21 Telltale Signs A First Date Went Well

21 Telltale Signs A First Date Went Well

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First dates can be unpredictable and a tad challenging to interpret. No matter how meticulously you plan it, a first date seldom goes the way you envision it. And even if it goes seemingly well, it may not necessarily give you the outcome you expect. What felt like a great, fun date to you may not be the same for the other person.

It can be challenging to analyze the first date, especially if your date has not offered feedback of any sort. So, it is up to you to figure out how the date went, and you can do so by analyzing certain signs that you may have noticed during the date or immediately after it. Here are some signs that indicate a first date went well.

21 Signs A First Date Went Well

These simple indicators can tell you if your date went well. Have a look at them and see if your date showed any of these signs.

1. Was Attentive to you

When someone’s eyes dart around the room, or they peek into their phone too often or are easily distracted, it suggests they do not enjoy your company. But if your date was all ears for you while you spoke, it means things went well for you.

2. Asked you questions

When you speak about yourself and your life, and someone asks you questions, it means they are interested in knowing more about you. If your date asked you questions related to what you shared with them, it suggests they were interested in you and engaged in the conversation.

3. Conversed freely

Interacting with someone you connect with is easy flowing and two-sided. If both of you never ran out of topics to speak on and were equally engrossed in the conversation, it shows that you had a good date.

4. Spoke for long

You probably went thinking that the date would last for two hours, but it went on for more than four hours. If your date went longer than expected, it clearly shows that your date enjoyed your company.

5. Laughed with you

Did your date and you had a fun chat together, shared funny incidents from your past, and laughed a lot? If yes, you can be sure your date went well. Laughter is a sign that they let their guard down and had a fun time with you.

6. Made frequent eye contact

Did they make frequent eye contact with you? If yes, your date was good. When someone is interested in you, they will make direct eye contact with you. If their eyes look away in all directions and do not focus on you, it means they are bored and are not interested in what you are saying.

7. Mirrored your actions

People often tend to mimic the actions of those who they find attractive. If your date rested their face on their hand in the same manner as you or coughed each time you did, it means they found you attractive.

8. Remembered little details

While speaking, if your date remembered little details you shared with them and repeated them during the conversation, it means they were paying attention to you. And we pay attention to someone who holds our interest, don’t we?

9. Refrained from checking their phone

A person who feels disinterested in you will tend to check their phone even when conversing with you. But if your date did not reach out for their phone even once, it means they were deeply absorbed in you, which is an excellent sign.

10. Made light physical contact

You make physical contact only with people you are comfortable with. If your date playfully punched your arm lightly or gave you a high-five, and you did not mind their touch, know that your date went well.

11. Felt relaxed

People generally feel anxious on their first date. But if your date seemed relatively relaxed, it means they felt comfortable with you. Easy flow of conversation, lots of laughter, and gentle physical contact indicate a good comfort level.

12. Exhibited positive body language

If your date sat or stood with their feet pointed toward you, and if their shoulders were relaxed, and they made plenty of eye contact, it means your date went as well as you wanted it to be.

13. Talked about their friends

Did your date talk about their friends and indicated that you should meet them? If yes, it is a clear sign that your date likes you. By talking about their friends, they are sharing their personal life with you because they see you with them even in the future.

14. Shared funny incidences

If your date did not mind sharing their embarrassing or funny stories with you, it shows they trusted you enough. You probably made them feel comfortable, and so they were able to be open up to you. This indicates you had a good date.

15. Had meaningful conversations

On your very first date, if you managed to move on from regular small talk and discussed meaningful topics, it means your date was a success. It shows how well your date connected with you and did not mind letting their guard down.

16. Accompanied you even after your date

After you were done with the date, if your date walked you to your car or dropped you home, it shows how much they wish to spend more time with you.

17. Hinted at doing something together

If you share a common interest, and they suggested you two try it out together, it means your date was a hit. They like you and are using the common interest to meet you again.

18. Shared a secret joke

During the date, if something awkward or funny happened, and you and your date latched on to it like a private joke between only you two, it means you got along really well. Sharing something exclusive between you two is a sign of a close bond.

19. Asked you for a second date

If they asked you on a second date, it is one of the best indicators of a successful date. If they ask for another date and even suggest a place beforehand, it mostly means they are into you.

20. Texted you after the date

If they like you, they will text you to connect with you soon and not play games. If your date texted you to keep in touch after your first date, it is another clear indicator of a successful first date.

21. Added you on social media

If they have followed you on social media after the date, it clearly shows their interest in you. It means they like you and would want to stay in touch and probably even go out with you again.

These are some of the most common and prominent signs indicating the success of a first date. If you noticed any of the signs mentioned above, perhaps you might want to text them or give them a call and ask for a second date.