6 Clear Signs Your Partner Is Losing Interest And How To Fix It

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The first few days, weeks, months, or years in a relationship are filled with excitement and curiosity as you learn about each other. However, after the initial honeymoon phase of your relationship, the novelty may wear off.

Thus, is it normal to lose feelings in a relationship? If you feel that your original routine has set in and your partner is losing interest in you or if either of you has doubts about your relationship, confusion and skepticism may creep in.

Keep reading this post to know the signs your partner is losing interest and see if your relationship can be fixed after a time of uncertainty

Six Signs Your Partner Is Losing Interest

The reasons to lose interest in a relationship could vary from person to person. Here are a few common signs your partner is losing interest in you.

1. They no more have conversations

If your partner has been sharing the minutest details of your day with you and it has stopped over time, it could be a sign of a lost connection between you and your partner. Especially if they used to ask your opinion on everything but are taking their own decisions now, it is a definite red flag.

2. They have changed

If your partner always used to treat you with love and respect, but now this has changed, it is a sign of lost interest. In general, your partner do not care for you as they did before, and they do not shy from showing their attitude in public too.

3. They don’t spend time with you

Consciously or subconsciously, your partner spends less time with you. In fact, your partner could be actively looking for reasons to spend time apart from each other.

4. They move away from physical touch

Physical intimacy is not limited to sex only. There are different ways of showing intimacy, including cuddling, kissing, and holding hands. If you are experiencing lack of physical intimacy of late, it might be a sign that your partner is losing interest in you.

5. They do not argue

Though you might think it is a good sign that your partner doesn’t argue anymore, it also shows that your partner doesn’t care enough about the relationship to have arguments. It might be because your partner thinks it is not worth their time to argue, or they might feel that they don’t get affected by anything that happens.

6. They ignore you

If your partner goes for days without sending a message or calling youing, it might mean that your partner doesn’t love you anymore. If they are genuinely busy, it is another matter, but it is a major red flag if they do not talk to you even when they are free.

Reasons For Losing Interest

Here are some reasons for your partner losing interest in you.

1. Different goals

If your partner has different goals or they don’t see you supporting their goals, it can be a major reason for your partner to lose interest in you. While these differences can seem nice at the beginning of your relationship, they might not work in the long run.

2. Change in behavior

If you exhibit a completely different persona from the one before, it might be a reason for your partner losing interest in you. For example, if you were extremely caring in the beginning and now you do not respond to your partner’s messages and calls for days on end, it could cause them to lose interest.

3. Blame on one another

If you start blaming your partner for every wrong thing that happens in your life, they might lose interest in you.

4. Judgments

If you judge your partner’s actions continuously, it might cause them to lose interest in the relationship. Your partner often view you as a safe place to share their inner feelings. If you do not provide that safe place, it is difficult for your partner to maintain the connection with you.

5. Short conversations

If you give monosyllabic answers or noncommittal responses to your partner’s questions, they might find it difficult to maintain a relationship with you. They need someone to share their thoughts with, and if they find it an uphill task, it might not worth their time.

6. Games

If you play childish games with your partner continuously, they might lose interest in the relationship. While some games are necessary to keep the spark in a relationship alive, they shouldn’t be petty. Making your partner feel insignificant increases the distance between partners in a relationship.

Can Lost Feelings Come Back?

Even if things go wrong in your relationship, everything’s not lost. There might be a reason for this loss of connection, but you and your partner can rekindle the feelings with some effort. Lost feelings can come back, and this time you know your flaws in the first place. You can also try harder to retain your partner’s feelings the second time over.

How To Fix A Relationship After Losing Feelings?

If your partner has lost feelings for you, do not despair. There are still ways you can fix your relationship.

1. Have an honest conversation

If you feel your relationship is heading south, it might be time to have an honest conversation with your partner. Select a quiet time to spend with your partner and sort out all the differences.

2. Go to therapy

Going to a relationship counselor is nothing to be ashamed of. Instead, they can give you a new perspective on your problems. What seems impossible at home can seem easily solvable when you talk to a therapist. A therapist will also suggest ways to reignite the spark in your relationship.

3. Focus on yourself

When you focus on yourself, you gain a kind of confidence that attracts your partner. Follow your hobbies and dreams. This will help you think better of yourself. This reflects in your attitude and body language. Your partner will stop and take notice of the change in you.

4. Remember why you were attracted to each other

Whatever your issues now, there was a time when you were seriously attracted to each other. Create an environment that reminds you and your partner of the time you came together in the beginning. Spend some time alone with each other and recreate your first date.

5. Communicate more often

In most cases, lack of communication is the main reason for a relationship falling apart. If your partner is communicating lesser than before, it might be because they are genuinely busy or that the excitement of the relationship has faded, and responding to your messages and calls are not on their priority list. You could keep up your side of communication while letting them know that you would feel better if they communicated with you as well.

When you feel your partner is losing feelings for you, it will be a confusing time for you. All the time and efforts you have spent building up the relationship seems to fall apart before your eyes. However, recognizing the signs early and working on them can help you get back on track. Is it normal to lose feelings in a relationship? Yes. But the lost feelings can come back with some effort. With perseverance, you can go back to a loving relationship with your partner.

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