20 Flavorful Food Inspired Baby Names For Your Little One

Food Baby Names

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Gwyneth Paltrow may have received criticism for naming her baby Apple 12 years ago, but the latest US Social Security Administration baby name database reveals that more and more parents now lean towards naming their babies after food, or food-inspired names. Colorful and vibrant vegetables, fruits, and food-inspired names are all a fair game now.

So stop searching on the internet and head to your kitchen. Some of these adorable food baby names are residing somewhere between your fridge and the pantry. For your assistance, MomJunction has compiled 20 cute baby names inspired by food. Have a look at our picks below!

Top Baby Names Inspired By Food:

1. Basil:

Food Baby Names - Basil

Photo by Castielli/CC BY-3.0

Snappy, short and hard to pronounce, Basil will make a great international name. If you look back to ancient times, you will find Basil, the ancient Greek word for ‘king.’ More recently, it is associated with the fragrant herb of the same name, which was named because of its ancient heritage.

The name Basil was wildly popular during the 1910s. Around 126 babies per million babies were named Basil. So it’s about time Basil made a comeback.

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2. Rosemary:

Food Baby Names - Rosemary

Photo by THOR/CC BY-2.0

Meaning ‘dew of the sea’, Rosemary is associated with faithfulness, which is quite a good virtue. It also has ties with the lovely aromatic herb. The name Rosemary was at its peak in the 1940s. It may have fallen out of favor, but is still liked by a few parents. There’s a heap of cool ways to shorten Rosemary and turn it into beautiful nicknames, for instance, Ro, Rose, Romy or Rory.

3. Olive:

Food Baby Names - Olive

Want a peaceful baby experience? Then extend the branch to this name that evokes classic martinis and tapenades. This evergreen name is coming back into fashion even since Drew Barrymore chose it for her daughter. In 2012, 125 baby girls were named Olive in California.

4. Caper:

Food Baby Names - Caper

After naming her elder daughter Olive, Drew Barrymore decided to expand her foodie family by naming her second daughter Caper. When asked about her decision to name her second child Caper, Drew said that she wanted Olive to have a permanent playmate.

5. Coco:

Food Baby Names - Coco

Photo by Mikkel Houmøller/CC BY-4.0

In France, Coco is an endearing term for someone you love. To be honest, Coco did not make any high waves worldwide, except for its association with Coco Chanel. Since it has never dominated the name list, there probably won’t be a second Coco in your child’s class.

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6. Bartholomew:

Food Baby Names - Bartholomew

If you wish to name your baby after the food brand, then you can take a hint from the company mascots. Bartholomew was the first name of Mr. Peanut. His entire name is Bartholomew Richard Fitzgerald-Smythe. If Bartholomew sounds too old fashioned to you, go for Barth.

7. Plum:

Food Baby Names - Plum

Photo by GFDL 1.2

Plum is a favorite among celebs. But it was British novelist Plum Sykes who popularized this beautifully unique name. Even Moon Unit Zappa uses Plum as a nickname for her daughter Matilda.

8. Chia:

Food Baby Names - Chia

Photo by Daniel Schwen/CC BY-3.0

Yes, we all know that Chia is a protein-packed seed. But what many don’t know is that it’s also a unisex name. Chia means ‘a thousand nights’ in Japanese and ‘summer’ in Chinese. It’s also the Spanish variation of Lucia.

9. Clementine:

Food Baby Names - Clementine

Clementine is a perfect name for parents who love citrus, but cannot deal with the discernible Orange. Both the 7th Heaven actors Barry Watson and Ethan Hawke named their daughters Clementine, which means ‘mild and merciful.’ Clementine was also Kate Winslet’s character in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

10. Ginger:

Food Baby Names - Ginger

Photo by Tony Hisgett/CC BY-2.0

The name Ginger was at the peak of its popularity in the late 1960s and 1970s, probably because of the airing of Gillian’s Island that starred Tina Louise as Ginger. The meaning of Ginger is ‘virginal, chaste and pure’. So if you want to give a retro name to your child, go for Ginger.

11. Barack:

Food Baby Names - Barack

Photo by Guus Bosman/CC BY-3.0

Barack Obama is not the sole namesake of this moniker. It is also the name of a Hungarian brandy made from apricots. Barack means ‘lightning, thunderbolt or blessing.’

12. Saffron:

Food Baby Names - Safforn

Photo by Safa Daneshvar/CC BY-3.0

While it may still sound strange for a name, more and more people are considering this yellow spice’s name for their child. It’s particularly popular in the United Kingdom, remember actress Saffron Burrows or Saffron Monsoon, the character of the same name in the British television series Absolutely Fabulous?

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13. Sage:

Food Baby Names - Sage

Photo by Rationalobserver/CC BY-4.0

Meaning healthy and wise, Sage is a favorite culinary herb of many people. It burst into the scene of top names for girls in the year 2005 and has remained steady since then. The boys’ version of Sage did take a bit longer to get started (in showed up on the radar in the year 2012) but has been consistent since then. Even pop star Pink used Sage as a middle name for her daughter Willow.

14. Honey:

Food Baby Names - Honey

Do you want your child to be as sweet as her name? Then Honey might be a good pick. This common term of endearment is also the nickname for Honora. Even Hun would make a great nickname for it.

15. Brandy:

Food Baby Names - Brandy

Photo by Didier Descouens/CC BY-3.0

If you want to imprint your child’s birth certificate with an unusual, intoxicating name, Brandy would be the perfect. Apart from its association with alcohol, the name Brandy also has musical notes. Pop singer Brandy Norwood is one of its most popular namesakes.

16. Paprika:

Food Baby Names - Paprika

Photo by Rasbak/CC BY-3.0

This bright spice name would be a good choice if you come from a family of redheads and want your baby girl to have equally fiery hair. And just a reminder, Paprika is also the name of the adorable offspring of Mr. and Mrs. Salt from the children show Blue’s Clues.

17. Brie:

Food Baby Names - Brie

Photo by Coyau/CC BY-3.0

The name Brie makes us want to visit a Parisian cheese shop right away. This Latin and French name means ‘marshland.’ If not a given name, you can choose Brie as a nickname if your child is named Brianne or Brianna. But even Brie is good on its own. And if you dislike nicknames, Brie would be perfect as it’s impossible to slice this name even shorter.

18. Julienne:

Food Baby Names - Julienne

Photo by Geoff/CC BY-3.0

Julienne is a Latin name meaning Jove’s child and youthful. Naming your baby after this technique of slicing food may predict future success as a famous chef. Julia and Julie are nicknames for the name.

19. Rye:

Food Baby Names - Rye

Photo by GFDL 1.2

If you are looking for a unique, yet classic sounding name, go for Rye. By calling your child Rye, you could pay homage to J.D. Salinger’s classic, “The Catcher in the Rye.’

20. Kale: Food Baby Names - Kale

This leafy green superfood has become a hot baby name for boys. Interestingly, Kale comes from an ancient Germanic name meaning ‘freeholder.’ Kale will make an excellent middle name too!

Which of these food baby names would you consider for your child? Do you have any other trendy and cute food names? Share it with us by commenting below!

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