List Of 221 ‘Favorite Things Questions’ For Couple And Friends

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Knowing a person is a never-ending process. Even if you think you know everything about a person, there is always a scope to learn more about them. ‘Favorite things’ questions are a useful way to know a person thoroughly- their likes, dreams, passions, among others. It gives you an opportunity to understand the person on a deeper level and strengthen the bond with them. In this post, we have curated some ‘favorite things’ questions to make the task easier and let you have a great conversation with your special one. So, skip the small talks, ask these thoughtful questions and get them to open up.

Nature And Travel

The questionnaire on nature and travel can help you know some inside stories of your loved one. You may start by asking them, ‘What is your favorite…

1. Music to bond with nature?

2. Part of nature that appeals to you—hills, sky, or trees?

3. Past time—bird watching or watching the sunset?

4. Food to carry while traveling?

5. Family vacation?

6. Animal you wish to spot?

7. Animal you saw in a safari?

8. Destination so far?

9. Sunbathing experience?

10. Thing that makes traveling better?

11. Solo-travel experience?

12. Place to stay in the world?

13. College trip experience?

14. Destination for a month-long road trip?

15. Small town in the world?

16. Placein the USA?

17. Destination for scuba diving?

18. Travel journal or book?

19. Thing about nature or trees?

20. City where you wish to shift?

21. Experience of traveling abroad?

22. Waterfall destination?

23. Place for adventures, water rides, and sports?

24. Island for a trip?

25. Thing from your last trip?

26. Dream destination around the globe?

27. Season—spring, summer, autumn, or winter?

28. Childhood memory of traveling?

29. Beach destination?

30. YouTube channel for travel videos?

31. Travel tip?

32. Offbeat destination for a weekend getaway?’

Food And Drink

Knowing your friend’s or partner’s favorite things related to food and drink can be a fun-filled experience. Begin your excitement with questions such as ‘What is your favorite…

33. Fruit juice?

34. Meal that you uploaded on Instagram?

35. Alternative to a candlelight dinner?

36. Fried food option?

37. Diet you follow?

38. App, website, or YouTube channel for food recipes?

39. Food aroma?

40. Foodto curb hunger?

41. Ice-cream topping?

42. Key element for a successful candlelight dinner?

43. Detoxdrink for weight loss?

44. Flavor in cakes and puddings?

45. First meal of the day?

46. Recipe you learned from your mother?

47. Street food restaurant?

48. Idea of a dinner date?

49. Steamed food?

50. Cooking technique?

51. Food that you could eat for the rest of your life?

52. Grocery store?

53. Italian food?

54. Salty or spicy snack?

55. Egg recipe for breakfast?

56. Dessert of all time?

57. Cheat meal?

58. Binge-eating snack?

59. Food you swear by?

60. Drink to have in the morning?

61. Chinese food?

62. Healthy option to replace your pizzas?

63. Midnight snack?

64. Food you carry for your holiday trips?’

Hobbies And Entertainment

These straightforward questions on hobbies and entertainment can put you and your friend or partner in a comfort zone. You may go with ‘What is your favorite…

65. Thing to do when you feel lonely?

66. Expensive hobby you indulge in?

67. Movie experience with your parents?

68. Romantic web series?

69. App or social media website for browsing, surfing, or chatting?

70. Fashion trend?

71. Skill or talent you would like to master?

72. Game you like to play with children?

73. Activity you enjoy with your family?

74. Hang out spree—movies or shopping?

75. Celebrity interaction moment?

76. Romcom TV show?

77. Social media platform for picture uploads, comments, and posts?

78. Art form?

79. Music genre?

80. Movie that reminds you of me?

81. Recreation activity?

82. Adventure sport—bungee jumping or skydiving?

83. Passion that can be turned into a profession?

84. Bathroom song?

85. Late night movie?

86. Romantic movie of all time?

87. Horrormovie?’

People And Family

These specific questions related to your friend’s or partner’s family will connect you both at a deeper level. You may go with ‘What/who is your favorite…

88. Friendly person?

89. Cousin or relative?

90. Most helpful advice given by your parents?

91. Moment that would rate you as the best child?

92. Moment with your parents?

93. Partner in crime—mother or father?

94. Proud moment for your family?

95. Famous person you wish to turn into magically?

96. Lesson learned from past relationships?

97. Family member who helped you reach your goals?

98. Activity you enjoy with your family members?

99. Sibling who is a “friend in need?”

100. Person who plays a key role in scheduling a family-time?

101. Family tradition that delights you?

102. Closest person in your extended family?

103. Famous personality you share your birthday with?

104. Optimistic person in your family?

105. Oneword that would describe your family?

106. Person with whom you would like to leave your legacy?

107. Thing you do to turn a family event into a grand affair?

108. Influencer to keep mood swings at bay?

109. Person who makes your day better?

110. Family joke?

111. Moment you picture as a grandparent?

112. Place in your home?

113. Way to impress your family?

114. Friend who understands your mood and personality?

115. Word you use for your parents?

116. Conflict style?

117. Family reunion event?

118. Member you confide in most?

119. Sibling or cousin to cheer you up when you feel low?

120. Happiest memory when you look back at your childhood?

121. Parents’ teachings that you look up to in your daily life?

122. Friend you consider family?’


Need some great conversation starters to know your friend or partner in and out? Well, you can know them better by asking a few questions about their past. You may begin with ‘What is your favorite…

123. Childhood aspiration or dream?

124. Part about your upbringing?

125. Profession you choose to be in as a child?

126. Nickname during childhood?

127. Memory of your maternal grandparents’ home?

128. Thing you would like to do if you could be a child once again?

129. Funniest thing that has happened to you in your childhood?

130. Earliest memory that flashes your mind?

131. Superhero or cartoon character from your childhood?

132. Accomplishment in your career so far?

133. Memory related to buying lottery tickets?

134. Laugh orcry moment from the past?

135. Dream you had about me?

136. Unique trait as a teenager?

137. Smell you associate with from the place you grew up?

138. Throwback picture uploaded on Instagram?

139. Best part of your day as a child?

140. Friend you cried in front of?

141. Most treasured memory?

142. Birthday year?

143. Song of the 90s, you still hum?

144. Secret you would like to share with me?

145. Best gift you have ever received?

146. Stuff you collected as a child?

147. High school crush?

148. Activity you enjoyed with your ex?

149. Subject in middle school?

150. Memory about going to school?

151. Mouth noise to annoy someone as a child?

152. Weirdest thing you did in your school or college?

153. Lullaby as a child?

154. Wish, provided genie gives you three?

155. Television show from your childhood?

156. Memory of dating from college?

157. Time-travel destination?’

Pets And Animals

These questions on pets and animals might help you understand your friend or potential partner’s psyche. You may ask questions such as ‘What/who is your favorite…

158. Pet?

159. Move of your pet?

160. Aquarium fish?

161. Dog grooming parlor?

162. Animal you would like to have in your pet’s surroundings?

163. Pet you would like to own one day?

164. Way to spend a day off with your pet?

165. Food for your pets?

166. Quote for your pet?

167. Exotic animal, if it could be?

168. Last thing you read about a pet?

169. Way to earn your pet’s trust?

170. Thing about your pet that surprises you?

171. Animal character you compare your dog with?

172. Relative you can leave your pet with?

173. Friends of your dog?

174. Behavior of your pet dog?

175. Thing you want for your pet?

176. Professional trainer for your pet?

177. Word you use for your pet?

178. Animal you admire most in the world?

179. Game or toy to play with your pet?

180. Vet for a medical emergency?

181. Cleaning tip for pets?

182. Toy of your dog?

183. Indoor activity of your cat?

184. Dog breed?

185. Thing you do together?

186. Place to take your pets to?

187. Rewarding thing about being a petparent?

188. Tip to keep your pet safe?

189. Pet when you were younger?

190. Special event for pets?’


Break the ice and get to know your friend or partner better with this questionnaire related to seasons and sports. Here you go asking ‘What/who is your favorite…

191. Rainy day memory?

192. Fruit/meal or diet for changing seasons that is immunity boosting?

193. Season that matches your personality?

194. Weather that fixes your mood?

195. NBA player?

196. Cloud shape you have ever visualized?

197. Sports-based movie?

198. Quality you think a sportsperson must-have?

199. Important lesson you learned as a player?

200. Cricketer?

201. Athletic person around?

202. Woman player?

203. Outdoor sport?

204. Soccer player from the current season?

205. Piece of advice for strugglers in sports?

206. Coach for your favorite sport?

207. Player in the ongoing Tokyo Olympics?

208. Pre- and post-game routine?

209. Game era, given a chance to go back in time?

210. Advice to feel positive and motivated?

211. Recreation or fitness activity?

212. Gym to workout activity?

213. Tip to succeed in athletics or sports?

214. Short-term goal in sports?

215. Strength you believe you have that makes you a great athlete?

216. Club or complex for water sports?

217. Extracurricular activity you were involved in during high school?

218. Coach or trainer that you look up to as a role model?

219. Sports performance till date?

220. Desire or dream related to sports?

221. Diet and nutrition plan for flawless performance?’

Questioning and answering are one of the most effective and exciting ways to know a person. Whether it is someone you have been with for a while now or someone you have just met, you can know more about their interests, likes, and dislikes with this collection of interesting ‘favorite things’ questions. These questions will help you get closer and deepen your relationship with each other. Besides, as you continue asking and answering, you may even find some similarities that can further strengthen your bond.

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