a Hebrew abbreviation of the word Kohen Tzedeq, which means “priest of justice” or an authentic priest.

31. Kaufman

It is derived from the Jewish personal name Kaufman, meaning ‘merchant.’

32. Keating

Originally a nickname given to a brave and fierce person, this last name is derived from the pre 7th century English patronymic name Cyting that means kite. John Keating was a famous fictional character played by Robin Williams in the classic film Dead Poets Society.

33. Keller

The last name Keller has multiple roots. In modern literature, Keller refers to a basement or cellar. Helen Adams Keller was a blind and deaf American author, who also became a lecturer, political activist, and disability rights advocate.

34. Kemp

Originally with Norman roots, this last name is derived from the old English word ‘cempa,’ meaning champion or warrior. In other cultures, it was a popular surname for women during the age of the Salem Witch trials.

35. Knox

The Scottish surname Knox originated from the Gaelic word “cnoc,” which denotes a hump or hillock. Knox could also be a derivation of the Old English “cnocc.” Myra Knox was an American physician and the first woman in California to be appointed to a board of education.

36. Langley

Langley denotes a “long meadow.” It is an English surname with geographical reference to areas called Langley the Dioceses Canterbury, Worcester, Bath, Norwich, and Wells.

37. Laurier

This name is used as a surname and a first name. It denotes “Of Laurière,” meaning belonging to a commune in the Haute-Vienne. The surname refers to an evergreen tree or a bay leaf.

38. Levine

This surname is a popular and proud symbol of Jewish culture. Levine originates from the male Hebrew first name Levi, meaning join or attached. It is a patronymic Hebrew family name.

39. Lopez

A surname with Spanish roots, López was initially considered a patronymic name denoting the “Lope’s son.” Lope is derived from the Lati word Lupus meaning “wolf.” Jennifer Lopez is a well-known American actress, singer, and dancer.

40. Macklin

A patronymic name, Macklin is an Anglicized version of the Gaelic name Mac Gille Eathain. The surname refers to the son of Saint John’s servant. This last name has also been used for girls in modern times. Carmel Macklin is a famous American actress.

41. Madden

Madden is a popular Irish last name. It finds roots in the pre-10th century. Olde Gaelic name O’Madain refers to a little dog or descendant of a hound.  Women with this surname are known to have the virtues of a hound—loyalty, speed, and endurance.

42. Madison

Madison is a last name that finds roots in the English history. It has also become popular in the US as a first name. It is also spelt as Maddison and is a variation of Mathieson, referring to “Matthew’s son.” Bailee Madison and Martha Madison are famous American actresses.

43. McKenna

Variations of the surname McKenna are spelt as MacKenna, Makenna, and Mackenna. McKenna is the Anglicized version of Mac Cionaoith, a Gaelic Irish surname. It denotes “Cionnaith’s son.” It is also a Scottish surname with reference in Galloway. Christina McKenna is a famous Irish writer.

44. Monroe

Monroe, a Scottish-Gaelic surname

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A Scottish-Gaelic surname, Monroe denotes something that comes from “a river’s mouth.” The name is a derivation of two words ‘bun’ meaning “mouth of” and ‘roe’ meaning “river.” The most famous bearer of this surname is the American actress, Marilyn Monroe.

45. Nadir

Nadir means “rare” and is used both as a first name and a surname. It is a variation of the Arabic word Nader which means precious or scarce. Kerime Nadir Azrak was a famous Turkish female author and novelist.

46. Raven

With roots in Middle English from Scotland and England, Raven was initially used as a nickname for a thievish person. It also referred to someone with dark hair like the raven bird.

47. Reyes

The last name Reyes was derived from the Latin word ‘regis’ meaning ‘royal’ or ‘regal.’ However, this last name does not necessarily imply that one belongs to a family of royalty.

48. Rhodes

Variations of this last name include Rhoades, Roads, and Roades. It is a locational surname referring to someone living near the ‘rod,’ which is a small clearing in the woods.

49. Sloane

Originally found among the Scottish tribe Strathclyde Britons, Sloane is a patronymic surname.

50. Solace

Solace means comfort. This Latin name came into the English language in the 14th century through the Anglo-French. It was derived from the Latin verb ‘solari,’ which means “to console.” In medieval times, this surname was given to a child born after their sibling’s death.

51. St. James

The first sign of this surname was found in Surrey. The name St. James migrated from Normandy as Fitz James.

52. Thatcher

The former Prime Minister of the UK, Margaret Thatcher, made this surname famous. This was originally an occupational last name referring to someone who thatches a roof.

53. Tilly

The surname Tilly is a habitational name of English-Norman and French origin. The name sources from Tilley in Shropshire and is a variant of the Old English word ‘telga,’ meaning wood, bough, or branch. It is also the female diminutive for the German name Matilda.

54. Tuffin

The surname Tuffin was brought to England after the Norman Conquest in 1066. Originally, the surname comes from the Greek name Theophania. It is a combination of theos, which means “God” and phainein which means “to appear.” Tuffin means “for God to appear.”

55. Villarreal

Pronounced as bee-AH-reh-AHL, this last name means “royal settlement.” It is a habitational name with Spanish roots and means “farmsteads on the outskirts.” Places with these names have links to the Crown and are considered royal.

56. Westbrook

A surname with English roots, Westbrook refers to the western side of the brook. It is a locational last name used by families who lived in those areas.

56. Wolf

This surname is a descriptive surname derived from the old English word wulf, meaning wolf. Variations of this last name include Woolf and Woolfe. Virginia Woolf, a famous British author bore this last name.

58. Yang

Yang means “aspen tree.” The surname originated in South Asia and is found mainly in China, Japan, Indonesia, and surrounding regions.

Cool Last Names For Boys

59. Abraham

As a surname, Abraham can be of many origins. Derived from the Hebrew name Avraham, the biblical patriarch is worshipped as the founding father of the Jews. Abraham denotes the “Father of nations.”

60. Abbot

This last name originates from England or Scotland. However, its meaning can be traced back to the old French term ‘abet,’ meaning priest.

61. Adler

The surname Adler comes from Yiddih or German roots. The word denotes an “eagle” and is common in the UK and USA. It is also a popular surname with the Ashkenazi community of the Jews, where it finds reference in the Psalm.

62. Agassi

This surname is commonly seen amongst ethnic groups in Iran, Persian Jews, and few Persian Muslims. It is also an anglicized version of the Armenian surname ‘Aghassian.’ Andre Kirk Agassi is a famous American tennis player.

63. Allen

Allen is a last name of Irish origin. The name refers to someone who is ‘handsome.’ It could also be a variation of MacAllen or Ailin, meaning harmony and peace. Another reference mentions its meaning as “little rock.”

64. Arden

This name of English origin is a local surname that refers to the “valley of eagles.” There are three places in the United Kingdom by this name.

65. Ashford

There are several places called Ashford in England. This habitational surname comes from Old English and is a combination of “ash” and “ford.” It refers to the edge of a sword.

66. Augustus

The royal name means “majestic.” Augustus is a surname with Latin roots and finds its fame in the first Emperor of Rome, Caesar Augustus.

67. Benjamin

Benjamin is derived from a Hebrew combination of words. “Ben” means son and “yemin” means right hand.

68. Bexley

Bexley is a last name with English roots. The name comprises two parts, ‘byxe’ means box tree and ‘leah’ means a clearing in the woods.

69. Bond

Bond means bindings or “tied to the soil or land.” This English name is popular due to its association with the famous movie character James Bond.

70. Boone

This English name is of Norman origin. Boone means a blessing. It is derived from an Old French pet name ‘Bon,’ meaning good. It could also be a habitational name referring to Bohon in La Manche, France.

71. Byron

Lord Byron was a well-known English poet. The surname Byron means “belonging to the barns” and is of English origin.

72. Castellan

A popular last name for boys, Castellan is an English name that refers to the “keeper of a castle.”

73. Channing

This English family name refers to a “young wolf” and finds its roots in England.

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The name Channing was popularized by American actor Channing Matthew Tatum, who acted in popular films such as ‘Step Up’ and ‘Dear John.’

74. Chrysalis

Chrysalis refers to a “butterfly’s pupae.” The name is of Greek origin and has been derived from Chrysafénios, a Greek word meaning golden.

75. Collymore

Collymore is believed to be an English habitational name, from Colleymore Farm in Oxfordshire. It could also have originated from a village called Colmore in Dorset. The surname could be a derivation of the Old English word “col-mera,” meaning clear or cool lake.

76. Curran

The descendants of the spearmen clan were known as Curran. This family name finds its roots in Ireland.

77. Cyprus

Cyprus is the name of a tree. The surname finds its roots in the English culture.

78. Dagon

This Arabic name refers to the “rain clouds.” Dagon is a popular surname for boys.

79. Damaris

The Greek last name Damaris means gentle. It also refers to a calf.

80. Diggory

Diggory is a French name and a derivation of the word ‘egare.’ The word means astray.

81. Disney

The beautiful commune of Isigny

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Everyone knows Walt Disney. The English surname was originally derived from a French word ‘D’Isigny,’ which means “belonging to Isigny,” a place in France.

82. Donahue

Donahue is the Americanized form of the Irish name Donoheo and Anglicized version of the Gaelic name Ó Donnchadha. It refers to “Donnchadh’s descendant.” The surname denotes a man with brown hair or a chieftain.

83. Donovan

Originating in Ireland, the surname Donovan denotes a “dark princeling.” It is a popular Irish, American, and Australian last name.

84. Duke

A Duke is a title of the nobles. This surname is of English origin and is found as a title amongst the Royals of England.

85. Dumbledore

Dumbledore is an Old English surname that denotes a “bumblebee.”  Albus Dumbledore is an admired character from the ‘Harry Potter’ series.

86. Elrod

The Hebrew last name Elrod refers to God as the king of mankind.

87. Elliot

T. S. Elliot was one of the most famous poets and essayists of the 20th century. The name Elliot is of English origin and refers to the Lord as our God. It is also one of the most popular last names.

88. Emerson

Emerson is a surname of German origin and refers to Emery’s son. It is also an English last name with Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from Emars sunu, Emar’s son or son of Ethelmar.

89. Fernandez

The Spanish surname is one of the most popular last names and means “Fernando’s son.”

90. Ferro

Of Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian origin, the last name Ferro is an occupational name given to someone who worked with iron or produced iron. It’s Latin name is ferrum.

91. Frederick

Fredrick finds its roots in Germany. The surname means a “peaceful ruler.” This English derivation is a combination of Frid or Fred, meaning peace along with Ric, which means power. The Duke of York and Albany went by the name of Augustus Frederick.

92. Ford

In Old or Middle English, Ford was a habitational family name of a person who resided near a ford. Harrison Ford is a famous American actor.

93. Gaumond

The Germanic name Walmund is the probable source of the surname Gaumond. Walmund is a combination of words that mean “protector” or refer to a death in the battlefield.

94. Gilbert

The origin of the last name Gilbert is found in French-Norman history. The word means “bright.”  The surname also has a Germanic origin. In English, Gilbert is a derivation o Giselbert.

95. Granger

Granger is an occupational surname of French and English origins. It refers to a farm bailiff. A famous fictional character by this name is Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series.

96. Guiliani

Giuliani is a distinguished surname that originated in Papal States, Italy. It is derived from the first name Giuliani or Julian. The surname means “youthful.” Rudolph William Louis Giuliani is a famous American politician and the 107th Mayor of New York City.

97. Hale

This family name finds its roots in old Anglo-Saxon culture. It denoted a family living in a remote nook or valley. The name is also believed to be derived from the Old English word ‘halh.’ Hale means “hero” or “from the hall,” meaning hall of fame.

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American actress Lucy Hale, known for her role in the hit television series ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ is a popular namesake.

98. Harington

It is an English habitational surname for someone from Cumbria, Lincolnshire, and Northampton shire. English actor Kit Harington is a famous bearer of this last name.

99. Hawk

This family name roots back to ancient Britain’s Anglo-Saxon culture. Hawk is derived from the Old English name Hafoc, referring to a hawk. The surname denotes a person who is wild and hawk-like.

100. Hendrix

The son of Hendrik was known as Hendrix. This surname of Dutch origin finds its fame with the famous musician Jimi Hendrix. This is a popular last name throughout the Western countries.

101. Hillary

Edmund Hillary was the first man to reach the peak of Mt. Everest.  This surname of Latin-Greek origin means glad, happy, cheerful, or joyous.

102. Hogwood

This last name refers to a forest frequently visited by hawks. Hogwood is an English surname of Anglo-Sussex origin.

103. Holmes

Holmes is a well-known surname from England. The Middle English word ‘Holme” denotes an islet. The famous fictional detective character Sherlock Holmes made this name popular.

104. Huxley

This habitational name finds reference in a town in Cheshire, England. Huxley is derived from the Old English first name Hucc, hux, or husc, meaning an insult or a taunt. The word also means a clearing in the wood as leah means wood.

105. Irving

This last name of Scottish origin is a topographical last name that refers to someone dwelling by the River Irvine in Dumfriesshire. The name got famous by Washington Irving, a well-known author.

106. Jackson

Son of Jack is known as Jackson. It is of American and Scottish origin. Michael Jackson was a famous musician of the 80s, while Percy Jackson is a title character of Rick Riordan’s book series.

107. Karenina

Karenina is a Slavic last name and means chaste or pure. A famous novel by Leo Tolstoy is named after its protagonist Anna Karenina.

108. Lang

This last name has its roots in Germany similar to the words Laing, Lange, and Long. It usually refers to a tall person. In Hungary, Lang can also mean flame.

109. Langston

The surname with English roots, Langston means the town or tower of a tall man. Dicey Langston was a Patriot spy during the American Revolution.

110. Lennon

The surname Lennon appeared in Gaelic and was probably derived from ‘leann,’ meaning “a cloak” or “a paramour.” The most well-known association of the surname is John Lennon, the English musician, songwriter, and lead singer of the “Beatles.”

111. Lennox

This surname finds roots in Scottish and Northern Ireland. It is a habitational name and comes from the Gaelic word leamhan, meaning elm. Lennox means elm grove. Bobby Lennox is a famous British football player of the mid-1900s.

112. Levine

Levine comes from the Hebrew name ‘Levi.’ This surname of Jewish origin means “joining.”

113. Levisay

This American name means “Dear Victory” And is pronounced as leh-vih-say.

114. Marley

The surname Marley is considered a locational name of English origin.  Marley is the name of places in Kent, Devon, and West Yorkshire. The Jamaican singer Bob Marley was a famous pioneer of reggae music in the mid-1900s.

115. McElfresh

The Scottish surname McElfresh refers to the child of a brindled man. It is the Anglicized version of the Gaelic name Mac Gille Bhris, meaning St. Bricius’s servant. This name belonged to a Gaulish saint from the 5th-century.

116. Mycroft

Found to be of English origin, the last name Mycroft means “by the side of a stream.” Mycroft Holmes was a fictional character and the elder sibling of Sherlock Holmes.

117. Nadir

Nadir is a last name of Arabic origin. The word means “rare”.

118. Nishikawa

This name of Japanese origin denotes a “western river” found in the Ryukyu Islands of western Japan. Some bearers of this surname are from the Samurai clan.

119. Norris

A topographical surname for someone who lived north of an estate. This last name translates to north house. Chuck Norris, American martial artist is a notable bearer of this last name.

120. Pavlov

It is derived from the first name Pavel, which in turn comes from the Slavic name Paul. Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov was famously known for his discovery of the concept of classical conditioning.

121. Pereira

Pereira, cool last names

Image: Shutterstock

Referring to a “pear tree,” Pereira is a surname with Portuguese roots. A famous personality by this name is the footballer Andreas Hugo Pereira.

122. Pearson

This last name was first heard of in England, and it is a patronymic surname meaning ‘son of Pier.’

123. Potter

An occupational surname, a “pot maker” is known as Potter. The English origin name became well-known worldwide after the leading character Harry Potter in the ‘Harry Potter’ book series.

124. Ramirez

The last name Ramirez means Ramiro’s son. This name finds its roots in Spain.

125. Smirnov

The Russian surname Smirov refers to someone who is obedient and calm, peaceful or gentle.

126. Stoll

Stoll is believed to be an occupational surname for a carpenter. It could also be a nickname for someone who is rigid in his ways. The last name is a derivation of the Middle High or Low German word “stolle,” which refers to a frame or support system.

127. Swindells

This Old English locational surname is widely found in Lancashire. The surname has probably been derived from Swindale in North Yorkshire. The word ‘swin’ refers to a pig or wild boar and ‘dael’ means valley. Swindells, therefore, means “valley of wild boars.”

128. Trevino

Trevino is a gender-neutral surname. It refers to someone who lives on a boundary or where places meet. This Spanish name could be habitational from places in the provinces of Burgos and Santander with the same name.

129. Usoro

This family name of African origin means “celebration”.  99% of Usoros are predominantly found in Africa.

130. Vader

Vader is a family name of Dutch origin. The Dutch word means “father” in English. Darth Vader is a popular Star Wars character.

131. Wayne

The driver of a wagon was known as Wayne in Old England. In the ‘Batman’ series, the character Bruce Wayne is Batman.

132. Werner

Werner is a surname of German origin. It is popular as a first and last name. The word means “defender” or a “warrior who defends.”

133. Whitlock

In Old England, the last name Whitlock means “white enclosure.” The word is a combination of two words from Old English, Hwit means white and locc means lock or enclosure. In modern times, the surname refers to someone with white hair.

134. Wickham

Wickman is a family name with English roots. The name denotes “village paddock.” A famous association of the name is George Wickham, a character from the book ‘Pride and Prejudice.’

135. Woody

This masculine first name is also used as a surname. Woody or Woodie became popular during the presidency of Thomas Woodrow Wilson in the USA. He was nicknamed Woody as a derivation of his middle name.

136. Yarbrough

This English habitational name comes from a place in Lincolnshire called Yarborough or Yarburgh. In Old English eorðburg means ‘earthworks’ or ‘fortifications.’ It is a combination of eorðe, meaning earth or soil and burh meaning stronghold or fortress.

137. Zimmerman

This last name of German origin is an occupational name and denotes a carpenter.

Cool Fantasy Last Names

138. Abbington

This habitational name refers to an estate that is owned or associated with someone called Abba. Amanda Abbington is a famous actress bearing this surname.

139. Abednego

In Akkadian, this fantasy surname refers to “Nebo’s servant.” Nebo is Babylonia’s God of wisdom. According to the Old Testament, Azariah was one of the three men saved by God when thrown into a burning furnace. The Babylonian name for Azariah is Abednego.

140. Agnello

This fantasy surname has been acquired from the Italian word “agnello.” It is a diminutive of agnus, which means “lamb.” The name became popular as it referred to a lamb being taken to the slaughterhouse, denoting Christ’s suffering at the Cross.

141. Albizia

When the Lord of Alba remembers, it is known as Albizia. The name is classy and strong.

142. Amos

Amos is a surname of Jewish or Hebrew origin. It refers to a person “borne by God.” Amos, in Hebrew, means ‘to carry.’ There was a Biblical prophet by this name who recorded oracles in the 8th century BC in a book called the Book of Amos.

143. Asteria

Asteria is a beautiful fantasy surname. It refers to the goddess of innocence and justice.

144. Baggins

The surname Baggins finds its roots in Anglo-Saxon history. The last name referred to a person who was a traveler with bags and backpacks or a peddler. This uncommon last name became popular after a fictitious character in the Lord of the Rings series.

145. Belloc

Belloc is a Catalan surname, pronounced as Bey-yoc. It is a combination of two words, bell means lovely and lloc refers to a place. Belloc is known to be a famous female fantasy character.

146. Biddercombe

Rosie Biddercombe is the name of a character in the the Mystery of Secret Sakura. Created by Mechokky, this is an American web series about a girl on a mission to find the identity of a mysterious female battling the threats of her town.

147. Cherith

Cherith is a last name of Hebrew origin. The word refers to a “stream in winter.” This fresh sounding surname can be found in the Bible. It was the fantasy stream that kept Elijah alive.

148. Clawarm

A character who wicked yet gorgeous is called Clawarm. This fantasy name has class and enigma.

149. Cornelius

This is a Biblical name of Latin origin. Cornelius comes from the word ‘cornu’ that means “horn.”

protip_icon Trivia
Cornelius Fudge, a fictional character in JK Rowling’s fantastical series Harry Potter, was a Minister for Magic.

150. Covenbreath

The Goddess of darkness in the air is called Covenbreath. This is a cool fantasy surname for an antagonist or a female character who operates in the darkness.

151. Cunningham

This geographical surname is associated with a place in Ayrshire district, Scotland, by the name of Cunningham. The town got its name from coney or cunny, which means rabbit and hame meaning home. The surname also has Irish roots and refers to a “chief” in Ireland.

152. Cyprus

A Polish surname, Cyprus is a derivation of Cyrus and acquired from the Greek name Kyros, which was the name of a king in Persia. The word means “fair.”

153. Dagon

Dagon can be a female or male surname. It finds its roots in Hebrew and is the name of the God of fertility. God Dagon is portrayed as half fish and half man. The word refers to “being cut open.”

154. Damaris

The Greek-Latin surname Damaris means “to tame,” “gentle,” or a “calf.” In the fantasy world, Damaris is a magical sword known as the Sword of Truth. Legend says that Gavin, the bearer of the sword, could foresee the truth while he wielded the sword.

155. Dustfinger

Dustfinger is a prominent fire-eater and fire-dancer from the fantasy Inkworld. He has a marten with horns as a constant companion on his shoulders. It makes quite a cool fantasy surname.

156. Duskstalker

If you are looking for a surname for a stalker who approached slimily anytime between the day and night, this fantasy name could be quite appropriate.

157. Dwyer

Dwyer is an Irish last name which is a combination of elements of ‘dubh’ that means black and dark with ‘odhar’ meaning tawny. Ilthyia Dwyer was a fantasy female warrior from the Marvel series.

158. Einar

The Scandinavian name Einar is derived from Einarr, an Old Norse surname. It denotes brave warriors who laid their lives in battle. Einar is a war general in HeroScape, a fantasy game and also a fantasy character from the Vinland Saga.

159. Elfbreath

Elves are fictional characters who play well in the fantasy world. Elfbreath is a combination of two words wherein elf means a small, mischievous character. The name typically denotes the life of an elf.

160. Festus

Festus is a female human-like cleric of Groetus. The Latin surname means festive or joyful. Festus the Leechlord was a doctor in Nordland, who sold his soul to Nurgle. He was left a deranged maniac. Festus was also a female dragon character.

161. Finecrusher

If your fantasy character is one who crushes everything to dust, Finecrusher is the surname you are looking for. It refers to any device or machine/machine-like character that finely crushes anything.

162. Gallio

A character from the Marvel comics, Selena Gallio is a Black warrior Queen. She is one of the strongest female characters of the fantasy world. The surname refers to ‘someone who survives on milk.’

163. Flagg

Flagg is an English habitational name. It is derived from Old English ‘flage’ or Old Norse ‘flag’ meaning turf. Randall Flagg is a dark antagonistic character from Stephen King’s book “The Stand.”

164. Gannon

Ganonis  he primary antagonist of the Legend of Zelda of Nintendo video game series.  He has a humanoid version and is the boss in most of the titles.

165. Gloryweaver

An amalgamation of glory and weaver, this surname refers to someone who is an extraordinary weaver, who weaves long strands of fiber into fine cloth.

166. Godfrey

This surname of German origin is a combination of “God” and “peace.”  Godfrey has been the name of characters from the Final Fantasy series.

167. Griffin

With roots in ancient Greece and medieval to late Latin, Griffins are fictional creatures often appearing in the fantasy genre. Griffins are creatures with the body, back legs and tail or a lion and wings and head like an eagle. The surname denotes fierce and dangerous.

168. Havenglow

An amalgamation of two words, haven means home and glow means something shiny. Havenglow is a fantasy surname that refers to a glowing ruler who provides refuge and safety in a place.

169. Hallowedchaser

One who hunts for holy things is known as a Hallowedchaser.

170. Hazerider

A combination of the words haze and rider, this English surname refers to a rider who surfaces in obscure conditions at lower atmospheric conditions. A night-rider maybe of sorts.

171. Humphries

Of Welsh origin, this last name is derived from the patronymic name ‘Humphrey.’ According to the language of the Normans, Humfrey is composed of the elements hun, meaning bear cub and frid, meaning peace.

172. Jacaranda

Jacaranda is a tropical and sub-tropical flower, which is a genus of 49 species of flowering plants. Native to America, the cosmopolitan flower is found in many parts of the world including India and Pakistan. Jacaranda is also an alien fantasy character.

173. Kami

Kami is a Japanese surname meaning “Lord.” It is a fantasy name for an animated character.

174. Kicklighter

This surname means “chicken ladder.” It is the Americanized spelling of the German word Kückleiter, which is probably a pet name for a chicken farmer.

175. Kirk

Kirk has roots in Denmark

Image: Shutterstock

Kirk is a last name with Danish, Scottish and Northern English roots. The word means “church” and is a topographic name for someone living near a church. Captain Kirk was a famous character of Star Trek.

176. Lightfoot

A person who is a nimble runner or light on his feet is known as lightfoot. It is an interesting name to give a fantasy character with such a personality.

177. Lozano

A surname of Spanish origin, Lozano denotes someone or something who is good looking and splendid. Sebastian Lozano is an artist of dark, fantasy art.

178. Luna

Luna freya Nox Fleuret, better known as Luna, is Final Fantasy’s XV’s most pivotal character. Luna means “the Moon.”

179. Marek

In the fantasy novel ‘Uprooted,’ Prince Marek is the second prince of Polnya. He is known as the “God of war” and is greatly accomplished and loved. Marek also means “of Mars.”

180. McCoy

This common last name has a Scottish and Irish origins. McCoy is an Anglicized version of the Irish name Mac Aodha, meaning “Aodh’s son.” Aodh is an Irish mythological deity.

181. Mintz

Mintz Adler is a fantasy character from the Phoenix Sorcerer. The name suits Dungeon and Dragon characterizations well.

182. October

A character from Game of Thrones and Welcome October, this English name refers to the month of October in the English calendar year.

183. Omega

Omega is a surname of Greek origin. It refers to the end. The last letter of the Greek alphabet is also called Omega and thus the reference. Kenny Omega is a fantasy character from the Final Fantasy series.

184. Priestley

This surname means “a priest of the woods.” The comic character is a DnD (Dungeon and Dragon) anime from the fantasy world.

185. Sapien

The Polish last name Sapien refers to knowledgeable or clever individuals. There are many variants of this surname like Zapiain in Basque. The name could be given to a person who is wheezy since Sapien could be a derivative of sapac, meaning ‘to wheeze.’

186. Sapphirus

A multicolored dragon anime created for Fantasy Final, Sapphirus is a surname of Latin origin. The word refers to a “sapphire” or “blue stone.”

187. Sierra

The last name Sierra denotes a “mountain range” and finds its roots in the Spanish language. The name also means “saw.”

188. Silvius

A surname of Latin origin, Silvius means “woods” or a “forest.” The surname also finds reference in Late Roman culture.

189. Snakeleaf

A half woman and half snake fantasy character, Snakeleaf is a surname that can be used for a clever and venomous person.

190. Strongblossom

Princess Strong Blossom is a mighty superhero in the series Backyardigans. The character is called Uniqua and although she is small and pink and looks cute, she is extremely strong. The name is a combination of strong and blossom.

191. Truthbelly

This last name can be given to a character who cannot hold a secret or who always speaks the truth. The fantasy surname Truthbelly seems appropriate for anime characters.

192. Targaryen

The fantasy world includes a whole DnD section. Targaryen means “belonging to the dragon.” The name is found in the famed series ‘Game of Thrones.’

193. Umbra

Umbra is a last name with Latin origin. The word means “shadow” or “shade” and can be given to a dark character or one who moves in darkness.

194. Verlice

Verlice is a family name with roots dating back to 1871 to a family in Berwickshire, Scotland. The name denotes versatility, to be willing or one who is correct.

195. Vespertine

Vespertine is a fantasy character, the main protagonist of the book by the same name by Margaret Rogerson. Believed to be of Latin origin, it refers to something that occurs at night or at twilight.

196. Windward

This fantasy character is part of the DnD world. The dragon anime is the hero of the fictional book ‘Windward’ by S.Kaeth.

197. Wixx

A variation of Wykes, Wixx is a geographical surname and has been used by many fantasy character profiles for the Final Fantasy series.

198. Woodgrip

Woodgrip is a combination of two words, wood and grip meaning hold. This surname is apt for a character with a sword or a strong grip or one who is made of or uses wood as a superpower.

199. Xenide

A character who is confident, studious, and highly confident can be named Xenide. This surname is commonly found in regions of France.

200. Zibia

This Hebrew name denotes a horse, gazelle, or doe.  The surname can be used for a warrior princess mounted on a horse.

5 Tips To Choose A Cool Surname

Here are some points to consider when choosing a cool surname.

  1. Meaning: The meaning of the name should give an insight into the character. It could even match your personality or reflect your family in any way.
  1. Matching: Make sure the last name you pick matches or sounds good with your first name. It should flow easily and be quick to remember.
  1. Syllables: No matter how beautiful the surname is, it will be difficult to pronounce or remember if it is too long with multiple syllables. Pick a name with two to three syllables only.
  1. Uniqueness: The name must be unique yet still familiar and not unusual. Also, make sure that it is related to the characters of your story—in case you are naming a fictional character.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

cool last names_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I choose a unique last name for my baby?

It is up to you and your preference to choose a unique last name for your baby. However, since last names indicate one’s family, tribe, or community, giving your baby a different or unique last name might result in losing touch with family roots.

2. How do I choose a last name that reflects my family’s heritage?

When choosing a last name that reflects your family’s heritage, parents can use either of their last names or maybe both. However, you can also consider looking through your family’s genealogy and history to know more about your family’s roots when choosing the last name for your baby.

3. Is it okay to choose a last name from a culture that’s not my own?

Traditionally, one should have a family name as their last name; however, if you have a strong connection or attachment to another culture, you may use their last name in your name or your baby’s name to show respect and admiration. However, you must look through the cultural significance of those last names and do your research before legally using the last name, as some cultures restrict the use of their surnames by others.

4. Is it important to match my baby’s last name with my own?

Matching your baby’s last name with your own is a common practice and provides a connection to family and community. However, it is not legally important, and you can choose any last name you wish for your child.

5. Can I use a last name as a first name for my baby?

Using a last name as a first name is a common practice and can be done to honor a loved one or just for a unique name. However, note that some last names may be perceived as unusual or unconventional as first names.

If you’re writing a story, giving your characters cool last names can help bring life to them. Of course, having an interesting first name is important, but so is having a beautiful last name that matches the aura and cool quotient of the first name. Go through our list of cool last names and shortlist the ones you believe will match your character’s personality. Alternatively, if you are looking for a cute last name for your little one, you could choose one that describes a trait you would like to see in their personality.

Infographic: Cool Last Names For Girls And Boys

A dynamic and trending last name adds a lot to one’s personality. This infographic brings some cool last names, whether for your baby, your close one, or even a fictitious character for your story. Choose your favorite last name to raise the trendiness quotient of a name.

cool last names for girls and boys (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Are you looking for rare yet beautiful names for your baby? Discover the trendiest and most unique last names as first names for boys and girls! From preppy surnames to classic baby names, this list has it all!

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