15 Dads Who Are Having A Really, Really Long Day

Every parent fails once in a while, and laughing about those parenting goof-ups is what keeps us going. All parents are guilty of and allowed some mistakes now and then. As parenting trends change, we see dads learning the ropes, and it’s hilarious to watch them in action. While every parent can accept having a parenting ‘oopsie’, whenever dads fail—it’s 20x funnier!

Everyone on the internet is sure to have come across the #dadfails. Maybe it was a diaper change gone wrong, or perhaps a disastrous photo. Ranging from random to hilarious, dad fails are all over the internet, and they carry a special place in our hearts—especially when they come with pictorial evidence.

Here are 15 of the funniest dad fails that these fathers shared in the spirit of embracing the fatherhood flaws:

1. This Dad Tried To Draw A Picture Of His Kids On Back To School Night, And It Didn’t Turn Out Quite Like He Imagined:

I am sure his kids will have a good laugh looking back at this drawing one day!

2. When Dad Messes Up The Emoji Game:

Well, this dad sure needs to up his emoji-game!

3. Now Watch Me Whip, Now Watch Me Nae-Nae:

Oh! This is one hilarious dad fail!

4. When Daddy Proves That ‘Dad Brain’ Is Indeed A Thing:

Imagine how clueless the kid would have been! “Daddy, what are you even doing?”

5. When Dad Becomes Mr. Poo Poo Pants:

This dad would have definitely regretted arguing with his toddler in the first place!

6. When Dad Fails Because Of Netflix:

I guess this would have left the dad screaming inside with pain!

7. When Daddy Insists On Playing On The Playground:

This dad’s hilarious playground fail has got us rolling on the floor laughing!

8. Look Mamma, Daddy Dressed Me Up For School Today:

Shirt or no-shirt! Baby Olivia seems to be enjoying herself anyway!

9. When Skiing Is Fun For Daddy, But Not For The Kids:

Kid – “Daddy, save me, there’s snow in my mouth!”

Daddy – “Wait what? I don’t see anything, I am having fun!”

10. When Dad Fails At The ‘Dressing Your Baby Game’ :

Maybe this is why moms don’t trust dads with dressing the baby!

11. When Daddy Forgets To Put Your Swimming Diaper On!

Oh honey, don’t worry! I have got everything under control here at pool day!

12. When Daddy Dozes Off After Leaving The Snacks Outside:

All those cookies are going to give that kid one hell lot of sugar-rush!

13. When Daddy Is In Charge Of Watching The Kids:

I am sure this mommy would have regretted her decision of leaving her husband alone with the kids!

14. When Dad Hilariously Fails At The Parenting Game:

We have only one thing to say! Kids – 1, Dad – 0

15. When Dad Tried His Hand In The Kitchen:

This dad failed terribly at icing a birthday cake for his kids!

Leaving a dad responsible for kids, in other words, is asking for trouble. However, despite their countless failures, dads everywhere ensure that they can provide the best for their children. And that’s why we love the efforts dads put into showering all the love on their children.

Did you have a great laugh reading through these dad fails? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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