51 Most Fashionable Baby Names Inspired By Fashion Designers

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If you’d like a moniker for your little one that honors and stands through time, then you may like this list of baby names inspired by fashion designers. Fashion is a particular art that was always prominent and has never lost its versatility. Although every individual has their fashion statement, a few individuals tend to create a magnificent style that sticks for centuries to come. If you are a fashionista, this list of baby names honoring such designers is just for you.

Fashionable Girls Names

1. Adele:

This French name, meaning ‘good humor’ belongs to the one of the most successful American fashion designers, Adele Simpson.

2. Arden:

Just the thought of the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa is relaxing. So would be the thoughts of your daughter with this hip name.

3. Allegra:

This name belongs to the daughter of the world famous fashion designer Donatella Versace.

4. Alessandra:

This moniker brings to mind the fabulous and fashionable Alessandra Ambrosia.

5. Anais:

This one refers to Anais Bordier, the London, and Paris-based fashion designer. This exotic name means ‘grace’.

6. Anna:

Anna, as in Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine. This exceedingly demanding woman was also the inspiration for the protagonist of “The Devil Wears Prada”.

7. Bronx:

Bronx is the hottest borough to name your child. After all, it’s home to the Yankee Stadium and Hip and Hop.

8. Celine:

Celine, one of the first luxury brands was the brainchild of designer couple Celine and Richard Vipiana.

9. Collette:

Name your baby girl after after designer Collette Dinnigan

Image: Shutterstock

Collette Dinnigan was the first fashion designer of Australia to launch a ready-to-wear collection.

10. Donatella:

Donatella Versace, the Italian fashion designer, is its most famous fashionable namesake. This stylish and dramatic name means ‘given by God’.

11. Elle:

Be it the Australia supermodel Elle Macpherson or the fashion magazine, the name Elle is synonymous with grace, glamor, and style.

The name Elle has Greek and Hebrew origins and means “sun ray.”

12. Elaine:

Elaine is a sweet name with a fashionable and trendy El beginning. It means ‘sun.’

13. Elsa:

Apart from the bringing joy to kiddos, the movie “Frozen” also introduced the parents to the super stylish name Elsa.

14. Florence:

Florence, the name of one of the world’s fifth fashion capitals, has many parents going for it lately.

15. Harper:

Harper is our way of giving a nod to the renowned fashion magazine.

16. Heidi:

Most of you would associate this name with Heidi Klum, but do not forget Heidi Middleton, the creative designer behind sass & bride, the Aussie label.

17. Honor:

Jessica Alba’s daughter’s name is self-explanatory, unique and displays the appreciations parents have for their children.

18. Ines:

Inés de la Fressange began as a fashion model for Chanel, but has now become a successful fashion designer in her own right.

19. Kylie:

Before Kylie Jenner, Kylie Minogue made this name stylish, and of course famous. It means ‘beauty’.

20. Lily:

Lily, baby names inspired by fashion designers

Image: iStock

This moniker has been a part of a long list of designer names, from Kit+Lili to Noa Lily. It means ‘purity and innocence’, just like the fashionista Lily Collins.

Did you know?
Lily Aldrin is a fictitious character on the American TV series “How I Met Your Mother.” Lili (Lilibet) Mountbatten-Windsor, daughter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, is also a popular bearer of this name.

21. Mae:

We love how parents have started to spell May differently to make it sound like the spring month, but look unique.

22. Orla:

Famous designer Orla Kiela has featured everywhere, from Fashion Week to shopping malls and even Target.

23. Pippa:

Before being famous as the sister to a princess, this name was a part of a kids’ fashion line, Pippa + Julie.

24. Stella:

Stella McCartney isn’t just former Beatles’ daughter. From being the creative director of Chloe to the launch of her own label, Stella is a fashion force to be reckoned with.

25. Vera:

Vera Wang is an American fashion designer best known for her skating costumes and wedding gowns. This exotic name means ‘faith’.

26. Winter:

Is there any better way to remember the polar vortex than by naming your daughter Winter? We think no!

Fashionable Boys Names

27. Alexander:

Alexander McQueen, the British designer, was not just one of the chief designers at Givenchy, but also headed his own label.

28. Boden:

The name of this British clothing brand fits well with the current trend in boys’ name.

29. Brooks:

Donald Brooks may not be very famous, but his name definitely is. His name means ‘of the brook’.

30. Calvin:

Calvin, baby boy names inspired by fashion designers

Image: Shutterstock

This name is associated with the global brand Calvin Klein. It means ‘bald, hairless’.

31. Carter:

The name of this classic kids’ clothing line has been a popular pick for boys since the 90s.

32. Christian:

There are two influential fashion icons associated with this name- the stiletto kind Christian Louboutin and French designer Christian Dior.

33. Dante:

Dante Trussardi is the Milano based fashion designer. His name means ‘enduring’.

34. Gus:

There’s Suki & Gus, and Gus Gus Designs too.

35. Hardy:

Who’s not aware of the quirky fashion brand Ed Hardy? This German name means ‘bold or brave’.

36. Helmut:

If you have Austrian blood in you, Helmut, the name of the Austrian designer could make a fine choice.

37. Issey:

Issey would make a stylish pick for a 21st-century boy. Its namesake is Japanese designer Issey Miyake.

38. Joe:

Here, we’re referring to the classic denim brand. This good guy name means “Jehovah increases”.

39. Karl:

Have your child share his name with the super cool, eccentric and slightly controversial fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

40. Levi:

A fashionable name for your little prince

Image: Shutterstock

This name is inspired by the iconic American jeans brand. It means ‘joined’.

41. Marc:

The American powerhouse of fashion wasn’t just the creative director of Louis Vuitton, is also the head designer of Marc by Mac and Marc Jacobs.

42. Paul:

Paul as in Jean Paul Gaultier, the French haute couture designer. And you have Paul Frank as well.

Did you know?
Paul is derived from the Latin word Paulus, which means “little” or “humble.” It’s particularly popular among Christians because it is connected to the disciple Saint Paul.

43. Petra:

Petra, the name of the historic city of Jordan, just rolls off the tongue. And it’s extremely fashionable.

44. Pierre:

This effortlessly stylish name belongs the Pierre Cardin, the Italian designer.

45. Ralph:

Ralph Lauren need no introduction, neither does his name, which has been around for a thousand of years.

46. Sid:

Here’s a short, sweet and crisp name for you. It nods to the British brand Lilly+Sid.

47. Mathis:

Mathis is a fashionable name to rework the traditional Hebrew name, Mathew, meaning ‘gift of God’.

48. Tom:

Tom Ford, the creative director of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, brings so much to this ordinary name.

49. Tommy:

The first name of the famous American brand Tommy Hilfiger has practically never been off the charts in the United States.

50. Wren:

Baby name inspired from fashion designer L’Wren Scott

Image: Shutterstock

This moniker is inspired by the late designer L’Wren Scott, who had a penchant for making fashionable gowns.

51. Zac:

Just like his designs, even his name Zac is flawless, modern and ticks all the right boxes.

Naming your baby is a huge milestone that you’d be thrilled about. But, if the choices seem overwhelming, let art inspire you. If you are a creative person who loves fashion, why not choose baby names inspired by fashion designers? These names are chic and tasteful. So, explore names such as Allegra, Celine, and Elle for your girls and consider Calvin, Carter, and Hardy for your boys. These names will undoubtedly stay in vogue and give children an edge to their personalities. Scan this list once again to find many elegant options to choose from.

Infographic: Fashionable Names For Boys And Girls With Meanings

If you are into fashion and love staying up to date with current trends, consider giving your baby a chic and modern name. Take a quick look at this infographic to find a fashionable moniker for your little superstar. Save and share it too!

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