10 Foods You Should Avoid Feeding Your Baby

Baby Foods To Avoid

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Is your little one weaning yet? Are you wondering what foods you should or shouldn’t introduce in his diet? After having perused hundreds of posts about foods that are or aren’t good for your baby, you might be confused. But, fret not; we have compiled a list of baby foods to avoid. Read on to learn more.

10 Baby Foods To Avoid:

Typically, you should wean your baby once he completes five months. There is a variety of foods you can start him on, and many others that you need to avoid. Here, we look at 10 such foods to avoid for babies.

1. Egg whites:

Egg whites are high protein sources and have many health benefits; they can be dangerous for babies who are less than a year old. The bacteria in egg white may lead to stomach upsets and trigger other complications.

2. Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter is rich in potassium, protein and fiber. However, the sticky consistency can lead to sediments and lead to dental problems for your little one.

3. Raw Vegetables:

Vegetable are an important source of nutrients and reduce the risk of many chronic diseases. Another foods babies should avoid. However, vegetable like carrots can choke the baby, and you need to avoid them as well.

4. Whole Nuts:

Nuts are rich in fiber, vitamin E, and L-arginine. However, the size of the nut can lead to esophagus blockage and possibly choke your little angel. So, any whole nuts are other foods to avoid feeding your baby (1).

5. Canned Food:

Canned food is rather convenient but equally dangerous for your baby. Your baby may develop botulism, and other bacterial infections from eating canned foods (2).

6. Fish:

Fish may be good for an adult’s skin, heart, and hair. However, it can trigger allergies and adversely affect your baby’s health. So, avoid giving him fish like shellfish, crab scallops as they trigger allergic reactions. Seafood tends to contain high levels of mercury, which can also be dangerous for your baby.

7. Honey:

Honey is one of the oldest and most popular natural sweeteners. No matter how much you believe in the curative properties of honey, it is dangerous for your baby. Honey contains spores and other contaminants that can lead to infections in babies.

8. Fruit Juices:

Fruit juice is loaded with health benefits, and it tastes wonderful. However, fruit juice, especially the packaged variety contains many preservatives that your baby’s digestive system cannot process. So, avoid feeding your little one fruit juices. Consult your doctor before introducing fresh fruit juice in your baby’s diet.

9. Whole Milk:

It is only natural to assume that your baby wouldn’t face any problems with drinking milk; after all, he has been breastfeeding. However, cow’s milk, for all its proteins and minerals is not good for babies under 12 months of age. It is one of the another foods to avoid giving babies

10. Citrus Fruits:

Fruits like oranges, grenadines, lemons and others are rather healthy and packed with essential nutrients like Vitamin C, calcium, and potassium. However, these fruits are highly acidic and can lead to all sorts of stomach problems for your baby. So, avoid feeding your baby any citrus fruits until he is a year old.

Remember that the consistency of any food you feed your baby needs to be just right. Begin feeding him pureed foods for starters, before introducing chunks and multiple food purees. Medical experts recommend the 4-day trial, to see if your little one has any adverse effects.

Compilations are subjective, so if you have a better list, or you wish to add any foods babies should not eat to our list, please tell us about in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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