35 Unique Father-son Tattoo Ideas

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Father is a son’s first superhero. And the son is a father’s hope and dream. If you are looking for some cool father-son tattoos, this post is for you. A tattoo is timeless and will remain with you till your last breath.

So why not celebrate the special bond with your father by getting a meaningful tattoo together? Here we compiled some unique father-son tattoo ideas that will leave a lasting impression on everyone. Scroll down.

Father-Son Tattoo Ideas

Here are some common and popular tattoo ideas that a father and son can get together, to treasure their unique bond.

1. Footprint

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A footprint could mean a lot of things. It may symbolize strength and purpose in life, which may explain the bond between a father and a son. It could also express the nurturing and love between a parent and a child. You may pick from different variations of footprints and get one that suits you both.

2. Batman-superman

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To a little boy, his dad is a superhero. So why not get a matching batman and superman symbol tattoo? While a batman tattoo represents hope and mighty force, a superman tattoo symbolizes strength and protection. You both choose one superhero each or have both the symbols inked.

3. Father-son sketch

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Getting this tattoo of a father and son sketch could be a beautiful gesture of commitment and devotion. You can find different drawings of father and son together. Although they all represent the same, you may pick any that touches your heart instantly. Getting these father-son matching tattoos on a special day could make it even more memorable. Make sure you have a good artist if you are doing facial sketches.

4. King and prince crown

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A crown tattoo symbolizes tradition. It could mean a lot of things, such as victory, power, and royalty. When a father treats his son like a prince and the son looks up to his father as if he were a king, then a king crown and a prince crown tattoo would be a fantastic idea.

5. Family first

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For a father, his family is always the priority in life. If the son learns everything from his father and wants to follow his footsteps, he would also put his family first, before everyone else in life. If such is your relationship, then a ‘Family First’ tattoo would be the right choice for both of you.

6. Compass

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As a compass helps you move in the right direction, a father guides his son during his growing up years. History repeats when the son helps and guides his father in the latter years. A compass tattoo appropriately reflects this beautiful relationship, and it could be a meaningful father and son tattoo.

7. Horse

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A horse has been a favorite animal for many since ancient ages. A horse tattoo could signify guidance and strength, which are characteristic of a healthy father and son bond. This tattoo is pretty popular among men in western countries too. You could get a small horse image inked near your ear, behind your neck, or on your fingers. If you want a bigger tattoo, you can get it inked on your arm or your back.

8. Heart and infinity

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Infinity with a heart means long-lasting love or never-ending love. If your father-son relationship signifies love forever, then you can have the symbol of heart and infinity designed on the words ‘dad’ and ‘son.’ This tattoo could be extraordinary for you both.

9. Cross

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If you both the father and son are religious, then you could both get a tattoo of the Holy Cross.  It is also a symbol of spirituality, love, and freedom. There are plenty of variations of this tattoo that you can pick from for a perfect father and son matching tattoo pattern. You can even have a cross combined with other designs, such as an anchor and a cross, a rose, and a cross, or a cross and a quote. Make your choice!

10. Fist bump

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If you and your father or son share a relationship that stands on firm ground, powered by stability and strength, then a ‘fist bump’ tattoo would be a unique choice. It shows how strongly you are connected. You may even get a fist, with the words ‘dad & son’ inked below it.

Quick tip
You could also get matching tattoos in a portrait where the father and son watch the sunset together.

11. Rocketship tattoo

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It could be a fun symbol for people who are fascinated by space exploration. If your father-son duo enjoys going to science centers and museums, and love talking about outer space and astronomy, then this tattoo would be the right choice. You can have a simple rocket tattoo, or with combinations of space, planets, etc.

12. Mandala

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In case you are looking for a traditional or an ancient pattern idea for a matching tattoo, then you can pick the mandala. It could be ideal if you want a big tattoo with a unique design. A mandala means circle in Sanskrit and is usually a group of different geometrical shapes, such as rings, triangles, and more. It is a versatile symbol that is traditionally used for spirituality and meditation.

You can have a simple black and white mandala pattern, or a colorful one, or something in combination with flowers and animals. A father and son can have the same mandala tattoo or two different variations.

13. Dad and son heart tattoo

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When you simply want to tell you that your father or son is your life and your heart beats only for them or because of them, then a ‘dad’ and ‘son’ tattoo with a heart symbol could be a good fit. You can go for a simple pattern on your wrist or a big and colorful tattoo on any part of your body.

14. Sword

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It is a vibrant and historical symbol that some love to get inked. A sword reflects cultural heritage, strength, wisdom, chivalry, and leadership. A father and son looking for a unique tattoo idea could think about getting a sword tattoo. You can have a simple, small design or a huge one with colors and patterns.

15. Stay wild or adventure

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This is for a father and son who often team up for some adventure. If you and your father love adventure and being in the wild, then this is a tattoo that could be relatable to you. It could be a stylish and distinctive matching tattoo that a father and son can have.

16. Three arrows in one direction

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An arrow or arrows are among the popular choice of tattoos among many. If you have been looking for a distinct pattern, then you may go with three arrows in one direction. It is a cultural symbol of Native Americans and stands for unbreakable bond or forever love. As a father and son’s relationship is that powerful, this tattoo could be a good choice.

17. Triangle

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Although a triangle tattoo has a lot of meanings, it is most commonly considered as the symbol of Christianity. The three points of a triangle symbolize the holy spirit, the father, and the son. However, some other implications include – mother, father, and son; creation, preservation, and destruction; and also mind, body, and spirit. Whichever you relate to, the triangle could be a great idea for a father and son tattoo.

18. Always together

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A child would never want his father to leave his hand. Similarly, a father would never want his son to stay away from him. If you find this relatable, then a tattoo showing a child’s and father’s hands together could be a good idea.

19. Lion

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If you relate to the bond shared by Simba and Mufasa (Disney characters), then you would not mind having a lion tattoo. Would you? Besides that, a lion tattoo also represents passion, optimism, strength, and courage. If you have picked up these traits from each other, then you could have a black and white or a colorful lion sketch inked.

20. Band

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A band tattoo is quite popular among men because it is bold and classic. You can get a band tattoo in a variety of designs, from a simple plain band to a curvy one.  This design has been popular for ages and among many cultures. It could be a symbol of humanity or never-ending love or religion, based on the pattern you choose. This one could be a good father and son hand tattoo.

21. World map

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If you and your father or son love traveling and have visited a lot of places together, then a world map tattoo could be an ideal choice. You can have a simple world map outline linked or shade the ones that you have visited, or which were memorable for you. Use your creativity and have a unique tattoo pattern that people would be impressed with at just one glance.

22. Car

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Remember those fun-filled days when you enjoyed road trips with your family? Or you still do? If you want to remember those beautiful moments always, then a car tattoo would be an excellent pick for a father and son tattoo. And if it’s been a while since you have been on a father and son trip, then the tattoo will be a reminder to plan one.

Point to consider
An adorable father-son tattoo design is a kangaroo with a joey in a pouch. Although female kangaroos have a baby pouch, fathers and sons can get these unique tattoos too.

23. Like father like son

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Do people call you senior and junior? Do you both share similar personalities and have similar likes and dislikes? Then the phrase ‘like father like son’ would be appropriate for you. You can have this quote inked on your forearm or behind your neck. It would appear that you two are the same, even though different individuals.

24. Life

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When a father and son’s lives revolve around each other, and it’s difficult for them to live without each other, then the word ‘Life’ can be a cool matching tattoo idea. It is a simple tattoo design, but has a deep meaning to it, that you two live for each other.

25. Dragon

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You could find a lot of variations when you have chosen a dragon as your father-son tattoo idea. This symbol has a high cultural significance in various parts of east Asia. A dragon represents wisdom, power, and protection, something that a son learns from a father and a father gets in return from a son in later years of life. You can pick a simple black tattoo of a dragon or a huge colorful pattern done.

26. Skull

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The skull would be a bold depiction of all the positives and negatives that you and your father went through together, and what you learn from your relationship. If there are more good aspects than bad from your relationship, you can get the tattoo inked somewhere where you can see. Otherwise, you can get it on your back or behind your neck to make it unique.

27. Lifeline

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When a father and his son are each other’s lifeline, this tattoo can be a great idea. The lifeline tattoo symbolizes how precious life is for each other. A father and son could have matching lifeline tattoos on the wrist, chest, or any other part of the body.

28. Roman numeral

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If you are looking for a simple and elegant matching tattoo for father and son, then classic roman numerals could be your next choice. You can pick any number or date that is close to your hearts and get it inked. It could be each other’s birth dates, age when they got the tattoo, or anything else.

29. Sunglasses

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Sunglasses or shades could be a cool matching tattoo for a father and son duo. It is a stylish choice that represents someone’s liking towards outdoor locations or a fondness to explore new sites. If you both love touring and visiting new places, then you may get this tattoo inked.

30. Mountain and wave

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The combination of a mountain and a wave or a mountain and sea is no less than breathtaking. It also represents the beautiful union of earth and water. If you admire nature and feel its potential, then you may like to have this tattoo print. It could be an exceptional choice for father and son.

31. Rock on

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If you and your father or son are the cool, new age men who enjoy music, dance, and chilling, a super cool tattoo idea would be the words ‘rock on’ or ‘let’s rock.’ It is a modern yet stylish tattoo that a father and son can have.

32. Names or initials

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Another simple tattoo idea could be names or initials. The father can get the tattoo of his son’s name, and the son can get his father’s name inked. You may choose any font and size and get it inked anywhere on your body.

33. Smiley

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When a father and son have a cute relationship loaded with sweetness, then a simple smiley tattoo would be a perfect fit. You can either have it in black color or black and yellow. The choice is yours.

34. Elephant

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A baby elephant, an elephant’s trunk, the father elephant and a baby elephant, or an elephant with other combinations could be a great idea too. You can pick any from a huge list of elephant tattoos for father and son. An elephant symbolizes a lot of things such as good luck, strength, prosperity, intelligence, power, dignity. It could be a meaningful and distinguished tattoo idea for a father and son.

35. City skyline

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Do you have a dream city to visit? Or is there any city where your family has spent the best moments of life? If you want to keep that city’s memory with you forever, then you may get that city’s skyline tattoo. It would be an exciting choice of tattoo for a father-son duo.

Getting a tattoo is a big decision as it is a permanent marking on your body that stays for a lifetime. Going for father-son tattoos will reflect your personalities and bonding with each other. It should be unique to both of you and therefore holds a special meaning. It can be a religious symbol or something you both have fond memories of. As long as either of you doesn’t have any health issues and gets tattooed by a professional, getting inked can be your way of staying connected and keeping the bond strong.

Infographic: Perfect Tattoos To Reflect A Father-Son Bond

Nowadays, having a matching tattoo with your partner and best friend is trending. So why not get matching tattoos with your parents to show your deep love and a great bond? Below are some cool and interesting tattoo ideas you may try with your father. Check out and share them with your friends.

cool tattoo ideas for father and son [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • A matching father-son tattoo symbolizes your strong and beautiful bond with each other.
  • You may tattoo the religious values you share or your priorities, such as putting family first.
  • You may get inked with some sweet gestures, including a fist bump.
  • Phrases, common interests, and many more unique tattoo ideas as you scroll through.

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