Top 12 Fascinating Science Activities For Your Babies & Toddlers

science activities for babies

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Do you think your toddlers are cute scientists in their own way?

That’s because, tots love to observe, experiment, experience and apply logic to everyday things. Engaging them in simple science activities will strengthen their logical power and help them learn while having fun.

Some Science Experiments For Preschoolers In The Kitchen!

The kitchen is a great place for experiments as there are so many substances of varying nature. Here are some science activities for toddlers that are easy and effective.

1. Oily Fun:

Oily Fun

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This activity involves oil, so make sure you are not on slippery surface, and have a lot of old clothes nearby to wipe stuff.

  • Let your children add some water and oil in a glass jar and observe the reaction.
  • You can add some food color to this mixture and see as only the water gets colored.

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2. Flour Magic:

Flour Magic

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Now is the time to introduce the versatile flour! Add a little oil to flour and let your children mix them.

  • The grainy and slippery textures will interest your toddler as she tries to create a smooth mix. Tell her about the changes taking place.
  • Once ready, the dough can be used to make shapes or alphabets.

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3. Color Mixing:

Color Mixing

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Take water in several cups and let your toddlers add ingredients with different colors and consistencies.

  • Keep explaining to them the reaction that happens as they add salt, turmeric, milk, egg, syrups and even ice to water.
  • You can then continue the experiment another day and make them explain to you what they think is happening.

4. Stretch-Bend-Break:


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Here is another amazing science activity for toddlers that uses various ingredients as you cook.

  • You can let your children experiment and explain to her their nature.
  • The fact that dough is stretchable, bread is pliable, batter is semi liquid and cookie is brittle will intrigue her.

Let’s Make Some Sound!

Sound activities are a great way of imparting some simple science facts to your adorable toddler. Here are some fun science experiments for preschoolers that involve sound.

5. Water Bottles:

Fill some water in bottles of different shapes and sizes.

  • Ask your tots to tap each bottle with a stick, thus making different sounds. They will love to create music and observe the sound each bottle makes.
  • You can also use different bowls or other utensils for this activity.

6. Ladle Music:

Ladle Music

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This activity is also a sound-based one, but without water.

  • Give your children some spoons and ladles of different material and sizes.
  • Encourage them to hit on a surface with wooden, plastic, metallic and fiber ladles. Let them feel their texture and explore the sounds they make.

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How About Science In The Backyard?

The open backyard is a great place to explore and learn, especially for your darling who can’t stop running! Let your toddlers get their hands dirty, because that is how they will get to explore and satisfy their curiosity.

7. Nature Buddies:

Nature Buddies

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Let your toddlers watch, smell and touch plants and flowers. Tell them about the importance of water and sunlight for plants. Get them a small shovel and teach how to plant a sapling.

8. Sun And Ice:

Sun And Ice

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Get two jars full of ice. Keep one in shade and the other under the sun. Let your toddlers find out which one melts faster and then explain why. For younger babies, just exploring the textures becomes fun!

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9. Sand Fun:

Sand Fun

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Make your tots pick some sand and gently release it to see which direction the wind is blowing. Help them make a dune or even a house with the mud by adding the right quantity of water to it.

10. Name The Elements:

Name The Elements

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Once in the open, point out various things like the sun, a particular tree, a pond or an insect and teach the names. Then have a fun quiz, with a nice reward for your toddlers if they get it all right.

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11. Getting Wet:

Getting Wet

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Get a tub of water in the open and throw in things that sink, and some that float. Tell your toddler to observe them. You can also explain in simple language why certain things sink in water or float.

12. Bubbles:


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Blowing bubbles in the open is more fun, as the wind floats them and the sunlight makes them change colors. This is a fun way to teach your toddler about VIBGYOR.

We hope this article gives you ideas to get your children have some fun with education. While you help your toddlers explore, keep an eye on them for safety. Also, while explaining things, make it sound like a storytelling session! This will engage them and help retain what they learns.

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If you have any special science experiments for preschoolers that you enjoy doing with your tots, do share it with us!

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