Top 10 Foreign Names For Your Baby Girl

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Congratulations on the arrival of your darling baby girl! Right now you are the happiest soul on earth and holding your baby in your arms is probably one of the best feelings you have ever experienced in life. Now that your baby is here, you are probably in search of a good and priceless name for your precious darling.

Most parents spend a lot time in confusion because the list of possible names are almost endless. You may have friends and relatives who are constantly filling your mind with ideas. All this can undoubtedly become a hassle. But not anymore, we are here to help!

Why Choose A Foreign Name For Your Girl?

If you are tired of listening to the common names, it is natural to crave for something that is unheard of. A great way to add something different in your little girl’s life is by giving her a foreign name.

  • Foreign names come across as very unique and exotic in a culture that is full of similar names.
  • It will also be an opportunity for you to learn about different cultures across the globe.

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Top 10 Foreign Names For Girls:

Here is the top 10 list of foreign names for girls. Going through this shall surely help you make the right choice. We hope this will make the name selection process less cumbersome for you beautiful mommies.

1. Apollonia:

Apolloniawas the feminine version of the Greek Sun God.

  • The name has an exotic and elegant touch to it.
  • It was the name of a famous Christian martyr back in the 3rd century.

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2. Beatriz:

This name means “bringing joy.”

  • The name is Spanish in origin.
  • It has often been used in countries like Brazil, France and Rome.
  • Each country pronounces the name differently.

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3. Shira:

The name means “tune.”

  • The name is Hebrew in origin.
  • Not only does this sound beautiful to the ears, it also happens to be one of the rare names heard so far.

4. Linnea:

This name means “name of a flower.”

  • The name is Scandinavian in origin.
  • It was named after Carolus Linnaeus, the famous Swedish botanist who loved the flower the most.

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5. Amara:

The next name means “unfading.”

  • The name is Greek in origin.
  • It is found in numerous cultures and has been derived from the verb Amarakh which means restful or peaceful.

6. Penelope:

Though it means “a type of duck.”, this name is quite popular due to its melodious sound.

  • The name is ancient Greek in origin.
  • It was used occasionally as an English-given name in the 16th century.

7. Giselle:

It means “pledge” or “hostage.”

  • The name is German in origin.
  • It was popular in France during the middle ages and became an English-spoken word by the 20th century.

8. Josephine:

This biblical name means “has heard”.

  • The name is French in origin and is pronounced as “Zho-zay-Feen.”
  • The name has been associated with the feminine form of Joseph.

9. Faina:

The meaning of this exotic-sounding name is “shining.”

  • This name is Greek in origin but is often used in Russia.
  • Greek legends say it was one of the names of Graces.

10. Simone:

This elegant-sounding name means “will add”

  • The name is the feminine form of Simon.
  • It was also the name of a famous French feminist and philosopher named Simone de Beauvoir.

We hope one of the above-mentioned foreign girls names has caught your fancy well enough to think of bestowing it on your baby.

Did you like foreign baby girl names we have shared here? Do write in and give us your feedback. We would love to hear from you!

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